Watchman Injured During Break-In At Ciceron Secondary School

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Ciceron Secondary School Principal Adey Paul says that a watchman sustained injuries during a break-in at the institution Thursday morning.

“At the moment we cannot tell what is missing until we have done our inventory. We are aware that one of the watchmen had some injuries,” Paul told St Lucia Times.

Saint Lucia Fire Service spokeswoman Annia Mitchel disclosed that at 05:40 am, emergency personnel at the Castries Headquarters responded to a call relating to an alleged physical assault incident at the Ciceron Secondary School

Mitchel said a 63-year-old male presented with multiple trauma injuries.

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She stated that emergency responders transported him to the OKEU Hospital, leaving him in the care of a medical practitioner.

The Ciceron Secondary school Principal said the police are investigating the break-in.

Paul said that as a result of the incident, there was also damage to the administrative office’s doors, locks, and burglar bars.

School staff after the break-in

The Ciceron Secondary school break-in came against the backdrop of concerns expressed recently  by the President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) Don Howell, and the President of the National Principals Association (NPA), Valerie St Helene-Henry about school security.

Both highlighted the need for urgent measures to address the issue.

The Principal of the Ciceron Secondary school  told St Lucia Times that school security needs to be a priority.

“Schools are supposed to be a safe environment for both teachers and students and at all times we have to ensure that persons on the property as well as the equipment are kept safe,” Paul stated.

“A school is an institution that takes care of students. When we steal from a school we are disadvantaging students from their learning. We are preventing teachers from providing students with quality instructions by depriving them of the equipment they use and in the end society suffers,” he observed.

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  1. When a land falls into the hands of the wicked,he blind fold its judges.
    It its not he,then who is it ?
    God :
    When ever I would heal 🇱🇨 St-Lucia
    the sins of ?are expose
    and the crimes of ? revealed.
    They practice deceit
    thieves break into houses,
    bandits rob in the streets,,
    but they do not realized
    that I remember all their evil deeds,
    their sins engulf them,they are ever before me.
    They grope in the darkness whithout light 💡,the rod of God is not upon them !
    Yet,they say, ‘What does God know ?
    Does he judge through such darkness ? Spend their years in prosperity, their days are swifter than a runner and fly away whithout a glimpse of joy,and go down the grave in peace ?

  2. Government Whether Uwp or Slp Refuse to Employ More Watchmen to Guard the School Whether by day or Night .Most of these Schools are Now Equipped with Mordern Technology and one Watchman AT Nights .Luckly He was not killed.All watcmen Should go Home night time .The Ministry of Education Refuse to address that Foolishness

  3. Was there some bait in the school which attracted the thieves to target the school ? I wonder if the police will start their investigation from the inside – seems to me there is more than the naked eyes can see. I hope the $8000 for graduation did not go missing. The thieves would definitely know what they were looking for and someone from the inside knew where it was.

    Were the thieves given proper instructions on how to open the locker ? Asking for a friend.


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