Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘We Are Consuming Too Much Sugar’

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Consumer Affairs Minister Emma Hippolyte has expressed concern over the amount of sugar consumed by Saint Lucians.

“Don’t talk about sugar. You should be discouraging people from consuming sugar because of our high incidence of diabetes,” she told reporters who raised the sugar issue.

Hippolyte also said that the reporters should be instructing people regarding global supply chain problems.

On the sidelines of parliament on Tuesday, she recalled about a week ago, Saint Lucia received five containers of sugar from Barbados – a total of 2500 bags.

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Hippolyte, whose responsibilities include Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, and Cooperatives, said the assumption was that the shipment would be enough for a month.

“It’s all gone. We are consuming too much sugar and we need to have that conversation,” the Soufriere MP asserted while disclosing that Saint Lucia was awaiting another shipment.

She called on consumers to buy and not hoard the commodity.

Hippolyte said that based on her Ministry’s analysis, small community shops were not getting sugar as they should.

As a result, she said the Ministry was working to address that issue to improve distribution.

In addition, Hippolyte disclosed that the government is continuing to work to address the matter of rising prices.

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  1. I really believe dem ppl mad! Some ppl if not most make their living off stuff that need sugar, like juice and cakes and stuff. So what dem ppl supposed to do if they can’t get sugar, will u, Granny E give dem some kind of relief. I know this lady who sells bag juice in Castries from all vieux fort, so based on ur comment what is she supposed to do. bcus u ministers have u don’t care, your’ll just talk all kind of crap to justify your’ll shortcomings. If u can’t do the job, move along.

  2. That woman has to have her head examine why don’t she tell the brewery stop manufacturing coke and the bloody Du doulay family that I need my sugar to make my coffee before I start my day in the morning .

  3. Emma,I think you are consuming to much oxygen. More important people need that supply….Just slither back to wherever it is you came from.

  4. That’s called ineptitude. Let me blame the little man that put me there for my shortcomings, while the big fish can live lavishly. It’s like the PM asking us to do whatever we can to better our situation, when we voted for them to put the structures in place so we can better our situation. Now I hear Richard saying in Parliament that they will revisit VAT in a view to increasing it to make hundreds of millions annually. Mr PM I personally warned you about Richard before elections and I know many others like Kenny did.

  5. Tamarinds, guavas, and other fruits will rot on the trees CA USA see we can’t get sugar to make juices and jams. Guess we have to drink more soft drinks, alcohol and import more juices.
    The math now is 1+1=3
    Your story/excuse lady is so stupid. Only the brainwashed will believe.

  6. Most of these commentors seem not to have read the part about the hoarding of sugar to the disadvantage of persons who purchase from small community shops (Ti Boutiques).

    If the T-Boutiques are not able to obtain for selling to the poorest of the population it is because those of you commenting here have the connections to get more than you need. Poor people don’t have time to comment on Social Media like you guys with your quasi concerns.

    So get it right. When the sugar gets here..all of you know someone who is a friend, who can leave a bag for you regardless of who dont get. And you just there waiting for the next shipment to get MORE ti hoard AGAIN.


    • @Patriot are you saying people hoarding so much that sugar cannot stay on any supermarket shelf not even for a day. When one supermarket the others do not have. Have it ever cross your mind that government is not importing the amount of sugar that they used to? 6 containers of sugar can supply hotels, businesses and homes islandwide? We make ice cream, cakes, beverages for wholesale, retail and export. So do you think it is the businesses that are hoarding it for the loyal manufacturing customers? Stop blaming the little people.

  7. Is sugar the only thing St Lucians consume too much of. What about alcohol consumption and the likes. Stop playing politics smdh

  8. Why is there not mass sugarcane planting, why can’t govt sponser few acres to grow sugercane alone? And the super shortages is not Govt fault, it’s you stuffing too much sugar in yo mouths! Plenty of healthy alternatives…

  9. Blame blame blame… you will reprimand the nation because you fail in your duty as a minister. What friggery! And to think I voted for this.

  10. I was wondering whether that Minister had any knowledge of nutrition. The human body needs a certain percentage of sugar and sugar is not the main contributor of diabetes. The current situation you Granny have us in with shortages and exorbitant prices in almost every commodity is placing stress undue stress on us which is a greater contributing factor to diabetes than sugar. Bread and some of the starchy foods we consume are equally contributors, likewise the alcohol which has now become St Lucians daily bread. So please stop blaming us for your incompetence. That’s why Kenny sent you on vacation so many times during the last SLP administration in order for him to keep commerce and consumer affairs going in St Lucia.

  11. Consume less sugar is only part of solution. Sugar feeds yeast that makes everyone’s daily bread . Bread is the staple of most… I take it the hon minister & the entire government are also giving up that daily staple in line with call to consume less sugar . SMH

  12. Sugar don’t give people diabetes facts,it’s your life stly disclaimer no need for detail open your eyes what’s your ……….

  13. From Fig Connoisseur to Sugar Police. Short on solution, but heavy on blame and excuses. This administration is not fit to run a barn let alone a country.

  14. I totally agree with you and disagree must watch your sugar facts but sugar is strength need sugar for strength I don’t hear u saying anything about salt,salt is the killer talk about that

  15. I agree. Well said minister.
    Too much sugar causes fibroids and messes up women. We all know about diabetes.
    The use of sugar is causing alot of health issues.

  16. The regular Coke bottle has 53 gram of sugar. A bottle of Piton malt has 31gram of sugar. It is easy to see people walking with a bottle of soft drink everyday which can lead to diabetes than someone purchasing sugar at their home to make local juice or tea.
    I purchased a bottle of ginger wine 2 weeks ago in a decade. When I tasted it, it was so sweet like syrup I was appalled how a company can make a wine so sweet. I just put this in a corner. So you see who to be blamed for advertising and importing diabetes in a bottle for it’s people. Minister not because you’re experiencing a problem in sourcing sugar to come with this argument. If you do really care as minister of commerce target the products with high sugar content coming into the island as well as our manufacturers.

