WATCH: Saint Lucia Poised For Successful Schools Reopening

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Asserting that these are ‘exciting times ‘for education, Education Minister Shawn Edward has announced that his ministry is poised for a very smooth and successful reopening of schools on Monday, barring any hiccups.

Edward said so in a wide-ranging statement on Thursday.

In the statement, he covered issues including school rehabilitation, the one laptop per child programme, incorporating technology in education, and plans to have one university graduate in every household.

The Dennery North MP’s complete statement appears below:

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  1. School books are still out of stock and you have the audacity to sing about smooth opening. When kids have no books what are they doing in a classroom. How do the teachers manage. Somethings are better left unsaid

  2. So Miciud Secondary School will have the kids back in shift systdm again? How mush longer must we suffer? The incompetent persons responsible need to go…..who is sabotaging the government. They need to go and a new project coordinator should be implemented

  3. write a letter to him and to the media if thats wat it takes…do so anonymously if u have to with facts…..its time we take a stand on many things in our country n not let politicians cover up fake acts to brainwash us……st lucians do better plz

  4. Hon.Minister SALCC is in a mess. The Department of Nursing is the worst. The administration of that Department is only focused on the money with no regard for the student nurses. Mr. Minister please assist. Thanks.

  5. Hon. Minister SALCC is in a real mess. The Department of Nursing is the worst. The administration in that department is running that department like a business with no regard for the students nurses. Please assist. Thank you.

  6. mr shawn…there are schools that are still in a ridiculous doesnt take an alien to come down to see it….if the people are not blind they will see it……alot has to be done to make a lot of schools on island better…some really do need a face lift…..the more things change the more they stay the same


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