WATCH: Pierre, Vieux Fort Private Sector Deepen Cooperation

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Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre is eager to lend government support to bolstering economic activity in the island’s south and, is encouraged by the formation of the newly minted “Faye Vieux-Fort” [“FVF”] club.

The FVF club is the brainchild of Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Chr├ętien, owners of Faye Gastronomie Caraibes, which is situated in Vieux-Fort South.

The FVF club has rallied southern based business leaders to consolidate ideas and efforts to enhance business development in the island’s south.

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SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. This is just about cocktails and photo OP with people in high places. Many are in dire need and all I see are ministers touring local companies, traveling the world and nothing substantial is being seen or felt by the people in the lower bracket. Pierre has put on weight when compared to when he was in opposition. Power feels nice eh.

  2. Its opposite the airport near to the blackbird. It sells wine, food and goods. Beautiful place but too expensive for me.
    PM wants to concentrate on the roads he’s neglected in the South. Gais Bois is a river now………an accident waiting to happen. So sad.


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