WATCH: Saint Lucia Continues Work Towards Universal Health Coverage

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Saint Lucia continues its work to ensure that Universal Health Coverage UHC is implemented to the population.

More in this report from Fernelle Neptune.


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SOURCE: Ministry of Health, Wellness & Elderly Affairs. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. And how will this be paid for? Lemme guess more taxes? You’re going to tax people who spend time, money and energy taking care of themselves for those who sit under the CDC drinking all day. Or those who have a timeshare at KFC.

    • Certainly agree with you. Why punish those who do the right thing to support those who do the wrong thing. There should be an opt out option for this.

    • It’s easy to pass judgement on others, from afar!

      @Just Saying…when are you going to ask WHY individuals got to the point of sitting “under the CDC drinking all day” or having “a timeshare at KFC?” You might then actually acknowledge your better luck over your fellow citizens by saying, “there but for the grace of God go I’; or you might express your humanity by finding out WHAT you could do personally, or within a collective of your peers, to change their situation!

      We can start by awarding the stewardship of government to individuals who are committed to providing for the uplifting of all citizens, instead of the duopoly which plays the political musical chairs game for the benefit of their selfish political careers, absent the real needs of the citizenry.


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