‘We Resolve To Move For The Dissolution Of This Medical And Dental Council’

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Dr. Gilbertha St Rose, recently suspended by the Medical and Dental Council in a case involving the use and promotion of Ivermectin in treating COVID-19, has declared that the Council must come under scrutiny regarding possible infiltration and corruption.

The Council suspended St. Rose for six months starting December 7, 2021, and imposed a $10,000 fine.

St Rose said she had instructed her legal counsel to file a claim against the body regarding its decision.

She issued a press release that is reproduced below:

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Given the decision rendered by the Medical and Dental Council [Saint Lucia,W.I.], dated November 23, 2021, one has to question whether this is an abuse of power, a show of vindictiveness, and egoism, – a manifestation of being unsuccessful at medical tyranny.

I do not believe that this action stems from lack of education or disinformation on the efficacy and safety of Ivermectin but rather, it is an attempt to exert power over the lives of Saint Lucians while serving the interests of the Pharmaceutical Companies.

Scrutiny must be given to the possible infiltration and corruption of our Medical
and Dental Council by the powers that do not want anything to jeopardize the mass distribution of COVID -19 injections and the impending release of 2 new oral anti covid drugs ready to be rolled out under emergency use authorisation.

Medical and professional autonomy in the use of an approved drug being used off label safely and efficaciously, occurs with many other drugs including Ivermectin in the private and even public sectors.

The 2 reasons for my suspension are:

1. Prescribing and supplying Ivermectin to my patients as a treatment for
COVID-19 in the absence of authorisation for said use by the Ministry of
Health or the Chief Medical Officer, and

2. For publicly encouraging the use of Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-

Ivermectin is an inexpensive drug that has proven to be effective in the treatment
of COVID-19 and has saved many lives the world over. To dis-allow the use of Ivermectin, and allow Saint Lucians to languish and even die is unconscionable and the Medical and Dental Council and the Chief Medical Officer must be held accountable for the actions in choosing to allow death instead of giving Saint Lucians a fighting chance against the COVID-19 virus.

Where is the harm in using a drug that has been in use for over 40 years and has proven to be extremely safe? Ivermectin has been used successfully in India, Japan, Mexico, Jamaica and other countries in the treatment of COVID-19 and is recommended by many doctors including Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr Tess Lawrie.

I will continue to reassure and educate my people of the effectiveness and safety of using Ivermectin among other measures to treat and prevent COVID-19 infection.

The Medical and Dental Council and the Chief Medical Officer have abdicated their responsibility of treating Saint Lucians for the COVID-19 virus and I will not be a part of their plan to undermine the people of our country.

There is also collusion by the Ministry of Health which is presently preventing the release from customs of a shipment of Ivermectin which is not only for off label use for COVID-19 infection but also for the treatment for scabies, lice, rosacea and also parasites, as has been used and imported into Saint Lucia for many years now.

Our people are being deprived.

We resolve to move for the dissolution of this Medical and Dental Council for their bias approach in handling the health and well-being of Saint Lucians and for acting against the rights of Citizenry to choose medical treatment in consultation with their physician. We deserve justice and free choice for all.

I have instructed my legal counsel acting for me to file a claim against the Medical and Dental Council in respect of their decision handed down on December 2, 2021.

I call on all persons who would like us to operate under truth, love and light, including my health practitioner colleagues to stand up and act on this. I thank our Freedom Coalition SLU and all our supporters and advocates for free choice and better health the world over.

We fully support and come under the umbrella of World Council for Health where health professionals are providing unbiased information on the treatment of COVID-19 including the use of Ivermectin. https://worldcouncilforhealth.org.

I will continue to offer my services under my other banner of a registered and
licensed herbalist. Thank you for your collaboration at restoring justice, truth and freedom of choice.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Ivermectin is generally well tolerated. Adverse effects may include dizziness, pruritis, nausea, or diarrhea.
    Neurological adverse effects have been reported with the use of ivermectin for the treatment of onchocerciasis and other parasitic diseases, but it is not clear whether these adverse effects were c.

