Windies Captain Says Batsmen Were Not Mentally Prepared

West Indies team captain, Kraigg Brathwaite, has said that the batsmen were not up to the task mentally, according to CMC.

Brathwaite spoke after the West Indies’ 2-0 defeat in the just concluded two-Test series against Bangladesh.

The West Indies, which put on an uninspiring bating performance, crumbled to an embarrassing innings and 184-run defeat to Bangladesh on Sunday.

CMC quoted the West Indies captain as saying that  the bowlers did a good job, but the batting let the team down.

“Some of the shots weren’t the best. Most of the games we were 30-odd for three. It put the batting order under a lot of pressure. It wasn’t good for us at all. I can’t blame the wicket,” Brathwaite was quoted as saying.

According to CMC, he explained that Test cricket is a mental game.

“Mentally we probably weren’t there,” the West Indies captain asserted.

He declared that the team has to do better.

The 26-year-old was appointed to lead the team in the absence of Jason Holder, who was forced to return home due to injury.

However CMC reported that he too had an abysmal series with the bat, scoring only 22 runs in four innings.

In the previous tour of India last month Brathwaite made only 26 runs in four innings, CMC said.

He however observed that he has to keep strong and try to lead the batting in the next series.

The series will be played against England in July.


  1. Im finished with test cricket,I dont believe it serves any purpose any more,for the sport,it goes against all rationale,does this make sence,you standing there with a bat,and you spend three hours blocking balls,for a meagre ten runs.Sport has to be more vibrant,active,take risks,challenging.No more old mans game,made for grandpas.

  2. I am through with CWI, we have become the door-mat of every team and the whole world is wiping their feet over us. All our pride and records have been wiped out simply because our current admin refuse to make use of the talents of our great legends who have made themselves available to coach and help us out of the mire that they us in at the moment. But because of pride and ego, they cast a bling eye over the WI greats and run kissing up to folks who do care about our teams progress. The entire admin board needs to fire themselves unanimously for dereliction of duty! Sitting ducks cannot hatch eggs. Out!

  3. Were these guys paid before the game ? because that afects them mentally,they get the ball deviation sindrome,and cant see a straight ball coming,to the stumps,and it afects their locomotive movements,paralizing their running on the crease,rendering them totally useless,for the game or anything else

  4. WICB must make more use of former great West Indian players to help the present team. They can also train the players mentally.. Having the players view past videos online of great batsmen and bowlers with the aim of truly learning from them may also help.

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