WATCH: Police Report ‘Relatively Incident-Free’ Carnival Monday & Tuesday

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Saint Lucia police say that Carnival Monday and Tuesday were relatively incident-free.

The disclosure came in a statement on Friday from Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) spokeswoman, Sergeant Anne Joseph.

Sergeant Joseph’s complete statement appears below:

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  1. Ca solve no crime ca hold no criminal but yet still incident free SMFH, fraid for me life every time I step out take a look around u and tell me what you see and what u hear just watch

  2. Some of y’all really climbing up the ranks fast while others stay at the bottom for years upon years. You’re no longer a corporal Anne Joseph, you’re now Sergeant. Yet still our force is still in a mess and crime up the roof with no solutions. Anyway congrats. Sigh. St Lici– land of who knows you and connections and affiliations.

  3. Incident-FREE carnival? But look monkey 🐡 pox was going around for FREE, thank you and keep the change! If you behave bad and do the hunky punky like monkeys 🐡in the wild then maybe you will end up with monkey pox!!! You know its REALLY BAD when bum bum boys and battyman standing in long lines for hours trying to get their monkey 🐡 pox vaccines! You play poke-e-mon all your life then expect to get your poke-e-mon monkey 🐡 pox!


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