Saturday, December 7, 2019

Williams takes issue with Catholic Church statement

Norbert Williams, the Communications Director of Speak Out Saint Lucia (S.O.S), has taken issue with a recent statement by the Catholic Church.

The statement expressed concern about several matters here including the controversial DSH project and some social issues.

Williams asserted that the church  is looked to for direction  in every aspect of life because it subscribes to the teaching in the bible.

He told the times that the institution has a right, as any Saint Lucian does, to discuss the issues affecting this country.

But the S.O.S official told the Times that the church statement comes across as being late and wanting further explanation.

He observed that the church had made a statement on projects in Saint Lucia, while not focussing on problems like crime, including rape.

“Saint Lucians have been crying out for quite a while now for the church to make a statement and say something about the incest – to say something definitive about the rapes in Saint Lucia and child molestation,” Williams recalled.

He explained that he had been part of the chorus of calls to the church to speak up.

Williams told the Times that for the past two years he and others have been in the forefront of lamenting over the silence of the church.

“It is left to wonder now – why at this point in time, and only about these projects – not even addressing the human problems that we are facing in Saint Lucia,” he declared.

Williams noted that some people are upset that the church is being taken to task about that.

“What I have to say about it is ‘Why not?’ Why can’t the church be criticised? Why can’t the church be questioned when they have been silent for so long when  – as far as many people are concerned, the church has basically, in essence, abandoned its responsibility to the people in having a guiding role when all of these human conditions have been going on for quite a while?'” He stated.




  1. Everybody wants their moment in the spotlight n their picture taken. You say the church had been silent too long, I get ur point, n ur right. But it’s one day for them to start. Shouldn’t you be saying, hopefully it’s an end to the church being quiet on matters that affect the people. I guess u can’t please everyone.

  2. The church . it is not the church . it is a priest who works for the church. doh mix the church with the stupidness of that priest. Now he is stained with RED

  3. Okay to the last Anonymous. The release came from the Clergy of the Archdiocese of Castries so attempt as you may, it represents the views of the entire clergy not just one. But of course, you guys must attempt your “divide and rule” tactics for DE PARTEE. It appears that only Labour people are playing politics. UWPs aren’t playing politics with DSH. So if DSH is not political, why is it political to speak out against it? This is the hypocrisy and inconsistency of thought that we are perpetuating because “OUR PARTEE IN POWER.”

    As for Mr Williams, I remember when he accused the SLP of “stealing his idea” of a sex offenders registry, as if these don’t exist around the world. So go figure.

    • Don’t worry about Williams. he is only interested in things to do with sex. One day, he will reveal his true self.

  4. I totally agree with ME… every body is looking for a 15 minutes of fame and for a kodak moment. Norbert Williams have lived in the USA for all those years, what has he contributed to the St. Lucian economy for him to challenge the CHURCH. If you have the money to invest in SLU , create jobs and make a economic difference then keep shut. If you want to challenge the church put your money where your mouth and stop playing politics.

  5. First person to bring the church into politics was you all prime minister y’all forget the day he dress as a priest on the campaign stage you idiots all you all do is shout shout and shout listen and pay attention and you will understand the birth of a dictator

  6. To the educated smart stupid people…educate u’ll selves about the so called Catholic Church in St. Lucia..when casino gambling was 1st introduced u’ll were totally against talk talk… and i can still remember…when cable television was introduced on island….you so called catholics put fire on that…I noticed with catholics anything that have to do with change and don’t benefit them…they are catholics have not said nothing about the under age girls…the that are pregnant .the that he crime rate.the high cost of leaving,education….but I guess those things don’t affect u’ll…smh

  7. Norbert Williams’ life long project is to have a registry of sex offenders established here, so that he and sex crazed people like him can know aho screw who, who was charged for a sexual offence, and so on. What he cannot tell us is, at what stage will someone’s name go into that registry. Should we enter the name when the person is accused, when the person is arrested, when the person is remanded, or when the person has been convicted? And what if the person has been convicted and sentenced to prison, but that person appeals the conviction? What if the appeal case drags for five years and, at the end of that time, the person is found not guilty? What do we do with that person’s name which is already in the registry?

