Thursday, September 29, 2022

WATCH: St Rose Offers Monopoly Money In Payment Of $10,000 Fine

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Dr. Gilbertha St Rose, suspended and fined recently by the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Council for using and promoting Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19, has made light of the $10 000 fine.

“The Medical and Dental Council of Saint Lucia are playing games with me. So hear that – $10000 fine. I will open this box and see how much money is in there,” she said as she held up a Monopoly game box.

St Roe spoke on Saturday afternoon as the Saint Lucia Freedom Coalition, of which she is a member, launched a petition against mandatory vaccination.

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The document also supported the use of Ivermectin and other treatments for COVID-19.

In addition , the petition calls on the authorities to establish a system to record the adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccination.

Regarding the Medical and Dental Council judgement against her, St Rose said she could still laugh at it because it was ‘so preposterous.’

“First of all they are fining me $10000 for doing a clinical trial which I told them I did not and I’m not doing,” she told St Lucia Times.

She recalled that she had applied to the council’s Research and Ethics Committee to do the trial and needed collaboration from the Ministry of Health, which turned down the invitation.

“I still applied on my own accord for the clinical trial. I got the response of acknowledgment of my application since the 18th of October and no response since then,” St Rose stated.

However, she expressed that the clinical trial was unnecessary since such tests had occurred worldwide.

“The trials do tell us that Ivermectin is safe and effective for the parasites that it has been used for for the past forty years but also for COVID-19 infections,” she declared.

She asserted that the problem has nothing to do with Ivermectin but that when the drug rolled out in certain countries, it was effective and successful, showing that the need for vaccines was unnecessary.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Please promote more herbs or herbal teas for Covid because they are very effective, had not been drinking my teas woukd have definitely get that virus, promote the herbs, please.

  2. @nudge keep waking them up even if they pretend to be blind.

    I will never look down on my people whether or not they choose to get jabbed. If the sheeple are to afraid to fight,I’ll fight for them. I’ll say what they can’t and do what they won’t for I am my brother and sister’s keeper. I think it’s time we stopped fighting for civil rights and begin to fight for silver rights?

    The clock is ticking for the 1%. The question is,what part will you play in this great movie?

    All businesses can madate the jab, that’s on them and you for supporting the businesses that do. Why are we as a people promoting discrimination and victimization? The person being victimized because of their choice or right to choose could be your mother, father, brother, sister, cousin,nenen,paweh,etc…what then? Are you going to allow the government and the boogyman to divide your home?

    If a government really care about Its people, it would never allow anyone to force anything on them. Please don’t mistake tyranny for love. I thought the world was against Hitler for what he did🤷🏾‍♀️. I guess history vindicated Hitler and his love not crimes against humanity.

    I don’t promote violence but I do see a storm coming. What name will they give this one?

  3. I can not believe that there is any civility in St. Lucia. Literally ridiculing the government. Whether or not you agree with the doctor is not the issue – THIS IS SERIOUSLY DISRESPECTFUL TO THE government of St. Lucia. The whole world is literally laughing at you guys.

    Doctor – you need to remain in St. Lucia, I can’t imagine this behavior in any other part of the world. Had you been any place else – trust me –????????????

  4. The choice to take or not take a vaccine is the choice of the individual no doubt, but the choice of a Doctor to administer a non approved solution is reckless. Additionally,
    the choice to allow those who have not been vaccinated into business, restaurant and other locations is the right of the business owner UNLESS mandated but a more enforcing power – the Government. You may not like it but it is indeed fact!

    As for the so called Doctor, even you are subject to the organisation higher up than yourself – the Council. If you think so strongly that you are correct, carry on practicing your version of medicine and let’s see where that will take you. I hope businesses are starting to accept monopoly money, cuz that is all you will end up having! Ignorant!

  5. What an ignorant statement.. like so many people of today – they want to be wrong and strong! Suck your salt, because if I was on the Council you would need to go out and but a whole bunch of extra game to afford what you truly deserve. Just ignorant!

  6. @James Taylor

    “Ivermectin was not designed and approved for viral infection”.