  17. What a joker!

    It is indeed a fact with regard to our diabetic rate and sugar consumption but that is not the issue.
    The sugar shortage is just one more iteration of the ineptitude of the Labour Party in managing affairs of this country. Time after time again we see every aspect of our community lives falling apart as they mismanage the country’s resouces. Promises made in opposition not kept or realized when they are in government. St Lucians buying power is falling at an abysmal rate with many having already fallen into poverty. For every problem they have an excuse: UWP fault, world affairs fault, supply line faults, Ukraine fault, Russia fault, Lucians attitude fault.
    Whenever in power Labour big boys are too caught up in the trappings of power, too happy to meet with the whiskey flowing and lobster consumed as they luxuriate in their new found wealth and the power and prestige they think is their RIGHT. They have been more concerned in the last 12 months in preening and gloating about having gotten rid of the “white man” than in “burning the midnight oil” to make things easier for lucians.
    It is pathetic to now see how our people are struggling to make ends meet, to see the shock on their faces at food prices and having to beg relatives abroad to send things down to alleviate the pain. Relatives and friends have to bring foodstuffs from the US in their suitcases to give to those suffering in Fair Helen. And it shall only get worst in the coming years.

  18. Like Minister Hippolyte has changed portfolio. She’s Health minister now. Good job! Isn’t it ironic that just because her ministry is unable to meet sugar demands currently that she sees the need to educate the population on the dangers of high sugar consumption. This is a vicious cycle ; hoarding will always be present since consumers no longer have faith in the system . Everyone has become a community shop owner when bulk purchasing is the only option to guarantee sale of sugar from the warehouse. Family members come together to meet the cost of buying a bag of sugar. Hence those who can only afford a few pounds of sugar at any given time may never get since most of what comes in are sold in bulk. Really sad situation; makes me feel that I’m in Venezuela! Please Madame minister, put measures in place to correct this issue( it’s more personal than political)

  19. It is more profitable for manufacturers to make sugary drinks instead of healthier drinks. Start there because everything has way more sugar/carbs in it compared to 20 years ago. I get cheap sugary products might help with hunger but its temporary and we are trading health for profit. I remember when NIDO milk was more creamy 20 years ago, now its just a grainy, sugary mess. They fooled us saying fat isnt good for you then they started removing fat from everything and when you remove something you must replace it with something else which is sugar. Its addictive, rots your teeth, messes up your skin and feeds cancer. Government regulation is the only way to stop this.

  20. It is more profitable for manufacturers to make sugary drinks instead of healthier drinks. Start there because everything has way more sugar/carbs in it compared to 20 years ago. I get cheap sugary products might help with hunger but its temporary and we are trading health for profit. I remember when NIDO milk was more creamy 20 years ago, now its just a grainy, sugary mess. They fooled us saying fat isnt good for you then they started removing fat from everything and when you remove something you must replace it with something else which is sugar. Its addictive, rots your teeth, messes up your skin and feeds cancer. Government regulation is the only way to stop this.

  21. Folk need to take charge of their health and watch both sugar and salt intake. Based on research St. Lucia has a high percentage of diabetes within it’s population. Therefore; we all need to be very mindful of our diets and take full charge of healthy eating for our family and ourselves. It is not the government responsibility to govern what you put in your body.

  22. Hippolyte in what way you can say ‘we are consuming too much sugar’. How can you prove that the sugar we buy in our homes from the supermarket are leading to sugar. Why don’t you blame and speak to the manufacturers of soft drinks and malts, energy drinks and cakes and fudge and jams. When you really look at it people consume more sugary beverages on the shelves from the manufacturers that buying sugar to make a tea or juices. Take your argument to the manufacturers like the bakeries, coke, icy, sprite, boom, malts etc.

  23. back in the day wasnt saint lucia producing its own sugar when we had sugar cane? if so why cant we start doing it again? that would reduce our import bill

  24. How can you buy and not hoard when you have about four or more persons in your family to feed? How can you just buy and not hoard when the shops are only giving you two pounds of sugar per family and by the time you use that sugar in about a weeks time if you have a big family the sugar is already finished? I am sure you ministers have mizi and can get mizi sugars at yall homes cause yall that have the big pockets

  25. Mam oh mam. Is that your response to the sugar shortage problems. Shame on you and your government. Your government created the sugar crisis – this has nothing to do with supply chain issues. If that were so, all the other islands would have been experiencing the same issues – but they obviously are not. So if your government cannot get the importation of sugar right, then I can only imagine the level of incompetence that exists behind the scenes. So madam politician, to solve your out of this world problem, we don’t expect you to become our doctor or nutritionist – what we expect is for you to import double the last amount imported – for by doing so there will be sufficient for everyone, with a surplus. Any shipments thereafter can be returned to the normal quota. That should solve your humongous problem.

    Clear signs that we need young and sharp brains to run our country – not those tired old horses, devoid of new ideas.

  26. Are not Soft Drinks an issue? Don’t we consume too much of that?! If this is also the case, the minister needs to discourage citizens from consuming soft drinks.

  27. Ok SLT, but your’ll didn’t give an update on what happened the NHC members which Richard Federick is minister of, are trying to ignore it.

  28. Is that your excuse for the shortage. You and PJP needs to step down. You are a foolish minister to come out and say such for a staple product your people need. So what’s the alternative and at what cost does it comes with. Sometimes you minister does utter words and it shows you all have an empty skull

    • Only now we are consuming too much sugar. Because you can’t properly manage the supply you choose to blame us, how convenient.


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