Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Water Woes

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Good Morning,
I would like to inquire whether anyone has done a follow up on the interruption of water supply that was reported on your website on the 14th (Last Thursday). I am a resident of  Beausejour and have not had any pipe borne water from Thursday.
I have contacted WASCO for an update on the water situation at least 5 times between Thursday to yesterday. My attempts were futile this morning as no one is picking up the faults report line.
Thursday evening when I called I was told that the repairs were still being done and that when they were complete the lines would be reopened.
Friday when I called the first time I was told that the system was open however the pressure was very low and would reach us by the evening. Friday evening when I called I was told that the system would be reopened by later that night and I would receive water by Saturday morning the latest..
Saturday when I called I was told that the system was open however the water pressure was very low and that I would receive water by the evening. Sunday morning I still had no water, after contacting WASCO I was told that the system was charging and that when it was complete the pipes would reopen. Today Monday (day 5) I still have no water.
It is not only frustrating but ridiculous that in the 21st country residents have to endure being without pipe borne water for days, even weeks at a time especially in the midst of a pandemic where we are constantly cautioned to wash our hands frequently. What’s worse is that WASCO is the sole provider of water on the entire island. “Water is Life” is their slogan however they keep failing to deliver.
This really needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Millions are being spent on infrastructure on the island however the most essential resource which is the water supply is being overlooked.
Beausejour Resident
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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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