‘We’re going to make sure justice is served,’ Dallas Mayor says of Botham Jean

Star-Telegram.com: Mayor Mike Rawlings said Saturday that he’s sure justice will be served for Botham Shem Jean.

Jean, 26, was killed in his own apartment on Thursday night by an off-duty, uniformed Dallas Police officer who said she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own when she got off work at about 10 p.m.

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall said yesterday “at my request, we are in the process of obtaining a warrant based on the circumstances we have now.” She later added the warrant would be for manslaughter.

Though Rawlings said that justice will be served, he didn’t say if the warrant has already been issued.

“The Texas Rangers are now in charge (of the investigation),” he said. “This is not the Dallas Police Department. … Chief Hall is not calling the shots.”

Both Rawlings and state Sen. Royce West asked for Dallas residents to be patient as they work to figure out what exactly happened Thursday night.

“Is this a white on black crime? Yes,” West said. “It was a white, female Dallas police officer who shot and killed a person from St. Lucia of African descent. Is this a race-related crime? Don’t know. I would hold any type of decision you make on what happened until all of the facts come in.”

Several questions still remain — such as how the officer got into the apartment, why she thought it was hers, and if she and Jean knew each other.

“For some strange reason, the door was open and she was able to gain entry into the apartment. We need to find out whether there was a personal relationship,” West said. “There are so many facts that need to be looked at before determining what kind of homicide this is.”

Rawlings said Jean’s death is a very serious issue for the city.

“Botham Jean was exactly the sort of citizen we want to have in the City of Dallas,” he said. “A professional … a believer in his church, a neighbor to his friends. A man that always had a smile on his face. And for that reason, this is a terrible, terrible thing that has happened. Not only has he lost his life, but we’ve lost a potential leader for this city.”

The mayor said he’s met with Jean’s mother and sister. Jean’s father will be arriving in Dallas in the coming days. Rawlings has also spoken with the prime minister of Saint Lucia, where Jean is from.

“I offered my apologizes on the behalf of the City of Dallas,” Rawlings said.

Hall has previously said that a blood test was ordered to check if there were drugs or alcohol in the officer’s system.

The police chief also said the officer won’t be identified until charges are file, which she said is the same process for citizens accused of a crime.


  1. That’s EXACTLY my thoughts. 1. We all know that if he had shot her in self-defense he wouldn’t be protected like they are protecting her. 2. Had the roles been reversed…he’d be sitting in jail right now.

  2. I’m no lawyer but…tell me how its ok for an off duty officer to walk into someone else’s home, kill them and then play the “I thought my life was endangered defense?”

  3. Well boy some professionals will get richer also some family members. Is that what you call justice?What about the dead young man?

  4. She won’t last on this earth though. What go around comes around. The same way they protest in Dallas we can do the same here. Its high time we have these racist people respect us

  5. She should already be charged for murder and be behind bars. My question is suppose Botham thought an intruder was entering his home and had wounded or killed that individual. What would have happened to him if the individual was white. He would surely been behind bars.
    The cops in Dallas are surely trying to cover up, but
    justice will prevail.

  6. Wow our PM has gotten involved. Normally our PMs don’t give a ****, especially if it’s not one of their supporters. This ting has too many questions. Off duty, in uniform, after work, door open. Like seriously. My theory he may have broken up with the lady, she got vex so went to drink it out and then decided to go check him and things got sour cause he eh want her again. THOU SHALL NOT FORNICATE.

  7. ****mate! im guessing cause his mom is Allison Jean its a hit story…..what about our brothers who are ***** up ins st.lucia. and Stluciatims, please specificy what one is allowed to comment!!! Ive noticed that i have submitted commens in the past which have not gone throuugh….will submit the matter on fb!!

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