‘We Have Lost Our Values’

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Minister for Equity, Social Justice, and Empowerment, Joachim Henry has lamented the loss of values in Saint Lucia, in response to reports that young men have been attacking homeless people in Castries.

When reporters raised the matter of the attacks in an interview Tuesday on the sidelines of a meeting of parliament, Henry said he was unaware of the situation.

Nevertheless, he described the issue as unfortunate.

“It speaks to our social issues. You would have observed just how we treat animals in Saint Lucia. We treat animals badly. We see an opossum on the road and we deliberately crush it. We have lost our values and we find it easy to hurt people now. This is unfortunate,” Henry told reporters.

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However, the Castries South East MP stated that his Ministry would continue to promote what he considers to be values that this country once had.

“We are going to fight hard, we are going to push hard, we are going to intervene in schools – in fact, we have started,” Henry explained.

Nevertheless, he acknowledged that others would seek to ‘push back’ against those efforts to make life difficult.

“But we will not give up. The police will play their part but the Ministry of Equity will play its part in terms of pushing back against the evil scourge that’s over our society,” the Minister declared.


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  1. O my people, hear my teaching ;listen to the words of my mouth 🌀.
    I will open my mouth in parables,I will utter hidden things, things from of old-
    What we have heard and known, what our fathers have told us.
    We will not hide them from their children ;we will tell the next generation 🌈.
    Which he commanded our forefathers to teach their children,so that the next generation would know them,even the children yet to be born 🌈,and they in turn would tell their children.
    Then they would put their trust in GOD and would not forget his deeds, but would keep his commands.

    They would not be like their forefathers_ a sturbborn and rebellious generation, whose 🖤 hearts were/not loyal to GOD, whose 😈sprits are not faithful to GOD and refused to live by his law….

  2. With 8 of the 10 richest people in St Lucia
    They have actually gone up in value ….by the way how many politician carry firearms into churches to cause mayhem ?

  3. @oh really?? and @eye in the sky…u all quick to judge..too worthless…from time u all know what the media show u all, u all quick to point…the man said WE not YOU NOT i….. HE SAID we have lost our values….SO cast the first stone…u all need to stop now….lets focus ourselves i said OURSELVES on doing right

    • @Backwardness, you choose a very good name. You hypocrite. You using quotes to justify nonsense. But you casting stones when you claim @oh really and @eye in the sky are too quick to jedge and you insult them by calling them “worthless”. So you can cast stones and others cannot? You damn hypocrite. Now I cast my stone.

  4. my boss from time women have all their backside out in carnival and other fetes and yall trying to promote battyman agenda like it is right, the values were already lost so is not now alone values have been lost

  5. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
    For all these years including the past 5 years of electioneering you SLPs have been vulgar, racist, ignorant and downright indecent – now you say we have “lost our values”
    You are still vindictive, bitter and callous in your Parliamentary behaviour to this day – yet want to talk about “values”
    How comical!
    Unfortunately it is not funny because you have molded two generations of St. Lucians in your horrible image and we are now paying the price.
    With the SLPs behaviour generated attitude of Lucians there is no base, no foundation for development or change. We are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty and crass attitudes that permiate society. We cannot “make a silk suit out of a sows ear”.

    Worst still none of you in Parliament (only concerned with the benefits of power) have the skill set to manage in these horrendeous times. You cannot manage or improve the economy, manage or improve internal security, manage or improve the lot of the destitute.
    Your previous stints in power have proven this as has your last year only reaping the financial benefits of your 5 years of electioneering even during the Covid pandemic.
    Too little too late.
    And there is worst to come. An examination of world events from Ukraine to the China/Taiwan situation, to price gouging , to any unexpected black swan evet the future is precarious and you jokers do not have a clue.
    May the Lord lay a hand!

  6. LMAO! Is this man serious? Hahahahahahahahahah. Doh put me in your ranks padnah. You’re the one who lost those values when you invaded the church. SMDH

  7. The biggest reason caused us to lose our core values is the lies spewed by people like Juke Bois, Dr Secret and Champaigne.
    Does it mean because your leader is a Liar you have to be a liar too?

    • And not the actions of the politicians? You know there are defamation, libel and slander laws here right? I suspect the politicians have good reason to not want to take those guys to court.

  8. Maysay look who’s talking these people think they are talking to 5 year old children..Wheel and come back again this pjp administration has the most degraded people in parliament..look around I can count 10 bad apples right there their faces look demonic


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