Windward and Leeward Brewery’s New Drink Brings Out Everything Super in You!

St.Lucia was introduced to “Super Malt” the newest addition to the brewery on April 26th.  Super Malt has the original taste you love but it brings a bigger burst of flavor. It is not just a drink; it is a product which helps children and adults to be Super at whatever they do.

Brand Manager Sharlene Jn Baptiste explained that the brewery is aware that today’s children and their parents have so much to juggle that it makes them nothing less than super!  The children of today excel in academics and in sports, arts and design and so much more.

Over 60 students from around the island showcased their superpowers. The reigning Calypso Queen from Ave Maria used her super talent to grace the stage with an exciting performance. Students from the Jon Odlum Secondary School gave an amazing and delightful steel pan presentation. Castries Comprehensive’s female footballer demonstrated her skills on the field.  Anse la Raye students wowed the crowd with their cricket tricks and the dancers from Odsan moved the audience. The students enjoyed the unveiling event and were all treated like the super talented people they are.

Vitamin B and Calcium are just some of the ingredients that make Super Malt a healthy alternative. Super Malt is a brand that parents can trust for their children because of what the brand stands for. Super Malt Be you…Be super, embraces the idea that children should be encouraged to peruse their passion. The Brand Manager hinted that Ministry of youth and sports may collaborate with Super Malt in order to further support youth development.

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