WATCH: RSLPF Probes Dennery Officers’ Conduct After Viral Complaint Video

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has launched an investigation into the conduct of some officers at the Richfond, Dennery police station.

A viral video appeared on social media complaining about their response to a report of stone-throwing and damage to property at La Caye, Dennery.

The video featured the voice of a distraught female.

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Assistant Commissioner of Police Elvis Thomas while not mentioning the social media video, indicated in a statement on Tuesday that the Richfond police had invited the affected parties to discuss their concerns and apologies were offered.


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  1. Many thanks to this lady for exposing those imbeciles at the RICHFOND police station. They have been doing this for years to the people of the valley…joyrides all day in those pickups and when the need arises, they are busy, vehicle is out or they will call you back (a bluff). No wonder many people hate ” the police.” Another problem is that there are officers at the station who refuse to react to calls that report their family members. Wonder if this was the case here….NO resident of the valley/ Dennery north should be stationed at that police station.-discrimination and preferential treatment is rife!!!!!

  2. I watched the video from the victim and it was heart wrenching. She stated that she felt numb on one side of her body had passed out and was given a nutmeg. In addition, she stated that she recently had a baby and had left the baby with another child who was 12 years old (not a wise move). She clearly needs to get a serious heath assessment based on her own admission as to how she was feeling on the video.

    I wish her the very best – the lady was seriously petrified and distraught.

  3. I remember when Police used to have pride in themselves and really stood up for the citizens. Now they more want to be bad boys wearing nuff gold sporting motorbikes acting tough, get drunk at parties and pull out their fire arms for sport. Well we will see what happens to them in the end as always. Saint Lucia is full of invertebrates chasing the bag and chasing clout. Any officer come on my property without reason 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  4. this is the same reason why people take the law into their own hands. imagine these people just went and take a gun and just killed those individuals that destroyed their property then and only then you would see these police. this is baffling that these richfond police did this wow

  5. salbet thats why most times they dont want people to record them with phones when you recording them they want to blast the phone from your hand and say what you recording for. put them on blast and dont take nothing less.

    this makes me think that this police station had everything to do wit shakadun daniels death if this is how these guys operate to render assistance. The moto is to protect and to serve you damn police officers are civil servants so serve the civilians. all these officers at the time on duty when this lady called should be fired

  6. These things happen all the time. Most times its not reported because we all know nothing never happens.i experienced a similar situation once.right now i dont call police for nothing.

  7. Where else in the world do public servants consume alcoholic on the job publicly, except in third world countries: No wonder they are referred to by all kinds of names: Ask Trump

  8. Gros Islet police 10 times worse, I have a friend has gone to GI police looking for same officer over 10 x in last 3 weeks not even a follow up call or anything for a property damage report, why are these officers even wearing a uniform and being paid if they don’t do Sheet, except listen, ….apwithout any follow up calls for investigations in Gros Islet Department specifically, Absolute Disgrace these senior officers. I’ve seen Traffic accident by gap over 3 hours wait , when police station is across the street a next accident by volneys from 9-2:00 people waiting for GI Police, terrible terrible terrible, from SSU saying go to GI Police they can’t do anything and than GI Police or Dennery police doin sheet except phockin listening!,,,,,,,,,SMPH why u think the youth are out of control bc they know the police don’t do anything except listen no follow up reports in GI station at all smpH…………..nothin……….. shameful that these officers have such a good salary and how many police buildings and new vehicles for what to look the part without any follow through?…..smPH


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