WATCH: Work To Resume At Original St. Jude Hospital Site In November

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For the first time since construction was abandoned at the original St. Jude Hospital site in 2017, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre has announced work will resume in November of this year.

Hon. Pierre’s announcement comes less than six months since after disclosing to Parliament some of the findings of a technical review undertaken by an independent committee to advise the Cabinet on the most feasible options to proceed with the St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project.

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SOURCE: Office Of the Prime Minister

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  1. This is the first time in my long history as a St Lucian I will say P.M. YOU ARE PLAYING THE AXX I have always had respect for a P.M. be it SLP or UWP but I have suspected that someone with bigger balls is the one running this Government.
    WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “THE ORIGINAL HOSPITAL? the original Hospital was never designed, or built as a Hospital, I know this because I worked with the Americans, when they returned to build the Missile tracking station, that building was a make shift facility, built purposely during the 2nd world war, with no modern technology applied at the time. In my opinion, enough political football crap over a well deserved Hospital in the South – the original shack was never a Hospital, was not designed, equipped as and ought not to have used as such; to day you are playing politics with matters of ‘good health’ – most of all tax payers money – you should give the NATION a good reason why you are doing this – rather than to complete what the former govt. started. Put on your big boys pants on and stop playing the fool. As a St. Lucian I want the best for the Island: I pray that the Good Lord provides some wisdom.

  2. Pierre, if this is a project, this means it should have a start date and an end date. Can we have those dates so we can hold you responsible.

    “work will resume in November of this year” means nothing especially when it is coming from you, Pierre. With that statement, there are so many things you did not say. We want to hear more from you regarding the project

    • Damn we will have the first billion dollar hospital in the Caribbean. St. Jude’s the saga continues……… untold stories do you have gonads ….


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