WATCH: Turn For The Worse? Belize Police Respond After Parade ‘Mishap’

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The Public Relations Office of the Belize Police Department has responded to a viral video of police officers on parade apparently misunderstanding a command to turn right.

The result was confusion, as some officers did the right thing while others were left wanting.

On the other hand, the Belize Police Department in a statement on Tuesday said it seemed that there was a command that was not clear to the officers on parade.

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Local media quoted Police Commissioner Chester Williams as saying that this week’s mishap on the parade square during the medals and awards ceremony was clearly not the fault of the officers who turned facing the street.

“The parade commander made the error; he should have instructed for a left turn instead of a right turn. The officers who turned left did so because they knew it was to be a left turn,” Williams stated.

And the top cop explained that the commander had offered an apology.

“I would therefore ask that we take into consideration the fact that police officers are also fallible beings and focus on all the positive things that took place yesterday and put behind us the little negative,” Williams said.

“As a society, we have allowed that little mishap to overshadow the fact that over 300 police officers were awarded for exemplary service to this country. This type of mishap happens even in the military where drills are more rigid,” he observed.

The viral video has evoked mixed reactions on social media.

Some criticised the police for not knowing their left from their right.

Others commended the officers who followed the command they received while some suggested that while funny, the mishap represented much ado about nothing.

And they declared that the police should be commended for risking their lives to keep Belize safe.

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  1. After that embarrassment I would cancel the awards and medals ceremony. Tis is very serious; what if they were given an order to go up the road, not down, to stop the fighting, but instead they went the opposite way, then hear gun fire, would they duck? look at the size of these cops; is that due to no exercise, too much eating and drinking? I do hope our boys can do better. Lord bless their tender hearts, I think they mean well.


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