When Guests Give Back – The Tarr Family

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It’s no secret, loyal guests of Sandals Resorts return because of the unmistakable magic of our Caribbean islands. Topped with the second- to- none service shared by team members, to experience this region, is to love it for all that it is and all it has the potential to be.

The Tarr Family has been a prime example of the incredible reach of this industry to inspire hope and effect sustainable change. Over the years, continued donations have supported key industries in St. Lucia, improving key school infrastructure for hundreds of children, enhancing healthcare services and facilities in multiple communities, and conservation of the island’s environment.

In their recent donation, five schools are set to receive 524 sets of much needed desks and chairs allowing for uninterrupted attendance of students to classes.

Students of Camille Henry Memorial, Carmen Rene Memorial, Sir Ira Simmons Secondary, Soufriere Comprehensive, and Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary Schools have been attending classes on alternate days due to the lack of sufficient furniture. Now, with the support of Sandals Resorts loyal guests, Tom and Marylou Tarr, this reality is set to change.

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Tourism has the power to transform communities. Through it thousands of direct and indirect jobs, this industry can be the catalyst for change across the region. So what compels guests such as the Tarrs to leave more than footprints in the sand when they visit?

“We have been to other places in the Caribbean, but always come back to St. Lucia, says Marylou Tarr.

“We give to St. Lucia because over the years, as we enjoy the hospitality of the country (and) we have seen the need of the people there. We have made some local friendships there in the vendors on the beach and have become more aware of so much need in the medical, educational, and environmental areas. Recently we have become blessed and feel God wants us to give back.  While we also give to many charities in the United States, St. Lucia holds a special place in our hearts.”

In 2019, the couple supported disaster relief response in The Bahamas, following the passage of Hurricane Dorian as well as provided for community development programmes in St. Lucia.

In 2020, cancer prevention, care and treatment were their areas of focus as their donations provided the Faces of Cancer with a portable ultra-sound machine, disposables, and wheelchairs to enhance free cancer screenings in community health clinics.

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and into 2021, the Tarr family responded to the growing remote learning needs within the island by donating more than 500 digital devices.

(L-R) Mr. and Mrs. Tarr, Masana Morrison Public Relations Manager Sandals Halcyon Beach, Judy Deterville Public Relations Manager Sandals Grande St Lucian Spa & Beach Resort, Janelle Norville Public Relations Manager Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort & Spa and Chief Education Officer Dr. Fiona Mayer.

The resources were distributed to a cross section of students including pupils in eight (8) schools, children with disabilities at the Child Development and Guidance Centre, and youth in the marginalized community of Wilton Yard which is part of the Safe Spaces programme of RISE (St. Lucia) Inc.

Heidi Clarke, Executive Director at the Sandals Foundation expressed gratitude at the commitment of the Tarrs noting, “I’m really touched that the Tarrs have been so moved in their love for St. Lucia and that that love has translated to their commitment to helping the people of this country”.

“The Foundation depends on the support of guests to help effect lasting change,” Clarke continued, “And guests like the Tarrs who go above and beyond to support the sustainable development of the island’s key sectors is testament to the magic that can be created through tourism.”

The continued support of the family also caught the attention of the Ministry of Education, whose Chief Education Officer Dr. Fiona Mayer met with the couple at Sandals Halcyon Beach to express a personal note of gratitude.

“There are so many synergies that can be derived from collaborating between sectors. Tourism and Education are two examples of this kind of mutually beneficial relationship”.

“When people like Mr. and Mrs. Tarr witness deficiencies and wish to make a difference, we cannot turn them away. And particularly at this time when small economies face so many challenges, we welcome donors like the Tarrs. We are truly appreciative of any support that we receive on behalf of our nation’s children. We applaud their philanthropy and wish them well”.

Tourism is known to reignite amongst travelers a passion for life. Through the efforts of the Sandals Foundation that galvanizes this passion with love, guests like the Tarrs are making significant investments in our islands, contributing to the sustained development for generations to come.

Source: Sandals Resorts. Headline photo: [L-R]: Sandals loyal guests and avid donor to St. Lucia’s development, Marylou and Tom Tarr.

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  1. God bless dem ppl soul even more so that they can extend to more needy ppl…and for those of you like criticizing SANDALS they are the super job generator for many needy households…keep delivering your world class service that makes it very inviting to visitors …..JOHN PUBLIC love you SANDALS.

  2. Thanks for giving generously,in view of God’s mercy,showing mercy for contribuing to the needs of others.
    Respect 🙏
    Then Honor.

  3. Imagine, schools need additional furniture to the extent that children are missing school, whilst the Bordelais Correctional Facility is overcrowded with inmates (free labour), has an Industries Unit with a furniture shop (headed by an Industries Manager) … Ask the present director and the Industries Manager, what became of the 2007/2008 furniture program between Ministry of Education and the Bordelais Correctional Facility, and the $13,000.00 cheque (for furniture repairs and replacements) that Ministry of Education paid to BCF for the first set of furniture which was delivered to some schools in the South. Expect them to blame that “accountant” who committed suicide in 2013 … Too bad, DEAD MAN TELLS NO TALES!

  4. dont mind that, sandals saying that for their brand to get recognition to make people realize they good and giving back but behind all this they working their staff like work horses. i could remember a certain staffs complaining that in the kitchen they put cameras everywhere making them feel uncomfortable and feel like they working in a jail house

  5. If they only knew how much this SLP administration and by extension Lucians , hate foriegners especially of other races ….. Their donation would be best given elsewhere else that have more civilized people.

  6. The Tarr family please ask sandals for the 24 million dollars Chastanet gave them while our country is in a dilapidated state. We need it.

  7. Great show of philanthropy by this couple. Thanks for your generosity. Allen will take credit for that too.🤣🤣🤣

  8. Thanks very much, it shows that there are good people in this world of ours. There’s one devoted comment writer who I would not debase myself the mention his name, who seem to me hates white folks, hates Chastanet because of his complexion, brings up the old Sad Sack story of slavery but only the present gang in Government is good, still fighting the last election of yellow dogs etc. Be thankful for God sent people for doing good things: I Praise his Holy Name.

  9. Thanks so much for your generosity to the kids in St Lucia, I wish more people would follow suit and contribute more!

  10. I’m very happy to read that article but remember the slp and hacks was saying we don’t want white people in our country sad..Politics will kill our country slowly


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