WATCH: ‘Pure Wickedness’ – Coach Outraged After Break-In At Marchand Gym

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Cuthbert ‘Trois Ti Nez’ Modeste, the Survivors Track and Field Club founder, is a very unhappy man after another break-in at the Mindoo Phillip Park in Marchand, Castries, this time at the gym operated by the Saint Lucia Athletics Association.

He described what occurred as ‘pure wickedness,’ disclosing that an athlete discovered the break-in Monday morning.

Videos of the aftermath of the incident, currently the subject of a police probe, have since appeared on social media.

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Modeste said the intruders broke the gym door, smashed windows, took dumbbells, threw them onto the field, and made off with mats and other items.

“They took some stuff and threw away some,” he lamented.

He told St Lucia Times it was the fourth such incident at the park, which is the location of the gym and the Survivors Track and Field Club storeroom.

“All the track and field clubs in Castries use the gym,” the coach told St Lucia Times.

Modeste said a watchman is no longer at the park, and from the time he left  things have been missing, including a 1000 gallon water tank.

“Somebody is just wicked, you know. It’s pure wickedness,” the coach asserted.

In September last year, burglary and vandalism occurred at the Survivors Track and Field Club’s storeroom at the Mindoo Phillip Park. Intruders set uniforms on fire and stole several items.

Modeste disclosed that the club got help replacing what it lost but left the equipment elsewhere for safe keeping.

Modeste described the Mindoo Phillip Park as the premier ground where young sports enthusiasts in Saint Lucia train, producing several outstanding athletes in football, track, and field other disciplines.

But he said the condition of the facility is cause for shame.


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  1. This is a “grudge crime”. Somebody got cut from a team that they thought that they should be on. Start investigations with the failed athletes.

  2. How long,O LORD,must I call for help,
    but you did not listen ?
    Or cry out to you, “Violence !”
    but you do not save ?
    Why do you make me look at injustice ?
    Why do you tolerate wrong ?
    Destruction and violence are before me ;
    there is strife,and conflict bounds.
    Therefore the law is paralyzed,
    and justice never prevails.
    They are fear and dreaded people ;
    they are law to themselves
    and promote their own honor .
    They all come bent on violence and
    wickedness !!

  3. So this has happened 4 times? Who is responsible for this so called “private” gym! What have they done to prevent this or even improve the facility- you see while the stupid wasted endless millions of lighting for fields that will not be used at night- small meaningful and more effective thing’s like a secure gym for sportsmen/ women are ignored!! Now that’s utter stupidity! On another note, Marchand is a disgrace, I have seen the gradual disappearance of building components over the years, AC Units, windows, doors etc, -as if no one cares to maintain any facilities on island!

  4. It is a shame the very systems implemented to help Lucian’s they literally destroy. What kind of people would be so self destructive ….they should be left in their own vomit….malaleevay

  5. Only in Marchand de Capital of Castries. Wickedness is how govt has neglected this community for over 25yrs. Continue to live in denial and blame the youths.


  7. When these vermin are caught, give them a public flogging and then make them clean toilets around the island for five years, then five years in jail and a heavy fine.

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