Thursday, October 6, 2022

WATCH: Pandemonium As Man Explodes ‘Molotov Cocktails’ Inside Vieux Fort Catholic Church

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During Sunday morning mass, a man walked into the Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church in Vieux Fort town, creating panic as he lobbed Molotov cocktails inside the building.

An eyewitness told St Lucia Times that the incident occurred about 10:00 am.

“Mass was going on. It was during the collection time,” the eyewitness recalled.

“He came in the middle aisle with two cocktail bombs and went right into the sanctuary and he smashed both cocktail bombs onto a statue on the left of the church and of course, there was pandemonium,” the churchgoer stated.

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He noted that the man with the incendiary devices was the same individual who did the same thing at the Pierrot Catholic church some months ago while shouting ‘Lava!’.

According to the eyewitness, a few Parishioners went to the intruder and tried to subdue him.

“By that time people were all running out of the church. I tried to call the police but I could not get through – I guess a lot of people were already calling. Then someone said to me that the police were on their way,” he told St Lucia Times.

When the police arrived, he said they handcuffed the intruder and took him away.

The eyewitness said that afterwards, an attempt was made to calm Parishioners down, and the mass resumed.

The Vieux Fort fire station said it responded after someone raised the alarm and showed up with two fire trucks and two ambulances.

The responders said they put out the fire in the church with a five-pound dry chemical extinguisher.

There were no reports of injuries.


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Editorial Staff
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  4. @Wasin Wasting Marlobee You are a F*%$#@ disgraced little man. For a black Bway from Laborie you are fill with self hate and moralistic principles. I would not even waste time reading with any opening that states ” what’s your obsession with Africa and people of African decent ” (LOL) I am a Black Man and you are asking me this FOOL ?? Unlike you I have embraced my history and Identity, and is very comfortable within my skin. On the contrary Pray tell, I feel sorry for the possessed Uncle Tom within you ; there is nothing less unfilled when you don’t know the greatness of your history. You know nothing about Rasta. You know nothing of our belief, principles, way of life or ideological stance. Not because you wear dread locks qualify you as been Rasta, true or real Rastafari comes from the heart, Real Rasta’s don’t claim Halie Selassie to be a God, real Rasta believes His Majesty Haile Selassie (the Mosiah) to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Real Rasta believe Marcus Garvey was a prophet sent by God to give guidance and wisdom to Black people who have lost their souls like your self who hate your black skin, and don’t understand your greatness. It’s ashamed you wasted so much time and energy ridiculing Rasta, instead on understanding who we are.

  5. Of all the Nutty cases in the World, he had to end up in St. Lucia- thanks to that Rassman.

  6. Please folks….leave rasta out of this…rasta is love. Rasta although has its alternate views on certain religions will respect ones right to worship. Fire bun this lunatic. This is terrorism and must be treated in the courts as a very very serious offence because there is usually a domino effect with things like that…others may follow. Fire bun you terrorist.

    • Rasta is the only ones standing up against Babylon and the oppressors. The slave masters flew down here two weeks ago to snap their whip for us to fall in line who was the ones demonstrating against them ??? RASTA !! So only not are we loving people we love OUR BlACK People and will stand against their oppressors and the mental enslavement of our people. I commend the Rass (es) for their bravery and bold stance against the Catholic Church and their years of oppressive mental enslavement doctrine. I hope others join in. Question do you see Rasta attacking any other church ??? Why ???

    • Oh you made me laugh while reading a very serious matter. He stormed into a church just like this lunatic. So just maybe this man is following his example.

      • LAVA in y’all (………) the man alone that seeing the evil spirits that destroying our future fire burn them if that’s where they congregate LAVA.

  7. The ones engaged in Obeah, black magic, voodo and other demonic activity are usually the nut cases who do such things; I don’t know of this Nut, but before someone gets seriously hurt, he should be dealt with by some ‘Shrink’ not at all by the kind of Law Courts we have, but send him to ‘La Toc’ feed him with ‘Coco Sek’ and ‘Dasheen Fwet’ that should heal him. But seriously: he needs Jesus and the loving care of good Church goers.

    • You hear your mental slavery voodoo/Black Magic all religions of African decent but because it ‘” Black” it must be evil but the white voodoo the Catholic Church preaching is Good. Battymen in robes are “Christ like ” brothers and sisters if you can’t wake up in these educative informative years where illiteracy should not be an option then you are dunce and doom forever.

      • What is your obsession with Africa and people of African descent? You are turning out to be a hypocrite. You are rattling on about Africa and African descent yet you are living in our beautiful island and enjoying all the perks that comes with it. You lot never cease to amaze me with your blatant hypocrisy. Rastafari is a backward concept which thrives of ancient propaganda which was fed to its followers by buffoons from the hills of Jamaica. The vast majority of its adherents are dopey indolent and lack basic common sense. All they do is smoke weed all day and spew out nonsense.They have taken leave of their senses.