    You miss the point. Drugs are repurposed all the time. Viagra was first developed as a treatment for high blood pressure but repurposed for erectile dysfunction. Remdesivir was originally developed for the treatment of Ebola but has been repurposed for the treatment of late stage Covid. In fact, if you check, you will find that the scientific literature which shows that ivermectin is an effective prevention against Covid infection and treatment for early Covid infection is much greater than the literature in support of remdesivir. Yet remdesivir is approved and ivermectin is not. This might just have something to do with the fact that ivermectin is out of patent and can be cheaply produced by generic producers – no big profits for big pharma off its sale.

    The main responsibility of doctors is to their patients, not to the medical governing body. If the governing body has any ethics and care for patients, it supports doctors in finding effective treatments to save patients’ lives. Dr Shankara Chetty in South Africa has developed a Covid treatment protocol for his patients which does not follow WHO guidance because he used his professional judgment to come up with a treatment that he says works. So far, he says he has treated over 7000 Covid patients and not one has ended up in hospital or died. Should he be suspended and punished for his actions because it doesn’t follow WHO guidance? Other doctors have also developed their own protocols which they say have saved many lives and their governing bodies have not suspended them. In other countries in the Caribbean, such as Jamaica, doctors are allowed to prescribe ivermectin for the treatment of Covid. Why would ivermectin be so dangerous to patients in St Lucia that Dr St Rose needs to be suspended but perfectly okay to be prescribed in other countries?

    The SLMDA as a medical governing body should act to protect the public from harmful actions carried out by doctors. But they have not put forward a single piece of evidence that any of Dr St Rose’s patients were harmed in anyway by being prescribed ivermectin. The same can’t be said for the vaccines. There is no justification for the actions of the SLMDA and they should stop harassing Dr St Rose.

  7. That’s my girl. Read the subliminal message there. Since it’s monopoly they’re playing with the lives of the people,why not offer them monopoly cash😂🤔Dr Gilbertha St Rose you are the light at the end of the tunnel. People may call you what they want but one thing they can not do is prove you wrong. History and time will vindicate you unlike Belmar and the slmda who are busy trying to help big pharma to kill us as a people. I don’t care who wants to take the devil in the arm(jab) that’s on them but please don’t harrass the rest of us who don’t want or care for it.

    What happened to natural immunity? I guess to these nuts they call doctors,it doesn’t exist. It’s been two years and all we have are barkers and handlers of the barkers trying to scare us to death with their fear porn. When will a people open their eyes? When do you say enough is enough? What happened to the seasonal flu? What happened to 2 weeks to flatten the curve? What happened to it will only take two vaccines? Why now a booster every six months? What happened to we won’t mandate this jab? What happened to 14days quarantine? What happened to common sense? Smh. I won’t be anyone’s pin cushion. I’ve had enough vaccines in my youth. I don’t need any now and neither does my family.

    The new black gold will be unvaccinated blood and unvaccinated sperm. Stop being fooled by the smoke in the mirror.

    Bravo Dr Gilbertha St Rose 😂😂laugh at these con artist disguised as doctors. We are not pin cushions. Allow us to choose what’s best for us.

  8. It would take a toll on anyone. But courage is choosing to stand when everything screams ‘cave in.’ She has our support. Eighty percent of 758 stand with her.

  9. Throughout the persecution of Dr. St. Rose, the medical authorities have been blatantly lying to the St. Lucian public about the lack of analytical, peer-reviewed studies surrounding the use of Ivermectin as part of a regimen of early treatment and prophylaxis against Covid-19.

    Their malfeasance is exposed by this link to real-time meta analysis of 71 studies, which was found using a simple search in my browser.

    There is one fact which I forgot to bring forward, in regard to the utter scorn I hold for the CMO, the head of the SLMDA, and the majority of medical personnel in St. Lucia:
    Covid-19 deaths in 2021
    USA 450,000+
    St. Lucia 282
    China 2

    Why did our medical authorities respond to Covid-19 by following the “do nothing” prescription of the US, who had more that 450,000 deaths in 2021?

