WATCH: Pierre Embarks On Investment Initiatives To Boost Saint Lucia Economy

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre intends to utilize a USD $10 million dollar loan from the Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to invest in local productive sectors.

The money will also fund ongoing capital projects.

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Source: Office of the Prime Minister. Headline photo: Philip J. Pierre stock image.


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  1. Am I hearing this right? Does the Prime Minister truly believe that investment of funds from a $10 million loan in seamoss, craft and the so called youth economy will put the national economy on a firm footing? Is the Prime Minister crazy? After stopping so many projects that had economic impact and employment opportunities Mr. Pierre’s government expects $10 million to do the trick? Mr. Pierre and his Ministers will do well to get out of their offices and go and seek out investment–whether foreign or local–to to get this country going again and stop being so downright pathetic and silly. Seamoss and craft are not among the main economic indicators of St Lucia and even if they would help and few dozen people in Vieux Fort, Laborie and Choiseul they have little economic impact. We see here again how visionless Mr. Pierre is. Allen Chastanet, like John Compton before him, is a visionary, and despite the campaign of lies that the SLP employed against him, was able to take our country forward in a three year span before Covid came, after the last SLP disaster of 2011 to 2016. St Lucia is already paying a heavy price for their stupidity but more is still to come.

  2. It’s so sad for some St. Lucians, everything Pierre does is always wrong but the 600 million dollars Chastanet borrowed and we have not seen a shate he did with it there is no problem for that.
    Pierre, I want you to change your complexion, then the descendants from Congo will love you, those who live in St. Lucia.

  3. As long as u investing in the people of the country I have no problem. u have to spend money in order to make money I see alot of good ideas coming from the youth and I was shocked let’s not make it stop their.

  4. Only few days ago I said they will borrow or sell the country bit by bit to feed it’s people. You see when you go to top universities and you do nonsense they will fail you. These politician apparently never went to kindergarten school much less a university to behave the way they always do thing. Now they will push or divert the money into where they took it from and the trend goes on in a circle. Just like I read someone commented says under the pandemic our economy grow 12.2% such a clownish statement. If an economy grew at such you know how better off each citizens will be today? Common sense will tell you that. So politrickters continue one you all trend of begging

  5. For the SLP there is a complete lack of moral integrity. An inability for intellectual acuity. A complete incapacity to discern right from wrong. An adherence to the profane. Give choices they will choose the evil, immoral, low grade, path as lond as it fulfills their base needs. They do not see the connection between order, Godliness, morality, family strength, good governance, fiscal restraint and how these create success for our nation.
    They are short term . Look for immediate gratification over long term success. Every trip abroad is about collecting per diem and making personal connections. They have already populated the administration with FAMILY and FRIENDS! How ironic!
    After one year in power they have AGAIN fulfilled none of their election promises, created nothing of significance, and still are electioneering with their racist diatribe.
    The decline of St Lucia continues because the fundamentals are corrupted.

  6. The SLP have never got it right and for 40 years have been the main instigators of the decline of St Lucia as a nation. Sir John built, the SLP destroyed.
    All about philosophy and attitude. St Lucia from top to bottom has become a callous vulgar society with the murder rate just a indication of that fact.
    The SLP with their promotion of freeness, disdain for law and order, arrogance, lack of truthfulness , disregard for financial restraint, cronyism have corrupted our society.
    Just look at the composition of their Cabinet and worst still the kind and number of people who support them. They have no sense of right or wrong. Tackle symptoms and not the disease.
    The truth can be staring them in the face and they cannot see. Parliament is just a facade of pretty words and useless formality. Look at who populate its building. Decisions of this government take place behind closed doors, in murky backroom, with all kinds of corrupt characters driven by greed and hatred. Hundreds of millions spent in ways we do not know. Look at the xenophobia and racism of the last elections.
    But we are hardened and callous people incapable of understanding and comprehending the depths of our despair.
    So it is and so shall it be.

  7. This man is selling st Lucia.. So tell me how do I intend to repay .. are you giving them land or making way for the families to come live bring their generations ? Or are you going to give them a spot on each block , or are you pimping the island and it’s resources. This is not the way to go about this .. everything is US millions. Why celebrate independence when u guys keep depending on loans from foreign investors why… Lucians y’all not seeing this is a trap what will be left of st. Lucia what will our children have what will be left will our lands be taken as payment wht is this wht !! 🔥🔥🔥


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