Thursday, September 29, 2022

Weapons, 1.4 Tonnes Of Cocaine Seized In Martinique

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Local reports say that law enforcement officers in Martinique seized illegal weapons and 1.4 tonnes of cocaine in several towns on the French Caribbean Island last week in a probe that started in 2018.

As a result of the record drug bust, investigators arrested six men between 39 and 56 years of age, all with previous drug trafficking offences to their names.

A court had previously sentenced two of them to terms of six and twelve years in prison for drug-related crimes.

Fort-de-France Prosecutor Clarisse Taron said traffickers intended to sell the cocaine that investigators recently seized in Europe.

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The haul has a street value of 45 million Euros.

Martinique law enforcement authorities have intercepted some 4.5 tonnes of cocaine since June 2021.

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  1. @The Fox you usually talk sensible convo’s but when you talk poop from your mouth I will challenge…if a drug bust makes worldwide international news the cartel gets that news aswell and knows that he wasn’t scam but a ligit bust by the feds,the cartel is willing to actually give you more drugs on consignment to see how you can dig yourself out the hole and by no way try to implicate them in Narco dealing..that is once you done your time or some how beat the charges but still legitimately lost the goodies…those guys should be okay with the cartels,as they are aware of investigation was gathering evidence since 2018….out of the 4 point something tonnes busted since June 2021 some of it was busted by the US coastguard and you know how the US have their way of extraditing folks from anywhere in the Americas…The cartel would rather count this one as a lost.

  2. We are vulnerable in the Caribbean… All the cocaine that is being distributed around the world has to pass through the Caribbean as we are a trans shipment point cocaine, ganja and hash…

  3. Whoever bought this will have to pay for it, one way or another. The Escobas of this world don’t care who gets hurt, as long as they get paid for their goods, and that’s a lot of dough. Martinique with its link with France, also has direct link to Europe, money talks; how do you break the cycle of crime involved? the competition, big money, the bling, fast cars, great long gold chains hanging around the necks: to some, that’s the life. Here in St. Lucia we are noticing the crime wave escalating and the citizens are stricken with fear. We have a broken Judiciary operating with a revolving door system, ex-criminals back on the loose with no fear of penalties, robbing, shooting, buglerizing at will. The question is asked, what is the Government doing about all this? Martinique is better off, they can easily fly in plane loads of police to help out, Now can we do that? every body rushed to be self governed, we as a Rock sticking out of the water with about 200k impoverished people, followed like sheep, now reality strikes and we are in shock. On top of this comes Covid-19 with its side kick and we panic. Where do we turn and who do we turn to?(I know Him, now do you?).

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