‘We Need To Appreciate Our Rivers A Lot More’

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Saint Lucia’s Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security, and Rural Development has expressed concern over the dumping of waste, including bulky items like fridges and stoves in the Island’s rivers.

Alfred Prospere told the Communications Unit of his Ministry that all citizens are supposed to enjoy the rivers which should not become a dumping ground for garbage.

He  also spoke of farming activities that degrade the waterways and make it difficult for vegetation to survive.

“We need to stop this,” the former Chief Forestry Officer asserted.

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Prospere spoke on the sidelines of a recent community meeting in Anse La Raye, part of continuing efforts to increase climate resilience through the restoration of river banks in that fishing village as well as in Canaries and Cul de Sac.

Residents attending the meeting voiced concern over the state of their water system and spoke of the need to address the siltation of the rivers.

“I am hoping that our meeting tonight would help to spread the message in Anse La Raye and the rest of the country that we need to appreciate our rivers a lot more and we need to change the habit of making our rivers a dump site,” the Dennery South MP told the Communications Unit of his Ministry.

And Prospere reaffirmed the government’s commitment to implementing measures to protect Saint Lucia’s natural resources, in keeping with the priority issue of enhancing food security.

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  1. why do we have to wait until the dam wheels start falling off or already off for concerns to be taken seriously…for years vehicles are being washed, crap have been dumped, even human waste and dead bodies have been thrown in those rivers as well….just to name a few. sometimes i wonder why certain person(s) holds positions in our society…i will not cheer for something that should have already been done as of yesterday……… to many non-compliant individuals in this place. starting from the powers that be. good luck on trying to reverse the problem. God Speed.

  2. Car owners need to stop dumping used vehicle oil into the rivers : That poisons both aquatic and human life coupled with the indiscriminate use of gramaxzone by farmers; no wonder so many die of cancer, which was rare back in the day when we cleared land with hoes and cutlasses. We are destroying our own selves through ignorance.

  3. So true. And the Ministry needs to look into that problem of siltation asap. This problem is all over the island. The rivers that I deep dived in as a child are now ankle deep. Markings on the banks show you how high the water level used to be and how shallow the river has now become. Tree planting in the mountains and water catchments on the river banks should be a big priority right now. Or else we will have water supply problems in the future.

  4. Yes I agree especially the piaye river . It is sad to see our people bring their things by the river to enjoy it and leave all the garbage there . Even more sad to see the tourist always the ones cleaning up after because it breaks their hearts but the locals will curse you for telling them go up with their garbage. Smh

  5. i totally agree i wish we had more respect for our rivers. it does be so nice when you can just take a short drive or walk to some breath taking river sometimes i look at certain rivers and say wah if saint lucians were not so nasty this river would have been so great to bath in and chill out.


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