Wednesday, October 5, 2022

WATCH: Woman Cautioned After Bush Fire Scare At Marigot

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Firefighters say they cautioned a Marigot woman who started burning rubbish on Monday morning, but the fire got out of hand, prompting emergency calls to the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS).

Reports indicate that about 10:15 am, the SLFS received a call requesting assistance to extinguish an out-of-control bush fire but later got another call suggesting that it was a house fire.

However, when emergency personnel from the SLFS Headquarters in Castries arrived aboard a fire truck, they found it was a fire that had started among rubbish and tyres and quickly put out the blaze, video recordings of which appeared on social media.

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Afterward, they cautioned the woman who started the fire and advised her on the proper procedure to prevent a recurrence.

The SLFS says in addition to creating a hazard and impacting the health of persons with respiratory complaints, bush fires tax the organisation’s resources.

A fire service official acknowledged that there are instances where controlled burning has to take place but disclosed that firefighters supervise those fires.

The Saint Lucia Criminal Code states:

“A person who — at any time, within two miles of any city or town or village or settlement, sets fire or causes fire to be set without having given notice and first obtained permission under section 449, and whether or not the fire causes damage or injury to the property of another person; is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1,000.”


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  1. When will I hear of people getting charged for this offense every time is the offenders are warned never charged so it will be done all over again by the same person and others will do the same. But then philip will come and Expunge all charges.

  2. Marigot they always burning the bush, they dont care about others, next time I will call the police, oh hold on, Marigot police will say ” we havent got a vehicle” which is their usual line.

  3. Ppl remember those Fire trucks will always be delayed by those many Speed Bumps they have to stop on. So don’t be setting fires and expect them to reach in a hurry. I would recommend Helicopters with water for SLFS.

  4. It is important to know and do the following before starting a fire. 1) have a site specific inspection, whereby hazardous materials including any rubber, plastics and liquid fuel are removed from site and properly disposed of. 2) know the wind velocity. The strength and direction of wind is very important. Strong winds will only cause the fire to spread quickly and out of control. You don’t want the wind to be blowing towards property, especially dwelling places. 3) fire must be monitored 24/7 4) have contingency plans for an out of control fire.

  5. Virtually all communities in Saint Lucia are burdened with the wanton and thoughtless burning of debris, bush, rubbish, etc., every week! And the people who are dealing with respiratory conditions are forced to put up with such harmful and lawless practices! Lack of education, but more so the lack of regard, lack of respect, as also the lack of love for others is oftentimes at the root of such damaging behaviors. I hope the new approach to law and criminal behaviors that the Prime Minister talked about in his New Year’s message includes making sure people are safe from the wanton burnings that threaten life, health and property all across Saint Lucia every week!

  6. This is why crime will continue to get worse. Even petty crimes are being ignored. Are people this dumb to burn rubber, they don’t care about their health or others nearby.

  7. She broke the law. I hope the fine was awarded to her for her negligence.
    Unfortunately, the general populace are ignorant of laws against negligent setting of fires is staggering.
    Again – the use of TV and Radio are not being utilised sufficiently to keep these sort of unlawful acts at bay.

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