WATCH: Pierre Saves Taxpayers From A Multimillion Dollar Debt Burden

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has taken immediate action to avert what could have been a billion-dollar debt burden imposed on Saint Lucian taxpayers.

We hear more in this Rehani Isidore report:


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SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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Editorial Staff
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  1. You know the problem with a lot of Lucians is you just like to run your mouths and complain for no reason, none of you critics don’t know what the hell you talking about.

    First off before PIP, your prime minister was a politician, the man was an accountant. He knows about figures and dealing with budgets.

    And if a prime minister weather is Allan or PiP or who ever else is explaining to you in a press conference with figures and facts; that yes he acknowledges that the airport needs some form of renovation but the cost to do it is too expensive and not a major priority given the current economic situation. Why is that a problem for you?

    Why if some one is being transparent with you, you still find some way to criticize the transparency and call them a lier?

    The man trying to explain to you that this project will be costing you the tax payer more money, why is that a reason to attack the prime minister? Do you pay tax?

    I mean if you someone that don’t pay tax you don’t give a sh*t you just want nice airport. But if you someone that pay tax and you understand that your money in your pay check will be less then you should care.

    Matter of fact if you believe it’s all a lie you have internet go do your research find out from the IFC, get the figures, check if the airport was done with out competitive bidding, compare the figures. Investigate all of it and come and challenge the prime minister and the government, expose them.

    But no, you sit up there talking a bunch of foolishness about departure tax, and keeping the country backward and all foolishness.

    All because of “party politics” and baseless reasons to criticize. Responsible politicians must put priorities first. And by the way weather you vote for PIP or not, you not gonna always get what you want.

    Your vote is a hope for a better future not a guaranty. The politician cannot please everyone.

  2. You have to cut corners to pay off the turncoats who financed your campaign and are now sucking you dry you traitorous punk. When a government uses it’s base to get into power and then turns its back on them because turncoat UWPs who saw the tide shifting came and gave them a few dollars of stolen money or money from grabbing all contracts under UWP for campaign finance and are now more red than blood itself and are demanding massive returns on their investment this is the result. Lies and deceit to the people. People are frustrated, neglected, forgotten by a government that has shown that it is putting these turncoats first. I regret my vote. SLP sold out to high bidders and they are paying through their noses for it. Go to h@ll man

  3. You are so right. I don’t know why we continue to expose our backwardness to the world like this. Pierre really needs to vacate this post. The man is clueless and myopic in his thinking. The same way you are not a police officer so you can’t tell the police how to do their jobs. For heaven sake you are bloody no engineer and should not doubt the engineers unless you have evidence that they didn’t know what they were doing. You have disrespected top St Lucian engineers, SLASPA officials and top Taiwanese engineers.

    • …..Hold your ass ! You will be in that ditch six feet under meeting your maker down below just now. I have been saying this for the longest, Chastanet wickedness on the backs of the working poor of this country when we could have gotten all we wanted from this project If the government had just LEASED it with stipulations of upgrades and modernization like so many has done in the region. MBIA has been voted the best leading Caribbean Airport time and time again, and it’s LEASED. USD$ five million in interest payment every six month to the Bank of Taiwan, it will 2036 before St Lucia put one penny on the principal and these Chastanet Lovers has the nerves to talk about “we love too much poverty” REALLY???????? I tell you these are some wicked people, Enemies Of This State hands down.

      • It is people like you that have St Lucia in that backward state. I guess you are the only one who won’t go six feet under you illiterate troll. To try to threaten someone unknown on this site says a lot about you. You keep typing irrelevant information and you feel like you are so intelligent. You are an SLP peasant and the fart emanating from PJP’s butthole.
        I will say it again, some St. Lucians love poverty. Go look at your city of Castries and see everyone vending on the ground on the sidewalks. Go look at the dirty tarpaulin and rusty iron rod your people in V-Fort use for their vending making the town look unsightly especially alongside the Plaza in V-Fort. Some of you party peasants move without a purpose and depend on SLP government to give handouts like you. Lucian HG keep drinking the misinformation of party politics. I hope you have all the facts about Kenny Anthony because they make you believe Chastanet is a foreign enemy.

      • Jeez! … Twilight zone in the comments section. If you guys are a sample of the collective us then it’s no wonder we are stuck in this quagmire. Critical /objective thinking seem nonexistent. Bottom line – though an upgrade is necessary the current trajectory is too costly to the people of St Lucia. Other options are being considered. If this isn’t responsible fiscal management then what is?
        What’s so difficult to understand??? It’s clear by now a PPP is most prudent given our current constraints. Some of you act like using your brain is illegal.

  4. what did you guys expect to happen when slp cut corners on the saint jude hospital? so its no surprise the new airport will be done half assed as well the amount of visitors that coming and leaving the island over the years you telling me that the original proposed plan of the airport would eventually not have been paid off? not the travelers that paying departure tax or what ever it is not from their pockets it comes from? so why you saying you save tax payers? smh with mate eh No vision for the future just want people to stay small minded and backward. No wonder yall not improving efficiency in your government offices like the land registry

    • @g.w You just another one that just talking foolishness. You ain’t hear the government have already incurred millions of dollars in cost over runs. You deaf? You dumb? You a deck deck?

      The prime minister sought the advice of IFC and other stake holders to make prudent decisions.

      According to the prime minister his predecessor just handed the project to who ever with out competitive bidding. How is that in the best interest of Saint Lucians ?

      You talking bout departure tax. What you know about departure tax and how much revenue it produce for the island?

      A bunch of you all just be talking a whole heap of garbage for the sake of politics. Inflation is rising the airport redevelopment is not a priority. Sit down, hush up man !!

  5. From today I am done… I done defending you period. Do you really think we are stupid? ARE WE MOVING BACKWARDS NOW!?!?
    Do not understand the damage you have just done?!? YOU HAVE NOT SAVED US YOU ARE DESTROYING US.

    Do not understand how much you’re destroying the economy? Omg…..

  6. I FEEL SORRY FOR ST LUCIANS PUTTING PIP AS A PM..I don’t think pm travel to international airports..The airport is leaking I witnessed that patches low mindset people I have to tell Lucian’s stop letting politicians brainwashed you all sad sad sad

  7. In the history of this country, SLP has always fought development, and it continues to this day. You want to look at a modern world class airport development and act like it’s the worst thing for your country. Man who are fooling, you don’t care about your country, you continue to play politics. The airport, the hospital, the Castries – Gros Islet highway, and everything else. Even with our national security, saying stupidness like your father that was a police officer, so you have no idea how the police operates and can’t advise them. Everyone there was probably saying what the f is he talking about, trying to feed us this BS

  8. No one wants a new airport, you see how easy it is to fix the runway!…. They did it in under 8 hours…. People are not in St Lucia spending SO much money to lavish in the airport for a few hours! This was another ploy to access unlimited funds and direct them into one’s own pockets …46+ million …..
    Mama, don’t write off jobs threw the airport either, check that waste of resources… like the big ass blue pipes along rodneybay hwy! SmPH please Focus on WASCO, Pumps and supervisor’s there’s no water right now! Smh

  9. St. Lucians stopped being a party HACK. Analyze things critically. when I read some of the comments I ask myself whether some of you have ever passed by a school building at all, A great shame for some of you.

  10. The loan was being funded by the airport tax added onto the airline tickets. We have more foreign travelers than local travelers. Stop misleading the country.


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