WATCH: RSLPF Announces Temporary Closure Of Immigration Department

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) says its Immigration Department will be closed until Monday, for sanitisation.

In a statement, spokeswoman Sergeant Anne Joseph outlined steps individuals with emergencies can take.

Alternative arrangements to accept new passport applications are being sought.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Shouldn’t alternative arrangements have been put in place before closure of the sole immigration department on the island? Seems to me the government is operating ass first on this issue. The only thing regarding the new passports should have been upon renewal new e-passports will be issued. The announced the new e-passports and people were clamouring thinking that the machine-readable passports they currently own had been rendered obsolete. This whole thing could have been handled much better by a layman on the street.

  2. I am reading the comments …. which smacks of ignorance!!
    Alternatives / solutions are being given if one watches the video attached.
    Who are are stupid people? Those who DO NOT READ!!!

      • At least I am older than you …. who should be a young man! At least I have the experience to meander around the internet to GET THINGS DONE!!!

    • Ignorance? That’s how you describe free thinking lucians? —clearly you have never stood on that line for 9-10 hours over multiple days, no water, no ventilation, no customer service- just a bunch of incompetent people helping their friends and family (who do not take lines) while showing no remorse for the honest people who take the queue; the elderly woman who fainted on one of the days I was there, to the lady with asthma who had to leave urgently, to the lady that had to bring her toddler in that mess because they wanted to see the child to issue a passport, to the hotel worker who lost 3 days of paid work over this. LAB- shut your trap if you think we speak out of shear ignorance!

      • Oh yes I have! And more …. but since I detest wasting my time, I prefer to seek INTELLIGENT solutions which are usually set in place by the pertinent authorities. I usually let my fingers do the walking, to pay my bills, pay my drivers licence online, do my taxes online, etc. etc and so forth!
        A pity YOU do not use them.
        Unfortunately, the only line I use is the grocery line …. 🙁

  3. The office is not conducive for any work to be accomplished let alone serving the public. The space is cramped. People are lined up on the stairs (one on top of the other) with people’s backsides in your face. The authorities need to relocate the passport office that is more appropriate for providing service to customers. The Lamar office should be closed permanently.

  4. Somewhere in saint Lucia……there is someone who thinks that this is perfectly ok! This is not only stupid….its highly likely to be forceful enslavement….depriving free people to move about how they want.

  5. that right to happen…the people in st lucia stand up for nothing…i bet there are people who have emergencies and this is what they get….no we only good for backbiting people minding people business and acting like americans…u all will learn….its time we put our foot down in the country against all these mess thats happening….lucians WAKE UPPP

    • I agree….its time lucians start getting rid of incompetent ministers ps and heads of department in the public service like what happened in Sri Lanka. This poyote woman needs to live in a cave….clueless….powerless in fixing this big problem.

    • Its time lucians start acting up for their rights- how can you openly deprive free people from moving about how they want– so if i wanna go miami and get some from my jabal, is that an emergency? That immigration dept needs a cleanup–starting with that poyotte minister– i think they need to investigate to see if she really has a PhD.

  6. only in saint lucia you going to get this grade of service lol. this reminds me of the civil status days when people had wrong information on their certificates and had to correct it

  7. Them people have no heart….even referring to us as “loyal customers” as if they are a private business and as if we have options!!! I heard someone say that lucians just greedy and they flock to get anything new……who would stand on a line for days….some over 9hrs without water and food just for style. Such ignorance out there. SHAME on that PS and Minister for abusing our people like this…..where is Mary Francis when she could make a valuable contribution to our human rights….the world needs to hear about this immigration office and this failed passport rollout!

  8. Legendary inefficiency is displayed there .. the callous treatment of people there is without equal … glad I will never have to go back there.

  9. “Valued customers?” Is like yol are privately owned and people have alternative options? iyMTC. How is this not even on international news–where is Mary Fancis when the people of Saint Lucia really need her?


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