WHO Updates Recommendations On Boosters, COVID-19 Vaccines For Children

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Press Release:– The World Health Organization (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) has updated its guidance for booster doses and vaccination in children in light of increasing vaccine supply and coverage, emerging evidence and the evolving epidemiological situation of COVID-19.

The revised SAGE Roadmap for Prioritizing Uses Of COVID-19 Vaccines, originally issued in October 2020, identifies four categories of priority-use groups, based on the risk of disease and social disruption, and taking into account vaccine equity and wider benefits to society.

SAGE continues to advise that highest vaccination priority should be given to older adults, immunocompromised persons and health workers, followed by adults with co-morbidities, pregnant women, teachers and other essential workers, as well as disadvantaged demographic groups at higher risk of severe COVID-19.

Changes in SAGE recommendations include:

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Booster (third) doses should be offered 4-6 months after completion of the primary vaccination series. This is due to waning vaccine effectiveness over time, also against mild and asymptomatic infection with Omicron and Delta variants.

The order of implementing booster doses should be the same as for the primary vaccination series – from highest to lowest priority-use groups.

Countries should consider the individual and population-level benefits of vaccinating children.

Although severe COVID-19 is rare in children, it does occasionally occur, and vaccinating children has additional benefits of minimising disruption to their education, therefore improving their overall well-being.

Countries that have achieved high vaccination coverage in high-risk populations should prioritise global sharing of COVID-19 vaccines before vaccinating healthy children and adolescents who are at the lowest risk of severe outcomes.

The interim recommendations apply to the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, for which SAGE has available data to update its guidance. When data becomes available for other vaccines, SAGE will review the evidence and update the respective recommendations.

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  1. The game must continue !
    So play to win !
    And ready to accept six doses or even more, while Pfizer manager said investment in Pfizer is three hundred thousand billions Euros 💶 has been invested and sooner life will come back to normal 😃😃😃
    In France Métropol ninety percent of the population vaccinated refus the third dose ???
    Good Luck !
    Bonne Chance !

  2. wonderful world WHO CDC telling u the vaxxed are trasmitting the virus…are u this clueless??? tell u the sky is blue u will ask: show me, i see its purple

  3. Really? Please show me the evidence that the vaccine is killing people! Ask yourself why are you depending on the government?! Soon you will be blaming the government for COVID!

  4. Wonderful world if you wish to subject your kids to this go ahead. You can give your kids my shots too. And the shots they want to give mine.

  5. Found the brain dead brainwashed moron. Our heatlhcare system was already strained before covid. People couldn’t find beds before covid. People were dying before covid. You asking everyone to form their opinion yet you here spewing excrement. Lucians aren’t dumb this is why they ain’t taking these shots. At least 70% of them. The rest of you…well. Good luck

  6. Guvment’s sittin idly back while they tell us that vax going to save our lives and they let tourist come here and run round witout masks and treat our island like crap throwin their trash on the street and talkin to us like we poor children beggin for money, no respect, dey fault we all gettin covid and ding and big countries dont care, guvment dont care — why we let ourselves always always always get the dirty dirty end of the stick, enuff already, say somthing nuh, voice up.

  7. wonderful world or wicked world??? since wen govt care abt you?? u dnt hear vaxxed spreading the virus??

  8. Says the anti vaxxer! Let everyone form their own opinion.it’s people like you that have so many Lucians unvaxxed and causing a strain on our health care system.

  9. When they said they were coming for your kids you laughed and said they wear tin foil hats. Kids are at no risk from covid but face decades of risk from these shots. No grandparent would risk decades of their kids’ life and health to give them a few more days of life considering they have lived most of it.

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