Windies Skipper Complains About Umpiring

West Indies Skipper Carlos Brathwaite has disclosed that he complained to ICC match referee, Jeff Crrowe, about the standard of umpiring following the second Twenty20 International on Thursday.

CMC, in a dispatch from Dhaka, Bangladesh, reported that Brathwaite made the disclosure over the weekend.

Speaking in the wake of the controversy of the third T20 International, Brathwaite said he was prompted to take the action because of his concern that no marginal decisions were going in West Indies’ favour, CMC said.

“I went to the match referee after the second game. I didn’t think the 50-50 decisions were going in our favour. Those decisions went for Bangladesh,” Brathwaite said in the post-match media conference.

“I never ever want to accuse someone of cheating. I will stop short of that. They are professionals as well. I don’t think they would go out there to be biased or, for lack of a better word, cheat,” he was quoted as saying.

According to Sporting, Umpire Tanvir Ahmed ruled West Indies paceman Oshane Thomas had twice overstepped the front line in the early stages of the home side’s run chase in Mirpur.

However, on each occasion television replays showed the umpire had mistakenly penalised the bowler.

The West Indies had twice successfully overturned lbw decisions with the assistance of the review system, according to reports.

West Indies won the Twenty20 series against Bangladesh 2-1, after what Fox Sports described as a ‘bad-tempered’ 50-run win in the third match on Saturday.

Brathwaite was quoted by Sporting as asserting that he will accept any sanctions that come his way after holding up play to question incorrect no-ball calls during the third Twenty20 against Bangladesh.


  1. He should not make such a big deal out of it.The guy already apologized for the call .I watched every game and that was the only time couple call where bad .

  2. We de man is the leader of his troops, if he thinks the umpiring was poor he has a right to complain. That’s what a good leader does. Stand for his team mates.
    One Love

  3. He apologise for what? The television replays exposing his bias and incompetence. Then in his so called apology using the cliche “I was having a bad day” ….hhmmm. A cloak of maliciousness at best, that statement truly encapsulates his mind and intent at time he was officiating that game. It is frightening that he is and “elite umpire” officiating international matches. As an official of sports I am there to uphold the laws of the game, first and foremost, whenever as an offical I fail to to that I am not doing the job that was entrusted to me by either teams. If, you understand the role that you perform and you are truly committed to performing it without fear nor favour nor ill-will, the situation in the 3rd t20 West Indies vs Bangladesh 2018 would never happen. I submit that the apologise put forwards is the best indicator as to the mindset of that official. Far gone were the days of Dickie Bird, Shepherd, Bucknor…..

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