  8. Keep up the good work Nobbie. You always spoke out from college days and you were a good cop. Don’t worry there will always be those who will try to discourage anyone like yourself. The victims support you all the way and back again because you are their voice. The bishop still did not speak about them can you belief that Forget the party people you doing a good job my brother. All the best and keep your head high

  9. You right Norbert too many hipocrites. Thank you for all your hard work you can help others like me. You all change my life and give me hope

  10. How many young girls have been molested by the clergy and young Boyz been sodomized by priests.
    In fact just last week a nun was arrested for helping priests sexually molest deaf children in Argentina. The church is not without fault so just like they are interested in speaking out about so called social fall out about the dsh projects. Let them speak out about the sins among themselves starting with alcoholic priests etc.
    Scrutiny and criticism is good for the goose and the gander.

    • But young boys have been sodomized by lots of religious leaders who are not Catholic priests. Are you letting the others off and crucifying only the Catholic priests? Young boys have also been sodomized by leaders who are not priests at all. Is this fair game? And is it only men, priests or not, who are sexual perverts? What do you think of lesbians?

  11. Such a small minded perspective from a communication officer from a advocacy group. Very disappointing

    • I agree. I don’t care how much praise Norbert’s friends give him,, he must not come across as a fraud. We know what is happening in society, and we are disgusted with some of these acts, but our lives should be directed at improving the lives of people, not at shaming and punishing those who are weak and perhaps troubled. If Norbert’s was a good policeman, why did he not remaining the force to reach the highest ranks within the establishment? What is he doing overseas while remaining consumed about our sexual practices? Come home and establish a business where you can employ young people and, at the same time, mentor them in a way to make them productive citizens. Stop flogging a dead horse.

  12. The Catholic priest need to speak about the things that effects us in society, moral issues, rape, incest, abortion, idolatry, poverty etc.

    • They do, but you don’t go to church to hear them. Do you want them to go on talk shows to speak against evil in the society? I have heard them speak about the sexual abuse of other human beings, about poverty, about family life, etc. And I don’t even go to church regularly. The Catholic priests are not exempt from the teaching of God, that All have sinned and come short of His glory. Jesus himself put fire on priests for sometimes being hypocrites. But that goes for All religious people, Seventh Days, Penticostal, Church of God, and so on. All have had their sexual scandals. So don’t stick on the Catholic Church. And if you are a sinner, then don’t condemn the Church, because you, as a sinner, are not qualified to condemn. Make sure you make your peace with God before you die, for you know not the hour. Stop being old and judgemental.

      • Well by your own admission this should have been done in church too…….these evil men in robes will never speak up agaisnt stuff that they are complicit in or helped cover up…..many got sodomized but because of expediency s8me dont care

  13. You know what makes me angry, suicides high, we want the church to intervene, government abuses we want the church to intervene, lawlessness and crimes we want the church to intervene, but when the church voice their opinion, we all complain. All the priest is saying, you take away the nice jobs, you creating unemployment and strife . You bringing in dsh , make sure that you do not displaced anyone to the point where they are worse off from where they started. Yet still ur’ll fight the church down. And for those of you who feel the catholic church should point their noses at other issues like rape and suicide, have you ever been to their matches? I am sure you guys do not even attend. when the priests talk about the destruction of the families and self control, do anyone pay attention. But chastenant said the root of poverty was directly as a result of the breakdown in families. Just like what the priests and also pastors preach, but for all the church is too silent on these matters. When dis aster strike this country, the catholic seek assistanxe from caritas, but you do not hear jack shit about that. When they go to homes of the ederly you so called christians have neglected , providing them with food on a monthly basis , you guys stay silent. The chuck even have a funder to help persons who were affected by any natural disasters to help build them back. But again they do nothing.

    • Don’t worry. Those who bash the Catholic Church, those who single out that Church, as opposed to others, for special condemnation, will one day realise their mistakes. The Catholic Church has done so many helpful things for people of all faiths, so many things of a civil nature, yet some “bright” people among us want to have scandalous fun at the expense of Catholic leaders. According the the Mighty Chalkdust, those who keep pouring scorn on the work of the Church “eh get de message as yet”. Let’s see how their lives will end.

  14. Leave the priest alone just do what you have to do pm put action into place, and let by gones be by gones ,

  15. The priest is representing himself and not the church. He should not hide behind the church when making his stupid statements. Further, he should not allow hacks to fill up his head. He should think for himself.

  16. To anonymous, did you know God is a God if truth. Since when is condemnation reserved for those who observe and speak the truth.

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