  2. The medical association and Dr St Rose just have a fallout, but they are all involve in the dirty stinking Babylon system

  3. @Herbalist: I am sorry that your limited mental capacity cannot hold the idea that a medical doctor can also be a herbalist; but that is an unfounded bias of your own mental incapacity. It speaks to a lifetime of assimilating propaganda from entities which have dominated your thought processes (I am being generous here) for one reason only: profit!

    What I took greater umbrage at, was your ignorant slur against the good doctor for keeping her patients’ interest ahead of her own professional status; instead of succumbing to the external pressures from Big Pharma to promote the vaccine scam in St. Lucia (as the CMO & president of the SLMDA have done).

    You have access to the Internet; you should do more research on the important topics impacting the world & St. Lucia before voicing your ignorant opinions in public; even under a pseudonym!

  4. @Nudge, Prober and Tame. I read the article in it’s entirety and my response was based on the following paragraph as quoted per article.

    “I will continue to offer my services under my other banner of a registered and
    licensed herbalist. Thank you for your collaboration at restoring justice, truth and freedom of choice.”

    Therefore, I directed my post based on this. Rest assured that all of your insults are a mirror reflection of yourselves.

    Attacking people in a simple forum who you do not know or will never meet is distasteful at best.

    Hopefully in said capacity (herbalist)she uses plants for healing ?????.

    Some of your witches and warlocks in St. Lucia also state that they too are herbalist ??????? …

    I don’t know the doctor so it does not affect me or any of my family members for that matter. As the physicians which we utilize are fully authored, qualified, have been researched extensively and are currently boarded in their respective specialties. Thank you and stay safe.

  5. So they are trying to use the public sentiment to fight against the SLMDA but that won’t work. The SLMDA has the Law on their side and you are fighting on their turf so Dr. St Rose is destined to lose.

  6. What I suspect is the upper class predators allow the lil bully predator to go into battle against another of the same species of predators ( upper class) unarmed and unsupported. After the lil impressionable predator is battered and near death, then both sides go in for the kill. Poor lil predator, in their eyes you are a mere prey.
    Many may pretend or will profess to support you privately, but the harsh reality is most will never do so publicly. Persons will soon start deleting all your contacts. You are mostly fighting this battle all by yourself. Anyway keep your eyes, ears open at all times and pray earnestly.

  7. @Lab, you forgot to add your surname, Rat. So @Lab Rat you appear very jealous of Gilbertha. Is it because she was brighter than you at school? Your stupid arguments do not hold water. There are many of us who acted in particulars ways during our school days and do not carry them onto adulthood. Your stupid argument that “she was also a trouble maker, and often went rogue against the school’s rules and regulations” hold no water against her. Who is to say that the rules were fair? Good for her that at a young age, if she felt something was wrong with the rules to stand up against them. If that’s the case, that attitude has served her well and she now has what it takes to stand for people. What do you stand for? Oh, I know the answer – only for your selfish self. So please crawl back under the rock you came from and leave Gilbertha alone. Gilbertha speaks for many many of us.

  8. Lawlessness is at an all time high in this country and it is on all levels in the society. She is as defiant as the guys on the streets.

  9. @Lab Rat your classic Jackass self never fails to amaze me. Everything or anything is trouble for you. I glad Tony and Kenny still have you all now from that time. Good trouble Doc I stand with you , if you were White the outrage would be minimal or if any at all.

  10. If the Policy is wrong recalibrate it, if the Rules & Regulations are faulty, change it – but in the mean time, that’s what you go by. Don’t curse the darkness light a Lamp. Stop blaming the boss, just do your work; you hate or jealous or what, then move on; I did, Ha Ha.

  11. @Teena; you got lost and found yourself on this forum or what? Clearly u are missing some key signs and signpost. The drug is legal in st lucia. ivermectin has been used for donkey years in this place. the lady has every right to try legal drugs that might benefit her patient. Going after her for this is ridiculous! when that same SLMDA has ignored countless malpractice by doctors and nurses here. familiies have lost loved ones while in labour because of medical negligence. patients have died needlessly here. case in point; even me who is no doctor know that if a patient comes in with a swollen leg for no apparent reason, one of the things that you must look into is the possibility of blood clots. especially at a certain age. guess what? you know how many people did not make it because they failed to give preventative treatment? many. now the SLMDA singling out one person for vengeance? Incompetence at its best.

