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Water Problems Hit North Of Saint Lucia

Press Release:- The Water and Sewerage Company Inc WASCO regrets to inform consumers that customers in the north of the island will continue to experience an interruption in the water supply.

This is as a result of continuing repair works on a damaged 24inch raw water line at Vanard.

The break was discovered on Friday February 14th 2020 and repair works commenced shortly thereafter.

It is not yet clear when the works will be completed however periodic updates will be released to keep customers informed.

Wasco regrets the inconvenience that the interruption may cause to you our valued customers and we thank you for your patience.


    • Not nice of WASCO to take the water on Valentine’s Day when people need to wash up after all the lovemaking!

    • Pòdjab! Ou sa djéwi sa. Alé benyen an lanmè-a. Ou kay vini pwòp mé an ti myèt salé. An bon fanm sa pwan gou salè asou’w, mé pa lè ou santé kon salèzon. Sé mouch ki kay swiv ou!

      Poor thing! You can cure that. Go and bathe in the sea. You will be clean but a little salty. A good woman can take the taste of salt on you, but not when you smell like meat. It is flies that will follow you!

  1. 24 inch pipe got damaged,some big excavator,plowed into the pipe,because this pipe is strong and heavy to break.Now who can be working were this pipe is buried? and you leave the whole island with out water for two days now.

    • In the ideal world, The management of Wasco would declare this month’s water bill null and void. But hey im just a simple cow

    • Castries Fisherman it is not the whole island that without water because the whole island does not receive water from the Roseau Dam. It is only the north that is without water. Like you eh read (or cannot read) the WASCO notice you fake news monger!

    • Garcon right now they cannot bill you for water you have not consumed or cannot consume which is one good thing about water and electricity metering unlike your cable TV or landline bills. So whilst there is no water in the lines WASCO losing revenue so they will rush to fix that big raw water pipe.

      • Nope. WASCO minimum charge is 24.00. Even if you have no water or didn’t use a drop of water for the entire month you still pay that amount.

  2. This water nonsence getting to me. Like before you dig,is it not a norm to get approval from the utilities company who is known to have underground works? Like it’s standard to get a permit before constructing works from your ministry of urban planning development.

  3. Were I live we pay EC 60.00 every month for 5.000 gallons that we never consume,so Im colaborating with the bill to pay for the dredging of the dam,for the last seven years.I wonder if Im getting sucked.The meter runs on compresed air that runs in the pipe when they open the flow,and it goes like hell.

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