WATCH: Saint Lucians Urged To Expect Price Hikes, Commodity Shortages

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Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Commerce has advised the public to expect price hikes and shortages of some commodities, due primarily to the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information Officer at the Consumer Affairs Department, Merlicia Williams-Davy, tells us more.

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  1. I ment to say that 80 percent of private sector workers earn 3 to 5 dollars an hour it is a shame to work for such low wages it like you just leave your home to work for transportation money even if someone is illiterate they should still earn 10 dollars an hour

  2. Am I supposed to trust the same politicians who manufactured this crisis with my health? Coming soon to SLU, a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a loaf of bread.

  3. You know the truth…this was deliberately manufactured…..they looking to starve a few millions like they have done in the pass, India is an example when the British exported surpluses then declaring shortages ,starving millions. They have done enough beta testing to know the outcomes of their actions.if only a lot more understood.

  4. @Someone. Why can’t the “young people” become entrepreneurs and create their own opportunities? Nothing stopping that.

  5. turn to green fig and dasheen, yam, potatoes, coconut, sugar cane, water-melon, cucumbers, yardi, fish, fruits, and leave the things on the shelf. It good for lucians they too effing lazy to produce for themselves, everyone want to have big house big yard and it empty, they prefer to go to the stores and then climb on top of the pitons and scream. We had sugar cane they get raid of it for green gold fake shit… it good just good! i can survived under any condition. Its a shame how some fellow lucians think… what is it slavery to plant in your own yard… ?

  6. Because the cost of agro chemicals are rising, labour, transport. Farmers are feeling it just like everyone else. Climate change causing adverse weather conditions which also affects local production. We’re all in this together.

  7. 🤣🤣climate change my ass…..its because of the government responses to covid….in lock8ng down economies all in the name of a virus that has only killed less than 1% of those infected. Also he is missing one key word. INFLATION….INFLATION INFLATION INFLATION…ITS CREATED BY WASTEFUL GOVT SPENDING WHICCH IS A HIDDEN TAX ON REGULAR FOLKS. Please stop the lies. We dont produce shit in st lucia. We hv no factories we are ******. And its all because of GOVERNMENTS AND NO ONE ELSE

  8. @ Freemason Come on bro, where are you getting for statistics from? If what you say was true the Government would get fraction of the tax revenue they currently take from our salaries. Anyway, anyone who has shopped recently was know this

  9. ohhhh you see of course when i said some months before that the reason for these hikes is cause right now all shipping container ships are stranded in the us because they are forcing those vaccine mandates and alot of people who work at the ports and also to ship those containers on trucks after they are unloaded are either leaving their jobs or getting fired cause they dont want to take the vaccine. Christmas is going be be late guys but i say this is BS raise people salary so it wont affect them to much. But you know what pisses me off? of they raise the prices but if things get back to normal they will never lower the prices

  10. Our local producers will still raise their prices and blame it on raw materials imported being increased. Our local brewery said that the prices of its alcoholic & non alcoholic beverages have increased due to raw materials needed to brew. I would not count on our local products because their prices too have increased and they will use this opportunity to increase prices to make profits. Our local chicken parts at Massy have increased too. Even a few bathroom tissue prices have increase in supermarkets among others commodities.

  11. Price of international commodities expected to keep rising but why do the local local foods such as fruits, vegetables, ground provisions and local stuffs are rising too. Is thos an opportunity to take advantage of the vulnerable shoppers.

  12. Smh.

    Empty shelves high prices Emma. This is just the beginning.

    It’s time to manufacture our own goods on this island. We use to produce rice at one time,let’s do it again. Thank you Caribbean Mills for keeping our flour industry alive. Bring back sugar,local products with good quality etc. All we care about is tourist and vaccines. I guess it’s the fault of the unvaccinated that prices are up and shelves are empty and we the unvaccinated will be the ones to suffer..smh …

    Keep in mind that when they fill back the supermarket it won’t be with real foods but only GMOs. Already 70% of what you buy is in organic imagine what it will be like soon…100% GMOs.

    We’re doomed if we don’t grow what we eat. Stop using up all the land y’all buy just to build a house. Save space for a garden. You won’t be able to eat concrete when the time comes. The next black gold will be unvaccinated sperm and food.

  13. Price hikes and shortages are not unique to St. Lucia. Welcome to the world at it’s currently a world wide issue.

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