        Ras Tafari Makonnen,aka Haile Selassie the Ethiopian leader whose demagoguery
        that they are following once paid a visit to Jamaica. When his plane landed on the tarmac in Jamaica, he refused to get out after seeing all these bootless and unproductive people on the runway waiting to see him. He stayed on that plane for a good while before a Jamaican official was sent to convince him to get out of the aircraft to come see “his people”. Word has it that when he finally came out of his temporary hibernation he said “These are not my people”. Now why would anyone want to follow a man who wants nothing to do with you. A man who denounced you.What is wrong with these rastas and the idiots who rattle on about this man and African identity? There are lots of Rastas living in Shashamane,a town in Southern Ethiopia. The locals and the Ethiopian government are tired of their presence and want them out of Ethiopia.They have overstayed their welcome according to officials in Ethiopia.They are non productive and do not contribute anything towards the development of Ethiopia. In the words of one official”all these people do is smoke weed and chat nonsense all day”

        I am one who firmly believe that if you leave your country to go to another to live then you must strive to better yourself and you can only do that through hard work and dedication. You do not go to another country and sit on your behind and do nothing. It is about bettering yourself and making a meaningful contribution towards your adopted country. It is as simple as that. Rastafari has no concept, no meaningful ideology or dogma that one can aspire to. It is all about wearing locks and calling on the name of a man who did not want to have anything to do with them and their pathetic ideology. They are faineant and bone idle people who have nothing to offer anyone. Smoking weed all day does nothing but dulls one’s thinking.Weed had zero nutritional or psychological value.

        This idiot who was spotted with locks in the place of worship and who carried out this ghastly attack should be apprehended by the police and given a good seeing to. Why is this odious scumbag let out on the street to commit such ghastly acts?He has done this twice and no one is prepared to take this vile cretin in custody.The people who stood by and did nothing are as much to blame as this imbecile. The man is a total moron and nitwit. If he isn’t comfortable living in beautiful St Lucia and aspires to Pan African beliefs and ideals then I suggest he takes his belongings and go live in Africa.He would not last one week much less a month in Africa. We have moved on and they have also moved on from the days of slavery.

        These are the people who are keeping the lovely islands of the Caribbean behind with their backward thinking and nugatory propaganda.St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean can do without these useless ideologues. We are living in the present time and so our actions should correspond with the present time. We are no longer living under the spell and yoke of colonialism and slavery. We are free and should be able to determine our own future and commitment in life.I hope that this slimeball is caught immediately and gets banged up before he causes any more mayhem and pandemonium.This idiot is sick to the core. He is doing this on purpose and he thinks that he is untouchable. He needs to be stopped in his tracks before he causes carnage and outrage. Stop this man someone.

      • Ya’ll can delete my comment but not Lucian Highgrade own right SLT, when he posting endless insults. @Lucian Highgrade you are dumb and incompetant.

  8. This is a norm in St Lucia, there’s no need to sound surprised.

    We are quick to call for assistance from the RSLFS but we fail to do the basic by trying to fight the fire only if it is safe to do so.

    The morale of the story is, individuals should be taught how to use a fire extinguisher or how to extinguish small fires.

    A few questions to follow my statement are, whether there are fire extinguishers within these places such as the church, community centres, health centres, etc? If they are, are they within date of service? When were they last checked and by whom?

  9. if he can sit down and figure out how to make molotov cocktail bomb, then blow it up in church, the man way ahead mentally than 99% of lucians. so jail his bark side on terrorism charges for a good 20 years!

  10. Too many mentally sick people roaming the streets. Put them in a straight jacket and leave them in a mental institution. Castries city is full of them. And what is pissingme the most is vendors and small businesses are encouraging them by giving them to do errands for them for a shot of drink or for small change. Whether it is to dump garbage where they see fit or purchase items for me. We need to take care of these sick people ASAP. Look I understood is a mentally sick individual that caused the death of the woman in Fond St Jacques.

    • Yep! Too many insane people are roaming the streets. Somewhere about two years ago, one almost killed a gentleman with a rock. I have seen those nuts on quite a few occasions harassing and threatening visitors. That chapter is a story waiting to be written.

      As in typical St. Lucian manner, nothing is being done about this very serious problem. I was reliably informed that taking them off the streets will be depriving them of their rights. Why can’t they be taken in for health and safety of the public? It’s obvious that many of them stink and pose a massive physical threat. The issue will not be addressed until very serious incident occurs. They don’t address problems here until someone dies.

