WATCH: Pierre Committed To Youth Development

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Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for the Castries East constituency, Hon. Philip J. Pierre, faithfully continues to pursue development opportunities and initiatives for the benefit of his constituents and the institutions situated in his constituency.

With the help of Hon. Pierre, two Castries East primary schools are both one step closer to establishing fully functioning smart-classrooms.

On September 6, the Prime Minister personally delivered the state of the art, digital equipment to the students and principals of the Bishop Charles Gachet Primary School and the Bocage Combined School.

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SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. I just want pjp to know that I never voted SLP so that turncoat UWPs can benefit, simply because they saw the looming loss of the UWP and jumped on the SLP bandwagon and paid a few measly dollars into the slp campaign. These turncoats are now reaping big rewards on their measly campaign finance whilst die hard SLPs who had dedicated their years of time and effort and made themselves targets for discrimination under UWP are forgotten, neglected and cast aside. I hope pjp knows that the very UWPs that he is giving priority over loyal SLPs that he is helping them position themselves in top level positions for when they kick SLP out. When SLP loses the next election, they will never see power in this country again. They have lost my support and that of many many of their supporters because of their betrayal. SLP – Sellout Labour People

  2. you have alot of work to do if you taking on that leg of operation – so much work i don’t think you should be PM. Because you are one of the longest serving minister along with hypcorite who did extremely little for the people in yall district. Its just a shame generally. Be a man! Be a woman! Be real!


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