Wednesday, October 5, 2022

‘We Don’t Want Another Fatality’

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The Traffic Department of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has urged road users to exercise caution amid a spate of serious accidents resulting in multiple injuries and two recent fatalities.

With Saint Lucia recording 17 road deaths so far this year, the Traffic Department does not want the toll to rise.

“We do not want another fatality because it could be your loved one or your work colleague,” Sergeant Callixtus Charlemagne said in a Christmas Message.

Sergeant Callixtus Charlemagne

Charlemagne observed that the country is amidst the festive season and the road networks are very busy.

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As a result, he called on road users to be careful and warned against speeding, intoxication, driver fatigue, and distractions.

“Always wear seat belts, do not drink and drive, cross the road like your life depends on it; drive at safe speed levels. We must work together to make a safer environment for all road users. We can do it,” Charlemagne declared while thanking members of the public for doing their part.


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  1. You just shooting shate like it depending on your salary…where is the pro-action? having traffic officers on heavy duty with breathalyzers ensuring that violators be prosecuted..make it make sense when those same officers like more rum.

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