Thursday, August 18, 2022

WATCH: Pierre Unveils Action Plan To Suppress Crime

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has unveiled a plan of action to assist the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) in its fight against crime.

The plan includes a Regional Security System (RSS) presence in Saint Lucia.

Pierre, responsible for National Security, spoke on Thursday at a news conference.

We hear more in this report from Rehani Isidore:

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Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Pierre, Again you are showing how incompetent you are. Not only are you not aware of Root Cause of the crime situation, you seems to be trying things without a plan. Adding 40 more vechicles and requesting RSS will still not help the situation. This is not a short term solution. We do not expect you to stop the crimes, this will not happen and if any one thinks you can do such, then, show me that person and I will show you an idiot. The expectation is to put controls in place to mitigate the crimes. Implement a framework – a brand new framework developed in St.Lucia or implement one from a developing country. It might not be at the same size but you can adjust it to fit slu. Your approach will definitely do nothing but a temporary bandaid for now. You will not be able to sustain the pressence of the RSS in slu so right away we know this will not work. Your 40 vehicles will eventually be destroyed by the careless officers. You need to implement a plan which will work even after you have left office – it will work for future generations. By the way, how are you going to pay for the RSS and how many of them do you expect to be in slu ? What will be the role of the RSS ? I have only seen them in the videos like commandos. I hope you are not trying another IMPAC in slu and then show up under false pretence. Can you tell how long this mission will last and how will you measure the RSS group ? What do you expect at the end ? What is the end goal of this mission ? Just a few questions I have asked for a friend

  2. No matter how hard one may try, it is just impossible to please them all, particularly those who lose when you win. They are the ones making the most noise.

  3. All of that would not be necessary if only they had done what 1’ve been saying all along. Loose the ‘CAT’ i.e. bring out the ‘Lolo-Beff’ and start wiping some asses the moment the Court find them guilty. Now here’s a good opportunity while the RSS are at hand. They are strangers, no one knows them, let them do the work, asses will and should be wiped on conviction and on the day of release just as a reminder – stop your crime.(God Almighty is still the best way out)

  4. Honestly, these so called persons in authority are only addressing the symptoms and not addressing the cause of crime in St Lucia. Providing vehicles to the RSPF will not stop crime. It is interesting to listen to those in authority how they find it difficult to express themselves to the public…listen to that recording again and find within it those who lead our country….leaders should be able to speak without mumbling their words…and express their opinions in a clear and easy way for the public to understand….maybe it was the pressure of being in front of a camera that cause such lapse in their ability to communicate effectively…Now when you tell me that the Police or the SSU cannot handle the crime wave in St Lucia, that you Pierre have to bring in the RSS from abroad?, then it tells me that St Lucia can be taken over by a chock a block gang and the local forces are useless…then u call In the RSS, who will take a few days to mobilise while the chock a block gang rampage the Island…shame on the government….and not that I don’t commend you on doing something, but it’s too little too late… incompetents alone leading the country….bunch of political hacks….treat the cause of crime while also soothing the symptoms of crime…. causes of crime are youth unemployment, poor educational attainment, poor parental skills, breakdown of the family unit, lack of community, failure to spot the signs of kids who may be future criminals and not system in place to stop the downward spiral..etc etc etc.. while u treat the causes, sooth the Be ruthless with corrupt officials when they are caught…heavy prison sentences if found guilty, heavy fines for gun, knife violence and even heavier sentences for murder…come down hard on domestic violence.. . institute community policing where the community can interact with police officers and a relationship can be built on trust…police should not be just about guns and handcuffs…that is for the criminals….the police should be the people of the community…you, me, the neighbors…the uniform is just the image of the office…… community policing is the way forward…..I can go on and on and give those clueless hacks some ideas…but their heads are to hard to comprehend let alone implement a way forward…..

  5. Ernest Hilliare is complaining about the dogs but how much these ssu will cost the taxpayers of st lucia..a bunch of wicked people slps playing dirty politics..our people are so I discipline our police officers can’t handle them sad..but again slps minister cause the hatred in our country..

  6. Pierre and Milton, two unconvincing individuals overseeing the fight against crime on the island – and we expect a significant reduction in crime?

    Here’s why the RSLPF has been reduced to the ineffective organization it has become. First, a large percentage of its membership comprises SPC’s and officers who were promoted from SPC to the rank of police constable. Almost all these individuals have not had any formal police training, were poorly vetted or not vetted at all. They now make up a major percentage of the officers patrolling the streets and on the patrol teams. Now with untrained officers leading your fight against crime, do you expect a different outcome from what obtains currently?

    Second, the seasoned and trained police officers are reluctant to patrol the streets and form part of the patrol teams. When sent out to patrol they can be seen hiding in the stores barbershops and other businesses establishments. When questioned they openly tell you that their supervisors will come to patrol the streets themselves if they want to.

    Third, a great percentage of the supervisory core of the RSLPF is incompetent, outright lazy and lack basic communication skills. Many of them are clueless as to their basic function. To disagree with my assessment of those supervisors tells me that you have not interacted with many of them.

    Fourth, the leadership, while many are qualified academically is extremely poor at their craft. Many times they seem clueless and incompetent that I wonder how their political handlers feel. To head such a large organization without a functioning strategic and anti crime plan for sooo long is a travesty. One may ask how then did they get to those positions – political interference and a tainted and ineffective Public Service Commission tops the list.

    Fifth, there are some good officers trying their best but many of them are too timid to act because of the IMPACS debacle. But can you blame them? They know that they too will be thrown to the wolves once the government’s political objective is met.

    Sixth – the fall out from IMPACS is still fresh on the minds of many who have realized that they stand to benefit more by doing nothing and keeping their hands clean.

    So the question now is – how can that organization be rescued. Or can it.

  7. That was just Briefing the So call Criminals in St.Lucia .Why come over the Media with that Information

  8. Clueless, the police commissioner says they need more information to find out how guns are getting into the country. Nothing said about the social issues which lead to increase crime. Nothing said about high youth unemployment. Just fight fire with fire.

  9. Although the public is glad to hear of a plan of action let us not disclose the details for the criminals and or would be criminals out there. Informing them of exactly what you are up to is only giving them an obstacle(s) to work around. Keep it as they say “lowkey” and full of surprises!


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