WATCH: Saint Lucia Tourism On Course For Robust Expansion

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Saint Lucia’s tourism industry is on course for robust expansion.

In the first eight months of 2022, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre and his Cabinet, have engaged various investors who have expressed interest in Saint Lucia and want to develop and expand accommodation properties and introduce internationally recognized hotel brands to the island.

Hon. Pierre has confirmed the prospective value of these development proposals exceed $320 million.

More from Rehani Isidore:

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SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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Editorial Staff
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  1. One concern I have is this.
    There is a certain individual high up in the hierarchy of the SLP known for his dealing with nefarious international characters. He is also know for his fingers being in these pies irrespective of rules and regulations.

    I am seriously concerned about what deal or deals are being concocted in the back rooms or in the lounges of airports?

    Unfortunately the citizenry do not appear to be concerned where ‘de Monee’ come from as long as they get their piece! Lol!

  2. Everything that Pierre says must be taken with a grain of salt. In fact that is being nice – trust NOTHING he says.
    ‘Robust expansion’ would mean in the normal parlance a 500 room hotel ( or 2 x 250 room hotels in different locations) generating 500 jobs in construction and 900 primary and secondary jobs when finished. And even then that would not even absorb the thousands of school leavers for one year.
    You listen to him talk and all he mentions is the ongoing expansion or new ownership of existing facilities. We have been hearing about the Sandals expansion for over 2 years now.
    The fact that he mentions NO figures for stay over arrivals for Jan to Aug 2022 is instructive. It probably means they are abysmal and way below what was expected. Same for cruise ship numbers – not one iota of data on those. Again which means they are dismal. If they had even a 1% increase in arrivals from these 2 sourses we would hear about it Ad infinitum.
    This is a misleading report with no deep diving into the real status of the industry.
    Additionally and even worst. Most economists expect a serious recession gathering steam worldwide and affecting our three main markets: US, UK and Canada. It is already being felt ( maybe that is why no cruiseships) and will affect stayover arrivals from this winter season.
    Not a word from Pierre or his tourism minister except these diversionary reports.

  3. I waited to hear about the $320 million in investments and all I heard were told projects: Sandals, Cotton Bay and Eat Winds. The Prime Minister aided by this clown Rehani Isidore are taking St Lucia on a ride of false hopes. The headline to this story speaks of “robust expansion” of tourism, but Neither the story nor the video give evidence of that.

  4. St.Lucia Very Fortunate Internationals.Flights landing at Hewanorra .Theres no Hospital in the South after so many years


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