    Why did our country of 180,000 citizens have more Covid-19 deaths (282) than China (2), which has a population of over 1.4 billion? (China has 8000 times more people than St. Lucia, while St. Lucia had 141 times more Covid-19 deaths in 2021)

    All those who have been piling on Dr. St. Rose for wanting to save the lives of her fellow citizens with whatever tools were at hand (instead of doing nothing like the rest of the medical personnel in St. Lucia), how can you live with yourselves after examining the facts I have laid out for you, above? How many of those 282 deaths could have been saved if she had been allowed to provide early treatment to them?

    You people have no shame! Bunch of hypocrites!

  10. You really need some serious psychiatric help and I am serious about it. Something is definitely wrong with you Gilbertha and it’s sad, sad, sad. While you have a right to appeal or challenge the decision the manner in which you are doing it surely speaks of someone who has some serious mental issues and commentators on here should be more interested in your wellbeing that the politics and confusion of all this. Please get some help as I know that this situation is taking a toll on you. God bless you!

  11. Thanks Ross”” Forcing people to undertake a medical procedure is not the American way or “ St LuciaN” way and is a clear civil rights violation no matter how proponents may seek to justify it,”….l Keep speaking out Dr. St Rose, We The People Support your Courage and and are waiting to read about your Justice of this Mockery. Smph

  12. Comply with all the shate the governments mandating. Soon we won’t be allowed to treat our headache and diarrhea with our bush medicine. They will soon tell you what time of day to take a piss and a dump. Smh.
    A virus that has always been around that was doing nothing to healthy people.

  13. There are very specific reasons why the CMO and the SLMDA have deservedly earned the scorn and opprobrium of St. Lucians: They have neglected to treat patients infected with Covid-19; they have voluntarily ceded their oversight of the health of St. Lucians to Big Pharma’s aims to derive exorbitant profits from a vaccine which does not prevent infection or death from Covid-19.

    What is the point of medical personnel who will not help citizens deal with this health issue? What is the point of this cadre of medical personnel whose only action to force a a solitary solution upon our citizenry; one which does not work?

    Here are a couple of key points which our medical authorities have failed to reveal to us:

    Why the vaccines cannot protect against infection

    A fundamental mistake underlying the development of the COVID-19 vaccines was to neglect the functional distinction between the two major categories of antibodies which the body produces in order to protect itself from pathogenic microbes.

    The first category (secretory IgA) is produced by immune cells (lymphocytes) which are located directly underneath the mucous membranes that line the respiratory and intestinal tract. The antibodies produced by these lymphocytes are secreted through and to the surface of the mucous membranes. These antibodies are thus on site to meet air-borne viruses, and they may be able to prevent viral binding and infection of the cells.

    The second category of antibodies (IgG and circulating IgA) occur in the bloodstream. These antibodies protect the internal organs of the body from infectious agents that try to spread via the bloodstream.

    Vaccines that are injected into the muscle – i.e., the interior of the body – will only induce IgG and circulating IgA, not secretory IgA. Such antibodies cannot and will not effectively protect the mucous membranes from infection by SARS-CoV-2. Thus, the currently observed “breakthrough infections” among vaccinated individuals merely confirm the fundamental design flaws of the vaccines. Measurements of antibodies in the blood can never yield any information on the true status of immunity against infection of the respiratory tract.

    The inability of vaccine-induced antibodies to prevent coronavirus infections has been reported in recent scientific publications.

    The vaccines can trigger self-destruction

    A natural infection with SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) will in most individuals remain localized to the respiratory tract. In contrast, the vaccines cause cells deep inside our body to express the viral spike protein, which they were never meant to do by nature. Any cell which expresses this foreign antigen will come under attack by the immune system, which will involve both IgG antibodies and cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. This may occur in any organ. We are seeing now that the heart is affected in many young people, leading to myocarditis or even sudden cardiac arrest and death. How and why such tragedies might causally be linked to vaccination has remained a matter of conjecture because scientific evidence has been lacking. This situation has now been rectified.

  14. It pains when I look at the news listen to those who claim to be so educated make a fool ought of themselves.
    Those who took the two jabs was told they need a booster because the two jabs are not working and those who have not taken the vaccine are told you need to get Jan but in the first place it’s not working.
    Sister st Rose is correct but we are so blind.
    How to kill a frog
    If you place it in hot water it will jump out,
    Put it in cold water and have the heat under the pan
    The frog will keep adjusting to the temperature by time you know it ,frog will be took weak to jump out.
    Here is the moral we are like this frog by time you know it
    we are gone.

