Widespread Unrest As Curfews Defied Across US


BBC News:– Curfews have been ordered in cities across the US to try to stem unrest sparked by the death of a black man in police custody.

But they have been defied in many areas, with shops looted, cars burned and buildings attacked. Riot police have used tear gas and rubber bullets.

President Donald Trump urged “healing” over the death of George Floyd but said he could not allow mobs to dominate.

A white ex-policeman is charged with murdering Mr Floyd, 46, in Minneapolis.

Derek Chauvin, 44, is due to appear in court on Monday.

In video footage, Mr Chauvin can be seen kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck for several minutes on Monday. Mr Floyd repeatedly says that he is unable to breathe.

Three other officers present at the time have also since been sacked.

The Floyd case has reignited US anger over police killings of black Americans. It follows the high-profile cases of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner in New York and others that have driven the Black Lives Matter movement.

But for many it also reflects years of frustration over socioeconomic inequality and segregation, not least in Minneapolis itself.

Huge demonstrations have taken place in at least 30 cities across the US. They were largely peaceful on Saturday, but violence flared later in the day.

One of the cities worst affected by unrest is Los Angeles. California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in the city and activated the National Guard – the reserve military force that can be called on to intervene in domestic emergencies.

The entire city is under a 20:00 to 05:30 curfew. Numerous shops have been looted, including on the famous retail avenues, Melrose and Fairfax, while overhead footage showed fires burning. Earlier police fired rubber bullets and hit protesters with batons. Hundreds of arrests have been made.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said this was “the heaviest moment I’ve experienced” since the riots in 1992 that were sparked by the acquittal of police over the beating of Rodney King.



  1. The White wicked police Officers Must have Heneral Respect for Black people all over the World

  2. Better be damned careful with what’s going on right now.(1) your Tourism
    industry is screwed for another 2 to 3 years.(2)some of us here have been
    reckless with our expressions Re:Black people Vs white people. From where
    I am, speaking and listening to many – let me tell you, long after this present
    administration is gone, your little 2 X 2 Island can go to hell if you talk that way.
    Your Banana Industry is caput, long gone; crime can easily be the problem
    that you cannot afford. Unfortunately, because of this little ‘Eden’ that is carved
    for us, and some of us are careless with our expressions, as regards race,
    not careing that we have a young generation yet to be taken care of; so choose
    your weapons – and while doing this, do your selves a favour – shut up.

    • Everyone needs to speak out intelligently against what is happening to the black community because to be silent is to be complicit. When we say nothing we are condoning what has been happening and giving an open invitation to some tourists to come into our country and disrespect our people the same way they disrespect the black community in their own country.

  3. We may not agree with Chas,but hey the colour of his skin has nothing to do with his lack of smartness,shame the mafia that is hanging around him,elections round the corner.I have a lot of white friends.

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