“We’re not in politics,’ says visiting anti-dolphinarium filmmaker

A 25 minute documentary ‘The Dolphin Dilemma – the Antigua Barbuda Story’ airs tonight, Wednesday September 5, 2018, at 6.30 pm at the Finance Administrative Centre, Pointe Seraphine, Castries.

The airing will be followed by a question and answer discussion.

One of the persons behind the production has declared that the producers are not in politics.

The film deals with the story of what happened in Antigua Barbuda between 2001 and 2004, during which time a dolphinarium was closed down in that country, Executive Director of the film, Martha Watkins-Gilkes stated.

The film is being shown at the invitation of the Saint Lucia National Trust.

The documentary’s Executive Director said the work is being aired because the film makers understand that the Saint Lucia government has been considering a similar project here.

Watkin-Gilkes arrested that there were “a lot of bad things” associated with the project in Antigua Barbuda.

She noted that  the film makers wanted to share the story because they believe it is an important message.

According to Watkin-Gilkes, the story has to do with protecting the environment and the tourism product.

“A lot of tourists are against this kind of project,” Watkins-Gilkes explained adding that Trip Advisor, Thomas Cook and Virgin Airways are all taking a stand against promoting any kind of facility that has wild animals, such as dolphins, in captivity.

“This is an educational event – nobody is paying us,” she asserted.

The film’s Executive Director, who is also one of the founders of the Antigua and Barbuda Independent Tourism Promotion Corporation (ABITPC), noted that some investors promise ‘big things, including jobs.

But she said the project in Antigua and Barbuda did not create any great number of jobs.

“We hope the government will listen to the voice of the people,” Watkins-Gilkes stated.

“We are not in politics at all,” she explained.

The Saint Lucia National Trust has said that ‘The Dolphin Dilemma – the Antigua Barbuda Story’ is being shown as part of  its efforts to advocate against the establishment of the proposed dolphinarium in Saint Lucia.


  1. SLP brought dolphinarium into St Lucia and the National Trust said nothing. I am not for dolphin park but I really hate hypocrisy. The Gros Islet people should take Pigeon Islet from the National Trust. 1 million dollars annually will make the gros Islet community and its people good.

    • When did the SLP bring the dolphinarium into the country? I see through your own hypocrisy my friend because you say one thing but your rant says another.

    • So dumb, such an arsenide statement to make. Did it ever come to fruition? Saying you are going to do sometime and actually doing it is two totally different things. Can you say where the dolphinarium is located. Wish to know. Hiding behind the independent label again

      • Arsenide: a binary compound of arsenic with a metallic element. Followed by a idiotic question. They were kicked out of office. Getting back to my point idiot. Why didn’t the SLNT question the then government who gave an investor concession to bring in a dolphinarium in St Lucia?

      • Stop hiding behind the name, man up and acknowledge your true color. Name calling is usually a sign of weakness. Can’t refute the questions asked by some on this page so you resort to what you are good at. Happy you can Google arsenide and look it up.

  2. No wander the PM called us fools and jackasses because it’s the only reason we accept such nonsense. There are those he will tell set yourself on fire and they will do so, because each time he says jump, they will answer ( how high?)

  3. Kill Bill, Why do humans agree to kill cockroaches, rats and ants and not bees? Think on these Things?

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