  12. For most of you general information, Dr St Rose is a medical doctor by profession, having succeeded the requirements to practice medicine. That Herbalist part is her fake side, like Kenny and Tony. Dr St Rose has no herbalist training from any recognized University. Dr St Rose went to someone in Micoud by the name of Ma Onis many years ago who was practicing herbal medicine and got ideas from her. It was even rumoured that she stold some books and literature that the lady possessed. Dr St Rose for what I know of her is indeed a trouble maker.

  13. I will only stand with Gilbertha if is a herb she fighting for. So is ivermectin a herb? Ànd is Dr St Rose giving it free? It is cheap but the charge to see her is it cheap? Did she get permission from the Medical council to conduct her trial as per the law? And who make ivermectin, Edens Herbs or it not a foreign pharma company. And did that pharma company not say that it should not be used to treat Covid? I don ‘ t know why we on all these long arguments.

    The regulations are there and Gilbertha knows that? Why she did not challenge these rules before, the same rules that she has worked under for so long? I only have simple questions. As I see Gilbertha and all these doctors are mostly meme bet meme pwel. In it for the money. So if no ivermectin she knows she can’t make money, everybody who have Covid will have go to VH for free and nothing for her.

    Let me throw the same thing she and others throwing in others plate, why she eh say she curing cancer and she gave the cure or Aids?

  14. I am not saying Dr St Rose is right but the medical council needs to go after the countless malpractice cases/medical errors that have taken place in St Lucia with this same energy. A patient had the wrong limb amputated and not a word was heard from the medical council on such a grave error. It was all just swept under the carpet. If I were to be in the shoes of Dr St Rose, I would tread very carefully. She might just be fighting a losing battle. It does not matter if Ivermectin has successfully been used in Mexico, India or all the other countries you wish to mention but it is not approved for human use in the country where she practices medicine, which is St Lucia. If it is not approved for use in St Lucia, you must consider which legal platform you are standing on to fight your case against the medical council. The people legally advising Dr St Rose should reconsider the advise they are giving to her. This case can cost her alot and by cost I do not mean financial cost.

  15. Freedom of choice, that’s all she gave people, an option. The CMO and some of her sycophants are miss informing the public by making us believe this drug is only used on animals when it has been used on humans in the billions of doses.

  16. I have no issues with her giving her opinion an advocating to people what she thinks about using ivermectin. Where I draw the line is with her writing prescriptions for the drug to her patients, knowing full well the possible ramifications to her career and reputation. She has made a concerted effort to travel down this road even when given an off ramp to exit from. Being stubborn is a virtue when you are right, it’s only a character flaw when you are wrong…..”Chuck Noll”. As was stated above by one of the commenters, going rogue indicates a level of self righteousness and pride which usually creates strife with authority and others.

  17. @LAB I find it very interesting you have totally ignored the merits of her arguments. It would appear you are just there to tannish someone reputation with your unsubstantiated comments for which you have a right to. Your ad hominem attack is just that, AN ATTACK!

  18. @Herbalist do you hear yourself? The US is the place where the dirty politics we are seeing now from the SLMDA emerged. Everything that the US government does in the health sector is all about money and not health. people in the US are unable to see a doctor because it is so expensive. The big pharmaceutical companies have bought and paid for the US government. They can’t be sued because the pharmaceutical companies paid off politicians a long time ago to get such a legislation in place. Their rationale was to protect ; “research” . The actual goal is to make money. The US is the worst place in the developed world for health outcomes. Minorities like you don’t stand a chance! Keep quiet dear, I have come home to our local doctors for better and cheaper treatment for things before they get out of hand. I have been doing this for years. If the SLMDA is corrupt, compromised, selective and discriminatory, then it must be dissolved as far as I am concerned. Even trouble-makers have their role to play in society. So bravo for that move! Ivermectin is used by countries already mentioned by a poster. So are u saying Dr. Campbell on youtube knows nothing? Are you suggesting that the Indians with their wealth of medical knowledge have no clue? Are you saying that Japan, a country with the highest living standards and longest living people know nothing too? I must end my tirade here!

