‘What My Son Doing For People To Kill My Son?’

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A distraught mother wants answers after her son, Kieran Francois, succumbed to gunshot wounds at Marigot.

Investigators say they received a report of the discovery Monday around 1:00 pm of his motionless body on a bed with spent shells nearby.

“When I reach at home they telling me is shoot they shoot my son. They give my son two shots. What my son doing for people to kill my son, for them to shoot my son?” His mother, Claudia Francois, told reporters.

She recalled that one of her nieces told her that Kieran’s light was on at his home, but he was not answering his mobile telephone.

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Claudia said that from outside, they could hear the telephone ringing.

“So I tell her burst the door because I telling her ‘I hope is not the vaccine that kill my son’ because my son went and take the vaccine on Friday. I hope is not the vaccine that kill my son because he asthmatic,” the mother said.

Relatives disclosed that the deceased was in his early forties and said they could not think of a possible motive for the fatal shooting.

Headline photo: Claudia & Kieran Francois

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