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Will SLP Leader Investigate His Two Deputies?

Press Release:– The United Workers Party notes that in recent times, the St Lucia Labour Party Leader Philip J Pierre has decided to make transparency and accountability a priority.

From the outset, the United Workers Party Government made clear its commitment to good governance by providing governance training to all ministers, permanent secretaries and heads of department.

The UWP Government also passed landmark legislation to remove the statute of limitations on the recovery of public funds and assets to which the Labor party walked out of in parliament.

The UWP continues to back up its words with actions and calls on the Leader of the Opposition to do the same.

The SLP leader need not be in Government to act. He can follow the example set by the UWP when who whilst in opposition got rid of the same persons which the SLP has now fully embraced.

In his New Year address the Leader of the Opposition declared that he “cannot ignore the wrongs and injustices of the past . . . We shall therefore hold accountable all those responsible for acts of corruption and the misuse of public funds.”

Notwithstanding his being the “Deputy Prime Minister” during the Rochamel Scandal, the Grynberg Affair and so many others, the United Workers Party is calling on Mr. Pierre to address the issues of Diplomatic passports for sale and the alleged misuse of funds for youth development, at the center of which are his two deputy leaders.

IMMUNITY: Passports for Sale

By now we are all aware based on the investigation by Al Jazeera that the appointment of Walid Juffali as Saint Lucia’s IMO representative is what blew the lid off the scandal of “Diplomatic Passports for Sale”. Based on correspondence (yet to be refuted) read out by two local talk show hosts, we know that our then High Commissioner to London and now Deputy Leader of the SLP, Ernest Hilaire was the one who introduced Walid Juffali to the SLP Government. We now know that after only a few months, he resigned as IMO representative and also recommended Walid Juffali for the post. Evidence has also been presented of numerous pieces of correspondence between Juffali and Hilaire concerning and guaranteeing him immunity.

In light of these new information, the United Workers Party is therefore is asking Philip J Pierre:

  • Will he carry out an investigation into the Juffali Affair?
  • If Saint Lucia never benefited from its appointment of Juffali, did anyone within his SLP ranks benefit from Juffali?
  • Why would Ernest Hilaire recommend this inexperienced billionaire to represent us at the IMO?
  • Why did we keep him as our representative when he attended no IMO meetings?
  • Why did we not wave his immunity in light of the damage it was causing to our country’s reputation?
  • Given the information circulated in the media about his deputy leader and a Range Rover, has he and will he investigate the matter?
  • Can he say that Ernest Hilaire is the legal owner of the vehicle and there were no improprieties committed in importing the car?
  • Can he state categorically that he stands by Ernest Hilaire on the Juffali Matter and the vehicle in question?

Minister’s Account

The Leader of the Opposition must also answer questions with reference to an account termed “minister’s account” which existed at the National Lotteries during the last tenure of the SLP Government. The people need to know:

  • Will Mr. Pierre carried out an investigation into this matter which involved an agency which was overseen by his 2nd deputy leader and then Minister for Youth & Sports Shawn Edwards?
  • Has he satisfied himself that there were no improprieties and that good governance prevailed in the spending of the Lottery funds?
  • Is he satisfied that the millions of dollars used by Lotteries in the months leading up to last elections were in the best interest of youth development?
  • Is he satisfied that all spending from the so called “minister’s account” was properly accounted and authorized for?

Whilst Philip J Pierre is trying to brand himself as a leader with credibility, is he prepared to let his actions match his words? Or is this simply more empty promises from the same old St Lucia Labour Party.




  1. Will UWP investigate Guy and the Pajoah letter, tell us why Cabot links get our NIC monies for their private use, How much land Teo get for free and what happened to our CIP monies, Why Sean Matthews is being paid so much money a month for doing NO WORK (hush money?), Why Lockerbie gets millions again for no work, why our tax money has to pay salaries for OJO labs staff, when OJO labs is a private investor, why did we give Sandals 24 million dollars tax rebate and duty free concessions on over 80 vehicles. Is UWP investigating Nancy and 500,000 dollar cheque, what happened to the money that was left to fix St. Jude’s, why St Jude’s is being used as a medical university to please Allen’s father, why does Allen have an FAR vehicle, why Gale’s brother getting all contracts for work in Micoud, what kickbacks are all these ministers getting from contracts to FFF and the list goes on and on. mahjee!

    • Yaaaawwwn ! Don’t you all get it. It’s the end of the month The little United Worthless Party Leprechaun Mouth Piece just beating his dysfunctional ass. It’s the end of the month and it’s time to go to government house to pick up his stipend so he has to show something for it. The little Chastanet cock blowing SOB.

    • It’s just the. Yellow Leprechaun. Mouth Piece of The United Worthless Party beating his ass before he go to government house on Friday for his stipend. He have show he working Chastanet cock blowing SOB.

  2. UWP is blowing hot air as usual talking crap. If you have all this proof go and arrest Shawn and Hilaire! Guy Mayers is earning a salary of half a million tax payers dollar a YEAR to sit in the UK and try to find dirt on Hilaire, yet he uses tax dollars to buy a vehicle to facilitate a son and his family, who does not even meet the criteria to be a dependent of a diplomat. All you guys are just a bunch of corrupt, dirty losers trying to get rich at the tax payer expense!

  3. Fair questions. Let’s root out corruption from all sides UWP and SLP. But tief never love to see tief with long bag so this will end in a stalemate and only you and I, regular St. Lucians will suffer.

  4. I guess it’s that time again. Sick and tired of those politicians and their stupid games. Can’t a tsunami come and take them out too sea?

  5. But isn’t the UWP in power? Why are they not conducting the investigations they’re calling for and at the same time, investigate themselves? Distractions people! Distractions!

  6. Again, this is the kind of backward banana republic politics that continues to stifle our progress. The insinuation, from reading this piece, is that labour party members have committed some egregious acts which the UWP know all about. My question is, if they know so much and they are in authority, why don’t they just prosecute? I will tell you why they will not. Because all this is just a smoke screen. Pandering to the base and hoping that by continuing to bring these up there will be some attrition on the SLP base. This is just the same kind of Trumpian politicking . . . investigate the Bidens and hope my base drink it.

    We lambaste Trump for doing it and here we are with the same shit! This press release is just shit! And I hate it!

  7. The SLP volaires commenting here should be ashamed of themselves. The Press release is very clear regarding the acts committed by these two very fraudulent individuals who are now seeking power as part of the SLP. The fact is both of them are corrupt to the core and should have been thrown out like yesterday’s trash. yet you people want us to vote you all in. This does not mean UWP lacks its own corruption. Meanwhile Chastanet should also let the nation know what he doing with the rumours surrounding Guy Joseph. Throw the SLP viruses out of the party and get rid of the bacteria in the UWP. Thats my take on this as one who wants to see my country move forward.

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