WATCH: Soufriere Primary Galvanises Community Support For Student Development

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The Soufriere Primary School has embarked on an initiative to get more parents, community, and corporate support in the development of its students.

This is in fulfilment of a mandate of the Educational Quality Improvement Project, better known as EQuIP. It is a project of the Ministry of Education, funded by the Caribbean Development Bank.

We have details in this report:

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SOURCE: Educational Quality Improvement Project

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Editorial Staff
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  1. This gives me hope to think, in the world that we live in there are people among us, with a good heart, with a good motive, brave enough to create, to grab the opportunities laid before us to start and others will join in, and a movement is born.
    Today is a promising day its not always doom and gloom, bang bang you’re dead, some laugh others in sorrow – I am encouraged the place where my parents were born and my infant days began, ‘ a light is lit, the darkness and fear is shown the exit, and hope is born ‘
    I always believed from the time near the City Square, where the chiming of the Angelic Bells on memorial days awaken the goodness, the hope in us that Soufriere is not always a lovly Bay beautiful Pitons, Sulfur baths but a people waiting for ‘that day’ that one among us will arise and say come, come with me ‘let us start, this is the day’ thank God Almighty He heard our cry, we prayed for peace, love and togetherness; Blessed be His Name. Amen.

  2. Now that’s what I am talking about…action from the grass roots to make a better society. Action from the family level and help shaping the kids of tomorrow…I can guarantee you that if all stakeholders do their part, you will see a vast difference in the soufrière community. To much talk and no action…to much bending of the knee and asking a god to help the nation cause that leads to no progress what so ever….but this proactive approach will bring great reward. Now initiate this all across Saint Lucia and with time you will see the benefits to society. I am pleased some are taking a more pragmatic approach to changing society… Bravo.


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