  19. These are the people we need at the forefront of our institutions. Not afraid to stand up for the people and not willing to be just another puppet of those clearly trying to push a wicked agenda. We must not allow the conversation to be derailed into whether or not she was legally correct when the core of the conversation is whether Ivermectin has been proven to treat patients with SARS-CoV-2. Stay focused people, all the information you need is out there.

  20. @ herbilist. She is a train medical doctor and also a herbalist, the title of her being classified in media is completely wrong. @dont mind them: what the now medical prescribe consumers do not know is that 95% of their daily doses was 1st tested on animals, then over a period of time escalated to human, dig deep into the human trials and find out how those people are being affected today due to side effects, most of those human test are being done by drug addicts and college student who are desperate for finance to support their needs these clowns who just sit and type their nonsense are a pack of idiots and who are subjecting the rest of their life to medication, they know themselves. The covid vaccines is a protein substitute which your body might be unable to produce on a demanding level which convert into anti-oxidant, thereby fighting off bacteria in other words propelled your immune system to be of such to fight any infection, being air borne or by transmission. So when a particular vaccine is establish for one it won’t be effect in its natural formation if there is a change hence the developing of various booster shots. However attacking the virus/bacteria at its infant stage is obviously the best way for eradication. Ivermectin on the other hand was formulated for fight off unwarranted infection for animals, the origination of SARS aka Covid is a transfer infection from animals to human, this infection from an animal to human is different because of our DNA structure. The reason why Ivermectin is not abolish for human consumption is because of the origin of the virus… think wise and don’t let stupidity rule you. space will not permit me to explain in detail but this is just a little hint. So Fire the CMO – URGENTLY, totally incompetent.

  21. @Herbalist: Haven’t you yet learnt that it is best to keep quiet, and retain the façade of intelligence, than to speak and let everyone in on your ignorance?

    The good Dr. St. Rose is a medical doctor who practices holistic medicine! That means she has not constrained herself to being a lazy doctor who treats her community with whatever garbage is exported to St. Lucia by Big Pharma – whose focus is on exorbitant profits via repeat business! She uses her acquired skill and knowledge of local flora to treat our community, safely and effectively!

    The majority of medicines in use around the world are based on natural plants. The direct use by the general public of these plants have been actively discouraged over the years – you can’t make huge profits from selling plant medicines, which can be grown by the general public. You are probably too young, or too blind to have observed that the pharmaceutical & medical industries have stopped focusing on disease prevention, and instead are focusing on more lucrative long-term disease treatment with ineffective medicine, for profit! Have you seen any recent advert for medicine on the idiot box? A 5-second announcement for the supposed benefits of their drugs, followed by 25-second slurred, at triple normal speed, of the adverse effects of their ‘miracle’ cures.

    You have revealed many facets to your ignorance, but I will not allow them to detract from the unselfish service and struggle of the maligned doctor, in honoring her Hippocratic Oath!

  22. @Hh … there are troublemakers in just about EVERY profession. That’s life!! As for the jealousy part – not I. I have no reason to be, as I have my own profession, and just like Gilbertha being a troublemaker – there are troublemakers in my profession. I stated what I know … in that I KNOW Gilbertha, and she has nothing for me to be jealous of. Only pity – she could do better.

  23. Ivermectin is still lab made. It is made in a lab just like any vaccines. It has it side effects for whatever it was created for. If she is a Herbalist like she claim why not develop or look for herbs to create natural medicine for Covid19.

  24. Thanks very much Dr. St. Rose for your succinct and erudite exposition of the malfeasance of the CMO and SLDMA in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. You present sharp relief to the adolescent fumbling & mumbling we’ve had to endure from the CMO & the president of the SLMDA; we surely deserve better in St. Lucia!

