WATCH: NEMO Provides Update On Weather System

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The Saint Lucia Meteorological Services has reported that a ‘strong tropical wave has moved further South.

But Saint Lucia is still expecting winds, rain, thunderstorms and flooding.

The Acting Director of the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), Maria Medard, provided an update on Wednesday.

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Headline photo: Maria Medard – NEMO Acting Director

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  1. Now that our land lines are less efficient (thanks to FLOW’s stupid decision to hook land line phones to the modem) how do we contact NEMO if our power lines are down? If power lines are down, cell phones cannot be charged and we cannot use the land line. Did the government approve this move? Was NEMO informed? Stupidity rules!

  2. Saint Lucians let’s not put our guard down. We are still very much in the rainy season and those systems are extremely unpredictable.


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