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Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm

Wife Says She Heard Gunshots Moments Before Finding Husband Dead

The wife of murdered businessman, Stan Pistol, says she heard gunshots moments before she entered Kross Roads Mini Mart in Castries and found her husband dead.

Grandalen Pistol told St Lucia Times that she returned home Wednesday night, parked her vehicle and got ready to meet her 51 year old husband at the mini mart.

She said she heard the sound of gunshots on approaching the business, and by the time she got there she saw him lying in a pool of blood.

Blood stains where victim fell after being shot multiple times

Mrs. Pistol said an undisclosed number of assailants left with the cash register.

The couple, who have two children aged 16 and 13, have been married for 22 years and would have celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary on December 8.

Mr. & Mrs. Pistol

Mrs. Pistol said her husband would have celebrated his 52nd birthday on April 4 this year.

She told St Lucia Times that this year marks nine years since they have been operating the mini-mart.

The wife of the deceased explained that Mr. Pistol may have either been attending to a customer at the time the bandits struck, or might have just finished attending to a customer.

She revealed that on a previous occasion, two bandits had entered the mini-mart and demanded that Mr. Pistol ‘Pass it!’

“He said : ‘You want it? Come and take whatever you want.’ And he stepped out of their way,” Mrs. Pistol recalled.

“That didn’t take anything. They watched him like he was just mad, or maybe they were scared or afraid,” she stated.

Mrs. Pistol said the  two bandits, who had their faces concealed with rags, left without taking anything.

“They are just heartless,” she said of the criminals who killed her husband Wednesday night.

“They took from me – they left an emptiness; a void in my life – in the life of my kids,” Mrs. Pistol told St Lucia Times.

She said the tragic incident had hit the family hard.

Concerned individuals gather at murder scene on the morning after

Mrs. Pistol described her late husband as a very quiet individual who kept to himself and had few friends.

“He loved his games on his tablet. You would always see him on his tablet or on his phone playing,” she recalled.

She said her husband was a very reserved person.


    • Didn’t Chastanet say that “Kenny can’t, l will” with regards to crime. Ask him to fix it.

      • I hope when government decide to do ppl like you doe come and talk shit. Lucians complained so much when they had ORC and now they want it bk.

  1. Jah know they just have some wicked people out there who would sell their soul for the idea of having lots of money. In that case it’s surely not worth killing a hard-working honest man for petty cash. Masiay try and do something positive with urll life….& Every Law Abiding citizen should be highly sensitized on the crime situation in our country. Don’t depend on the police solely for dealing with the situation. If everyone work together something great and positive can happen to deal with situations like that… Eventually karma will hit because every human being have a conscience.

  2. Talk does run so dey ave ppl that know who that do it. Police need to have a different strategy when it comes to persons coming forward wit info…rip

  3. This is saint Lucia 2019 killing of innocent souls for Greed and lust.God Judgment must pass to cure this island.

  4. This is heartbreaking, people of today would sell their souls and kill anybody just for some cash!!!!

  5. All I can say without being political is we need to go back to the drawing board and put stiffer penalties and legislations in place for these catch them ,you make them serve time and when they come out work to pay the victims family for their funeral expenses….just now we can’t even go Castries to buy anything at the Rate criminals going

  6. Police not doing a thing to make those criminals afraid of anything. The government of the day does not give a damn about crime or most anything else.

  7. I dont think its time for politics those criminals are getting braver and we all should have a lisenced gun to shot their asses no offense and a couple moves to find the source thats killing innocent ppl my take.everything is a joke when police is doing their job he is a boy yeah right we all getting lisenced guns.

  8. This is so sad. May his soul Rest In Peace and I hope that God gives his family strength during this tough time.

  9. Grendalen, i know you are strong, My God will continue to give you the strength and the courge you need to pick up the mantille and to guide your children in this land of darkness, may God continue to pour His showers of Blessings on you and the children! Mattheu 24:7 continuing. These are the days He spoke about;

  10. It’s time yourl put down url feet and stop having then little boys taking away people lives that are matters …
    What the hell the government and police officers are doing….yourl need to start wipping off the gettoes they calling home …. this shot needs to stop it’s very heart breaking

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