    We are an independent country, and it is shameful that the St. Lucian medical authorities have chosen to hide their professional failings under the invisible clothes of emperor Fauci & Big Pharma, by deferring their responsibility for St. Lucians’ health and well-being to the world-wide vaccine extortion racket currently in play.

    It is alarming that, in a so-called democracy, that the autonomy over our own bodies have been usurped by a couple of power-hungry 1st-Formers. Any right-thinking citizen will know that your cause is our cause. We stand with you in calling for the immediate dissolution of this despotic council and of the CMO.

  25. I don’t know the doctor in question or any doctor in St. Lucia – however if you claim to be functioning in the capacity of herbalist

    “An herbalist is someone who uses plants for healing. These practitioners are not medical doctors, though some practitioners are also referred to as medical herbalists.”–@Lab you make some good points?????.

    You can not be defiant when you did not follow protocol – you should be grateful that you are in St. Lucia because your sentence is light considering your defiance. Your patients may like you and would want to fight for you-but you did not have the authority of the medical board in St. Lucia to prescribe this medication for Covid 19. Some patients glorify doctors – I am not sure why because I don’t.

    Had you been in the US you would not have had a leg to stand on-your licensed would be revoked and you would be facing jail time. What other meds are you administering without approval ????- most people in St. Lucia hold the white lab coat in such high esteem that they never question or research any medication for themselves when a doctor prescribes–they simply ingest whatever whenever —-.

    My cousin was in St. Lucia and was ill advised by a physician – thank God he made it out just in time.

  26. @LAB, i agree with you somewhat but you also need to understand that the way the SLMDA dealt with the matter, in my opinion is of pure raw vengeance, which can be related to similar colleagues of others, in other words we can say she was a bully or some one who does not allow someone to have an opinion. All points taken but the SLMDA is of questionable characters equally. It took a pandemic to just exposed one of a crime that has been committed by many in her field. No doctors or medical institutions should be above the law. But we do have a law, do we have a medical institution form by a government by legislation, make no mistake not an adoptive body of an association which is currently active and house within the ministry per say are now the governing body. This whole thing has now become questionable of who has jurisdiction of whom. I begged to be differ if she is suspended from an association that’s ok, because she is therefore subject to their policies but at the same time it is absolutely NOT unilateral because she did not purchase a certificate nor did she done anything illegal. The border of trespassing on a universal structure by an association is beyond comprehension. It clearly shows we have a square pegs in round holes institution. I also know of doctors who prescribe antibiotics for kids who did not by now means make such conjure decision without a lab test, thereby putting that kid (young health) in danger as he/she develop. Does the SLMDA police this horrific act?—- NEVER

  27. There are laws and regulations that all institution has to follow which I am sure that all of the above knew beforehand.
    As the saying goes No one is above the law.

  28. The health system sucks and now there is a council to stroke power . Authority with no leadership and that whole council should be investigated for the hundreds of unavoidable deaths by doctors and system allowing rejected doctors to practice here . Allied workers prescribes pills and call it liver and kidney pills lol not a word not a word . You all think you all know and now you pop you all heads where half the country never thought you all existed smh. Anyways since you all start I hope you all stay and deal with the backlog of problems this shitty health sector offers wayyy before Covid . No medication and for the simplest things knowing we have diabetics out there smh no dialysis machines people die while waiting not a word . Go ahead use people health to stroke power and sad thing both association and council have been failing and now you all playing you all care for life chupse get rid of them all . Sad day for what we called doctors now in this island .

  29. I have known Gilbertha from school (SJC). While she was academically inclined (and still is), she was also a trouble maker, and often went rogue against the school’s rules and regulations. Her behaviour continued when she was in practice at VH, where she committed wary and troublesome acts. (I cannot account for her university and medical school years, as I. was not privy to that period of her life.) To me, her credibility is suspect from what I have seen and experienced in her past school and work ethics. I have absolutely no faith in her.

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