WATCH: Taiwan Sponsored Mandarin Pilot Programme Launched In Saint Lucia

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A major step toward the teaching of mandarin in schools was made recently with the launch of a Mandarin Pilot Project.

Chris Satney has the details.


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SOURCE: Ministry of Education

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  1. Teach the children in the schools to speak proper ENGLISH first – even Kweyol! Even our ministers speak bad English!! They do not know the difference between “free” and “three”, or “order” from “other”. Pathetic.

  2. All the books need to be supplied.where is one to get a mandarin dictionary or any chinese text book in st.lucia.u guys spear headed the idea make sure its fully funtional please.

  3. While I have no issue with Saint Lucian students learning foreign languages, I do have an issue with Saint Lucian students learning foreign languages when most do not have an expert grasp of their mother tongue, namely Kwéyol and English. If the ministry of education fail to ensure a better grasp of English and Kwéyòl then you leave yourself open to further colonization. We already have to deal with the English which by a trick of history we are stuck with. Mr Minister of education…I urge you to do more to improve the language skills of the Nation in its mother tongue. Would you have kwéyol being taught in Taiwan so those coming to Saint Lucia can communicate with the locals? I am certain 100%, the answer is no. Again, I have nothing against teaching of mandarin, but we.must get our house in other first…..

  4. We failing in our educational sector to teach our creole language in school however we find it fit to introduce another language into our educational sector. Can we include a subject called “Common Sense” in school please.

    • And where you going to use the creole language? It is dead in Dominica. Haiti sure. They can understand about 40% of what you saying. That’s a few million people. Martinique and Guadeloupe and other 750,000 people. Then we have mandarin being spoken by over a BILLION people. Yes BILLION. Y’all need to let go of these vestiges of your oppression. The world power is shifting to the East. Let’s go along and stop kissing massa’s behind or get left behind. That would put our students in a very competitive position. I wish I were in school to take part in that program. Creole is a dead pidgin language that most St. Lucians can hardly speak properly. Let it go dude and look to the future.

    • disagree.
      is kweyol a language used in the business world?
      teaching foreign languages that are used globally open more doors to entrepreneurs and that means that they have a step ahead of those who are ignorant because more opportunities present themselves


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