Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WATCH: Pierre Holds Productive Talks With United States Ambassador

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On July 28, 2022, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre, members of his Cabinet and the Attorney General engaged in fruitful bilateral discussions with United States Ambassador to Barbados, the OECS and the Eastern Caribbean H.E Linda S. Taglialatela on a range of high priority issues of mutual interest.

We hear more in this report:


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Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. If Pip had any balls, he would tell the US to stuff their Leahy law…but as they say: “Mendicants can’t have options”!

    In this day and age, it is shameful that our government does not adequately prepare itself when meeting the agents from the Empire of Lies.

    Daily, in the US, blacks are persecuted for just being black! Three days ago, the leader of a black group had to suffer indignities at the hands of the FBI; his crime? Telling the truth while black.

    Here is his video of him recounting his ordeal:

  2. On full display from Pip and the Pippettes were the expressions of self-delusion and ignorance when the phrases, “productive talks” and “high priority issues of mutual interest”, are wrongfully associated with agents of the “Empire of Lies”.

    Every sovereign country in the world already realizes that the US is not agreement-capable, and is desperately trying to retain its hegemony over the puppet states whose governments can still be bought with the valueless, fiat currency it prints so easily! Does Pip understand the significance of the US’ 30 trillion-dollar national debt, a product of the extortion racket that has been waged against the world since the end of World War II? Whichever words emanated from the US Ambassador at that meeting, they can simply be distilled, as follows: “Nice little island you have there, Pip. It would be a shame if something bad happened to it!”

    Pip would do well to initiate an internet search for the phrase, “UHURU MOVEMENT RAID FOR OPPOSING NATO IN UKRAINE IS AN OPENING SALVO”. The resulting video will reveal the recent actions of the US government against black people within the US, in their effort to detract from their plummeting relevance on the world stage.

    Pip should understand that racism is a false construct of predatory capitalists who wanted the working class to compete against each and curry favor with “massa” for the crumbs falling from his table, instead of joining together to reap the full benefits of their own labor!

  3. May the LORD bless you
    and instruct you,to give you
    wisdom and understanding
    to make good decisons and

  4. These day I can see more action in a long time people are starting to come to the table to talk keep it up st lucia to the bone.

  5. The good thing about it is he never put on a fake yankee accent which I can’t stand. PjP may be a decent man, not everyone can speak with a soothe tongue like Chas. if you want to believe him. But the people of Marchand don’t mind and so the people of Waterworks Rd., umba mango, Tou Rouge etc. PjP man as long you sound Lucian, you o.k.(The Lord Loves you)


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