  15. There are professionals out there who try to tell us what they see going on including , the Canadian FrontLine Nurses organization , and even the Global Campus of Human Rights . Of course, people feel they have a right to determine the risk for themselves, like most other things in our lives. Why is this different? It is vastly different. Many people feel not. It appears that the generally accepted evidence suggests that those who have been vaccinated can still get infected. That’s right, infected. What happened to “my body, my choice”? We are in trying times, where there is a battle for our hearts, minds, and plain common sense. Curiously, there are those in America who have sworn to protect peoples’ safety and their very lives are stepping up and saying what they think is going on. Said Larry Cosme, the president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officer’s Association ( ), “Forcing people to undertake a medical procedure is not the American way and is a clear civil rights violation no matter how proponents may seek to justify it,” in a statement. Similarly very surprising in this vax debate is the film . Clearly there are people out there that would mis-lead us. Be mindful.

  16. I am not sure why there is laughing over such a serious matter. Dr St Rose just be careful how you proceed because you may not be the one to have the last laugh!

  17. Dr St Rose is a well off woman she has money in the bank them people just playing games with Babylon with her private practice I am sure the lady has over 700 thousand dollars in the bank or credit union

  18. This behaviour & disrespect to a governing body is disgusting, infantile ….& you put your life in her hands .. hell no. After a recent VH with a sick child experience is all you unvaccinated sheeple that need reality check ! There are things you can never unsee traumatized
    Should be struck off from practice permanently.

  19. $10,000 my ass, such bullshit. Did you’ll fine the doctor who amputated this poor lady leg? So give me a break you’ll disgusting pigs. I support you Dr. give them puppets hell.

  20. This woman is feeling embolden and seems to enjoy her role in adding fuel to an already precarious situation with a confused public. Taking a serious issue as a joke,. Our lives presently are more threatened by the divisiveness and lack of trust in our institutions. Until we can learn to respect our differences on political ideas and issues that affect our daily lives without vilifying each other, we are in danger of self destruction and heading towards the destabilizing of our country. As the saying goes “Empty buckets usually makes the most noise”.

  21. The arrogance and lack of remorse from this lady is just astounding.
    Out there making a mockery of the very body of profession that she represents. Her reckless and dangerous behavior has no place in society practising medicine.
    She is not to be trusted. The Medical & Dental Council should make her suspension permanent. She’s a rogue, not to mention coocoo.

  22. Your gesture is of pure arrogance and contempt. Ivermectin was not designed and approved for viral infection. Your advocacy is not in the best interest of the people St.Lucis. This group is exploiting doubtful Lucian’s instead of educating them based on scientific data pertaining to the vaccine. Freedom Coalition is instilling fear in the minds of St.Lucians which exacerbates vaccine hesitancy. The government has the obligation to protect the lives and livelihood of St. Lucian’s. This elitist group of intellectuals is just pushing an anti vaccine agenda while covid takes a toll on lives and livelihood. The vaccine like any other medication is not 100% safe. However, it is well documented that the benefits far outweigh the risks

  23., Good reading for all those pushing the India and Ivermectin story. Maybe some realignment and enlightenment of their misleading story is in order. The use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine not officially recommended for use from September in India, Go figure!! Interestingly, you will not hear that from those pushing this idea about India on this board, Their go to story whenever this subject came up,

  24. It is so discouraging that the global agenda to push vaccines( which have been proven to increase risk of death, heart inflammation, stroke and even death) have been adopted in so many countries without question. I’m so sorry that Dr St. Rose got caught up in this. Her crime is that she has a desire to save lives. A cursory glance at the”science” will prove what she is saying to be true, but the globalist agenda seems like it is prevailing.

  25. yea, its time for couple rocks to hit the head of some known individuals, who insists and more and more it is becoming apparent that their main purpose on this earth is to make life harder for people, Gaston Brown is long over due and so are some of these politicians in Saint Lucia.

  26. You good, you offering them monopoly money. I think they are more deserving of what Ralph got. I think it is now known as a Ralphie.

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