WhatsApp outage – messaging service not working worldwide

Daily Star: WhatsApp is down and people are unable to send or receive chats or even load up conversations today, May 3, 2017, according to users.

And there doesn’t seem to be any easy way of fixing the issue, which is affecting many of its users and is likely a problem with its servers.

Problems with the app surged over the last hour, according to the website Down Detector.

WhatsApp is causing users all sorts of problems right now, as it looks like the app is suffering from a global outage with Whatsapp down on May 3, 2017 all around the world with connection problems.

At the time of writing, St. Lucia Times can confirm that there are issues with the app as our staff cannot use it to send news broadcast messages. Messages after 4:29 p.m. today cannot be sent, our staff confirm.

St. Lucia Times WhatsApp outage screenshot - May 3, 2017
St. Lucia Times WhatsApp outage screenshot – May 3, 2017

Logging on to Twitter demonstrates the extent of the problem:


  1. Don’t think you can blame Chastnet for this one. I am in Canada and having the same problem

  2. To be honest from the time that irish racist come to power by foolish people everything is haywire in st lucia

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