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What’s Happening With Sandals La Source?

Dear Editor,

Recently I wrote to you concerning this issue between the Landings and Sandals, and I cautioned then that if this matter was not resolved, then the country ran the risk of the project being delayed if not abandoned altogether.

Lo and behold my fears have come true as in the past week Sandals announced they were suspending work on the project seemingly indefinitely. In the meantime I have heard from no one, least of all the authorities, and there continues to be a deafening silence from those in charge about this matter, which now means that hundreds if not thousands of Saint Lucians stand to lose valuable employment opportunities.

What adds insult to injury, is this ridiculous letter in the paper put out by the Landings, trying to make a case where there is apparently no case to make.

They come out all high and mighty talking about the original plans for the Pigeon Island causeway, and how no building should be higher than a coconut tree – then admit that contrary to that they put up buildings four stories high!

The 146 villas they have are important, but so are the 1000 rooms that Sandals has.. and to add insult to injury, The Landings try to use their staff to play the sympathy card in that ad. But the numbers don’t lie, and while it is important that those 200 persons at Landings are employed, what about the 700 more Sandals said would find full time work? What about the 1000 people to have found work during construction? The company already has 1,800 people employed with them.

And come on Landings, you want to claim that guests and owners patronize local businesses as opposed to Sandals! Maybe a few local ones, and who can tell your guests from any other. I will tell you what I know, I know that I see Sandals guests are all over Saint Lucia on tours, spending their money. Why don’t you go and ask Joe Knows! He knows. The rest of Saint Lucia knows, How come you don’t know. So that is at best insincere.

And if you want to build in an area earmarked for tourism, don’t you think someone will build a hotel on the land eventually? It was approved by the DCA. Are you saying that the owners and Fosters law firm are the ones who running this country? That the DCA should jump every time you say jump?

So you want to tell Saint Lucians, what is best for Saint Lucians? Actually, sounds a whole lot like a bunch of big boys want to have their cake and eat it.

It is better the Landings had stayed quiet!

Ernest Amadoe


  1. Its better Sandals had remained quiet!For the case is in the courts, but in an attempt to gain public sympathy sang the age old neo- colonialism song “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”. The person/ persons who penned this letter is/are clearly directly involved with this development
    …and it aint a “malaway” who is waiting for this hotel to construction or to finish building to gain employment

  2. Written by Sandals Public Relations team in response to the latest press release by Landings. Lol. Ok then Mr. Amadoe…more like Am-a-dope!!

  3. That above letter to the editor said alot of nothing. Remove your head ftom the sand whoever wrote this.

  4. More shite written by a sandals dog,Why dont you talk about all the trainees you have working for nothing,and then you just let them go before three months so they cant claim nothing ,you just exploiting our youth,with a false promise.Gangster company,we would be better of with out Sandals.Have you paid all your taxes?or you going to invent another hoax.One day we will finish with all this dont worry.

    • WHy you don’t go and catch some fish and stop sticking your mouth in big people business. you pay all your taxes? You are the biggest clown I have seen commenting on social media.

  5. Well people, it seems that everyone knows what they are talking about; but what i am seeing in that issue, is that the hotel industry has now join the political wars in my sweet St. LUCIA!

  6. Sandals is not a caring nor a good corporate citizen that it is projecting itself to be. What good corporate citizens takes $25 000 000 in a sweetheart deal from an impoverished, heavily indebted country? The dispute with Landings is before the court where a fair judgment will be handed down as the court has no dog in this fight. Sandals acts like a bully that wants to bulldoze everything in its path. This heartless corporate entity, with an insatiable appetite for money, feels like it has the government in its pocket because it provides some local workers with the lowest paying jobs in its operation. Stand your grounds, Landings. Don’t give them even an inch of your land nor any concessions.Sandals is motivated strictly by greed. Bad corporate citizen!
    To the person who penned the above article. No amount of your persuasive efforts are going to distort reality.

    • You know what is sad, I;m sure you have a family member who were trained by or worked sandals at some point. Ungrateful!

  7. I am amazed by the ingratitude of people in this country.v Sandals has done more for this country that most other companies, in terms of employment and in terms of taxes paid. Even as you talk about 25M the company is getting set to invest over US$200M. the company pays over US$75M a year in taxes. Those taxes are what keep our utilities etc working. But you never know what you have until its gone. Anytime anyone has anything positive to say about Sandals suddenly everyone wants to cuss them, but I see dozens of articles with Sandals on this same website, sponsoring foortball, training people in St Lucia, building tennis courts, helping our community, but not one of you ungrateful people would comment on those articles and say thank you sandals. how sad is that.