  11. Is this Rasta related to any politician? He knows the politicians are corrupt and getting away scotch free, so he trying a ting. Are we going to get back the monies given to CHTTI

    • Gwan Rass Jah Will Never give the power to a ball head…… out heathen them. They are oppressors that robbed us of our African Indentity and have us brainwashed and worshipping Micheal Angelo Cousin as their God. Well we say to them God come Black. When you go up to the big pen the Rasses will welcome you with open arms as A HERO Jen . The breadrins got your back

      • You are turning out to be a right ole Idiot. How dare you endorse such violence? Is this what Rastafari is all about? It is no wonder when Ras Tafari Makonnen, their so called leader turned his back on them when he visited Jamaica. He did not want to get off the plane. He went back in when the plane landed on the tarmac. It had to take an official from Jamaica to convince him to come out of the aircraft to come down and see the people who see him as a demagogue. These useless and unproductive locksmen do nothing worthwhile for Jamaican or Caribbean society other than to talk nonsense all day and to smoke weed. These pillocks are the biggest threat to our society with their pathetic and backward thinking. What African identity? If you are and feel African then I suggest you and all those who think so should go and live in Africa. Leave us Caribbean people to live in our beautiful islands. The Ethiopians are complaining that the rastas are not contributing anything to Ethiopia and they want them out of Shashamene. Why would anyone with a sound mind target a church with the very people that his religion is purporting to save? The majority of people in the church are black St Lucian Caribbean people. This man ought to be banged up for a long time. Why is he on the streets causing mayhem in our communities? The police need to do their work. They should apprehend this man and put him away. I heard he had done this before and he was not apprehended. This man is sick and psychotic and needs help. The Idiot who wrote to endorse his actions above also need help.

  12. This excuse for a human being should be taken to an undisclosed place and tenderize him. I’m sure there will be no shortage of volunteers

    • My greatest disappointment is that the police found him alive … does that mean that Catholic Christians know nothing about self-defense?

  13. The Judicial Shitstem in St.Lucia is Papisho .That fool have Committed that offence and He’s out on The Streets in.Vieux.Fort Committing theSame Crime he was hand Cuff and taken away by the Police soon to be back on the Streets committing the same Crime again. The Gros Islet police executed aSearch warrant at Someone house at Entrepot one 9mm Ar 7 and A.munition for Both Firearms.Three persons arrested and presently on bail.Where is St.Lucia heading with these Bail Conditions for Firearm offences.Government Should have Constructed and Additional Prison to House more Criminals .Unlicensed Firearms and ammunition Should have been $300.000.Fined at tge Courts Or 40years imprisonment .Or Both.

  14. The Judicial Shitstem in St.Lucia is Papisho .That fool have Committed that offence and He’s out on The Streets in.Vieux.Fort Committing theSame Crime he was hand Cuff and taken away by the Police soon to be back on the Streets committing the same Crime again. The Gros Islet police executed aSearch warrant at Someone house at Entrepot one 9mm Ar 7 and A.munition for Both Firearms.Three persons arrested and presently on bail.Where is St.Lucia heading with these Bail Conditions for Firearm offences.Government Should have Constructed and Additional Prison to House more Criminals .Unlicensed Firearms and ammunition Should have been $300.000.Fined at tge Courts Or 40years imprisonment .Or Both.

  15. St Lucians always attacking churches. People with things on their heads. No place in the Caribbean u hear of this except st Lucia.

  16. Why is a known terrorist out committing more acts of terror? This is a hate crime. The culprit needs to be put away from society for a long time.

  17. The moment I read the headlines I knew it was him. Police were actually aware of his intention to do the same thing again. He made it all too clear.

    Hope no one was hurt physically. Traumatized yes, some of these people may stay away from church houses altogether.

  18. Shame on the St.Lucia Authority. This is the second incident by the same individual. Slap on the wrist and back out. Let’s see how many he can kill so we can get aid from foreign governments giving out politicians the opportunity of embezzling funds. He is sick in the head and needs medical attention. We too need to protect our families especially our Church going Mother’s on their special day. I’m soooo embarrassed by the inaction of those in authority.

    • Fire Bun dem ! Bun out the heathens and oppressors and their enslaved doctrine. Continue to worship your blonde hair, blue eyes God with sandals. In China God is Chinese, In India God is Indian, In Korea God is Korean, Jews believe God is Jewish, Only Black People such as your dumb ass that don’t like themselves are the only ones that believe God is White….you are so enslaved and polish and enslaved to hate who you are…….well for Rasta God is Black. When you go for you service with those men in robes that you worship so much, look around do you see any of the pictures, statue or painted angel that looks like your black ass. So God only made them pure and condemned you ?? Really fool, you actually believe that ?? Do you even take the timeout to research the atrocities of the Catholic Church right here in St Lucia ? Here are is simple test for you, where are all the Churches resides ? Answer, on the most prime lands in every town. Why ?? How did it came to be that way ?? Go do your homework and educate yourself, you can continue worshiping the Battymen in robes if that’s what floats your boat, bad habits die hard or never changes, because you are so programed, but the very least educate yourself.

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