WATCH: NGP Leader Urges End To COVID-19 Protocols, Vaccine Mandates

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The leader of the National Green Party (NGP) Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires has urged an end to COVID-19 protocols and vaccine mandates in Saint Lucia.

“Banks and businesses having people to stand in long lines outside in the blazing sun and pouring rain makes absolutely no sense at this point,” de Caires declared in a statement on Tuesday.

The NGP leader recalled that in January, his party correctly predicted the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But he noted that people ridiculed the party for being irresponsible and overly optimistic.

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And while offering condolences to all who suffered and lost loved ones due to the pandemic and paying tribute to the work of medical staff, de Caires observed that the pandemic is ending.

In addition, de Caires called for a post-mortem to determine mistakes and make people accountable when the pandemic ends.

His complete statement appears below:

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  1. I tell you do not be over-rejoice,at least, watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation,the worst yet to come,be prepared for the worst, but those who put their trust in the Most High GOD, always expect the best with great trials and temptation perseverance brings victory ! The time is at hand !!

  2. There is a need to constantly review the pandemic protocols in light of constant changing circumstances.
    That makes good sense.

  3. Follow up social distance, for our very own hygiène and safetyness, that good ! But we must always be prepred for the worst, but those who put their trust in God will escape from the hands of the kings.
    Now, remove the foreign gods 💉and images from high places and altars that you mut bow before me.
    My people have forget my laws and has been deprived of the wonderful blessings and glory,instead have bow before idols.

    I have put a watchman over 🇱🇨 St-Lucia
    “People of Israël 🇱🇨 St-Lucia, return to the LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that he may return to you who are left,who have escape from the hands of the kings,he will not turn his face from us if we return to him’ from town to town…
    But the people ridicule and scorned at them ; but some of the twelve tribes humble themselves and the hand of God is upon them to give them UNITY OF MIND (peace of mind from the foreign gods….

  4. Two facts: (1) There has NEVER been a vaccine mandate in Saint Lucia; not even for essential workers. (2) The pandemic is ending except that it has not ended. People are still being hospitalized and last week, 2 people died. There are 13 people at the Respiratory Hospital. In the USA more kids are contracting Covid than ever before. A post-mortem is definitely needed. Mistakes were made because people who take decision are human. But it’s always a good idea to learn from one’s mistakes and try not to repeat them.

    • 1) Many workers were told take the jab or lose their jobs. Need I remind you of the 25+ workers in that factory in Dennery who were all fired? All new incoming essential service workers require this. Need I remind you of the mandate instituted for new SSU trainees? This was no pandemic. Did you ever see anyone dropping dead in the streets? There are doctors, censored and silenced, who achieved 100% survival rate with their patients. Most of those patients who died did so because …. (I’ll let you figure that part out).

  5. speaking of which what is goin on with the case of doctor St rose and the medical association ? i not hearing anything or any update

  6. i totally agree with you especially bank of saint lucia its ridiculous . from the beginning to the end of the month they have people on long lines and only a few tellers. First national bank has some long lines but their lines moving. First Caribbean that was one of the slowest is the only bank i see that has improved in not having to much of a long line out side their bank

  7. Sir I support you 100%, its time for this scam to end, and it appears like the CMO, Ministers and doctors whom I will never trust again are being paid to keep this scam going in order to kill more people with the poisonous jab.

  8. tearing down those flipping sign – no mask no entry – shit it is completely BS i support the call for the end of this nonsense… hear that those effing automatic dispenser is also useless burn them shit… you cannot get adequate amount to kill bacteria so lets move on flip page.

  9. God bless the brave unvaxed. God help the vaxxed, for many will die “suddenly” of “unknown causes”. Your obedience has lead you to your end, your ideals of travel and vanity have resulted in your undoing.

    To the medical experts, you are a failure, you will burn for your actions, your ego, your worship of science.

    Christ is king.

  10. We Humans Are Free support this and also the postmortem on the covid over reaction of our heads of government who follow outside organizations in return for aid/money. All this over a flu, that most people who tested overcame. And the people that died, they had other issues dealing with but only covid they die from, protocols that killed people who needed help. All for money, on the backs of suffering and fearful people. The aftermath of this shutdown will be felt for years, the famine is coming, prepare!


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