    • Sandals is not doing any “good” for the people of St. Lucia. Their aim is strictly to make money or exploit us. If sandals could accomplish without employing people or paying taxes (24 mill write off) then they would. Also creating employment doesn’t give sandals the right to abuse people, the system or act like they are untouchable. Your mentality is one derived from slavery.

      • You have any idea how nonsensical your comment is? So who would they have employed? Martians? Think before you comment, your hate is too real.

    • Do tell Jervais what makes my comment nonsensical. Could it be that your level of thinking simply cannot comprehend what I have said. Companies are not in the business of creating employment. They are there to make a profit. If the can replace workers with robots and software they will. It saves them money. Also consumer demand is what drives employment. If there is no demand then there is no need to employ sales people. Companies do not hire people out of the goodness of their hearts. they hire people to provide services so that they can make money. They are not doing you a favour. As a result we need to as a people demand respect fairness and accountability from persons wishing to make use of our resources to make money. It should be a mutually beneficial relationship; not one that is based on excessive exploitation and an attitude of indifference, lack of respect etc. Do tell what is hate full about this. Also companies now have to embrace social responsibility as bad press is no good for them. In addition although thankful for sponsorship don’t forget charity is in accounts terms a simple write off.

  8. Mr Arm a dope you are a paid operative. I have no doubt you would love your neighbors to build a 12ft wall all around your home in the interest of tourism..

    • You ever see a short Hilton? You ever see a short Hyatt? Or a short Four Seasons? And by the way, tourism is what is paying all your bills right now. What a nonsensical trend of thinking!

    • And this from Rude is the kind of myopic dimwittedness that keeps us Black Caribbean people down. You are the kind of person that if you see your neighbour buy two bags of cement and a pile of blocks, you want to bad talk and say that they “into something”, or checking their salary if they could afford, or questioning what and why they building. Peeple like you impede progress. That is why we could never move forward. Replace Sandals with any other big company, and would your thoughts be the same. Would you criticize Massy? Or too afraid of the status quo? Landings business stops by their fence. Full stop. If Butch get their approvals in order, why and who are you to be inciting all this negativity. We have laws that ALL businesses – including hotels – have to abide by. If you were so adamant that there is wrongdoing, go do a law degree, get called to the bar and fly to the CCJ or the Privy Council if you choose. Or, you could just listen – you have a lot to learn before you can sit at the adults’ table.

  9. Vibz is the man to listen to. After all he’s the Minister of Finance… The Attorney General… and possibly the Chief Justice. Silly man. You have to learn to take your emotion out of mature discussions such as these. Throwing around figures and throwing tantrums only shows up your lack of understanding and clarity on basic issues. Which bunch of grapes got you sour? That you didn’t get the maintainence contract for you and your cousins? Or that when your Auntie didn’t make the cut to get the hotel job she applied for? LOL. Yes. I know who you are. Your own friends sold you for less than 40 pieces. They know how silly and misguided you are.

  10. Now sandles ks not a good thing for st lucia, politics politics politics, sandles ks not good but the other one is good

    • Hi Bob. My sympathies that you either did not finish primary school, or either your third language is English. While I would like to understand your opinion, it’s obvious that your incoherent thoughts are like leftover alphabet soup spilt over your keyboard. Education is what helps us to progress as a people. I urge and support if you take some elder’s classes, so that we can understand your point of view. I am sure sure that one day you too can contribute to nation building. But sadly, that day is not today.

  11. A lot of you should research,the past,starting from 1968 more or less.What some of our notorious neighbours were doing in those days,and how they built their fortunes.Sandals started around the 1970,and how they conect to the powers that be.Its a fascinating story.Young boys, in those days,you were in a sack hanging between your fathers legs,you dont know a thing,just shut up dont talk shite

  12. Sandals will have to abide by the law.Cant just come and build a ten story building on the water front,and cast shade and block all the rest of the establishments in the area.We have regulations thank god.What you say cheap political or Sandals hacks? Colonial days are over.

  13. Sandals is mafia Butch has allways acted like he is the owner of the island,he can do what he feels like here,and he has his partners,to help him.He has never paid a cent of tax,in St Lucia,all goes to his empire.

    • Pull up selecta! You trying to say that all Jamaicans are mafia! You sound like Trump. That is why we as West Indians and Caribbean people could never unite! You want to attack a fellow Jamaican for what? Hiring and uniting our people across the region? Where is your voice when the American and imperialist brands come here and corrupt our people with capitalist and consumerist motives? Where is your voice when our culture is watered down by outside influence and folly? I am sure this year you na go Carnival nor Crop Over, but you probably play Halloween instead? Ugly rotten pumpkin. You waiting on Santa next month too? That is mafia! But I am sure you is first in line to sit on the fat man lap. The easiest target is always we own people. Jah have mercy pon your soul and your 30 pieces of worthless silver.

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