Saturday, December 7, 2019

Two Female Visitors Attacked In Castries

Two female visitors were attacked by two young men in Sans Souci, Castries, Saturday morning, eyewitnesses say.

A report was made to the police about 10.a.m, according to reports.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an eyewitness told St Lucia Times that the incident took place near Serenity Park.

The eyewitness reported hearing someone screaming and  said upon investigating, saw two young men attempting to relieve a cruise ship visitor of a camera while she and her female companion put up a struggle.

The eyewitness said although the visitor who had the camera fell to the ground, the young thugs continued in their attempt to rob her.

The young men are reported to have fled when passersby began heading in the direction of the commotion.

St Lucia Times was informed that the woman who was attacked was badly shaken and sustained bruises.

She and her companion are said to have headed back to their ship which was docked in the Castries harbour after the incident.

Just this week, a couple reported being accosted and robbed in Serenity Park.

Persons on social media have said that there appears to be a gang of criminals operating in the area, targetting homes and passersby.



  1. Thought that the City Police had this situation under control, that’s according to what Mayor Peterson Francis has said. He took credit when the crime situation within the city quieted down for awhile, therefore in all fairness he should take the fall for what’s happening now.

    • If one this this Mayor is good it is drawing attention to himself. Man talks loudly while achieving bare minimum. He is a joker and a waste.

  2. Soon, if nothing is done to prevent these brazen robberies in broad daylight say goodbye to cruise tourism. These are desperate thugs trying to prey on innocent people to make a living. Not a day goes by in recent times without some criminal activities to report. Something has to give. It is unconscionable to keep the do-nothing Minister of National Security in that position in light of the uncontrollable crimes.

  3. Won’t stop thinking dirty…
    They play dirty play dirty to..
    Make around Martinique put them on the streets send them fishing.
    But then aftrr we lucians will feel sorry when we see ppl on the streets.
    We don’t know what they have done.
    Again God forgive me for my thinking!!

  4. The Minister responsible for National Security seems to have the title, but not the job. Besides their standard portfolio, National Security should also involve working with mayors, village council people, as well as the police force in its entirety. This is what my common sense tells me.

    St Lucia has regressed horribly where crime is concerned. Before tackling it head on (and not with armed SSU officers “liming” on street corners with big guns) by implementing CCTV (this is an expensive venture, complete with trained people to handle monitors, etc.); cashless entrepreneurs (a great idea – seeing that half the globe is already cashless); and an educated, customer oriented police force, St Lucia HAS TO come to grips in the realisation that we are in an advanced technological age, which should be implemented to our advantage, and quickly. After all, we do live on a planet.

    I know it is easier said than done, but the powers that be give the impression that they are burying their heads in the sand, instead of opening their eyes to what is REAL!! If St Lucia has to be a tourist destination, National Security should be at the top of the list – and not somewhere in the middle.

  5. Saint Lucia, you better get a handle on the crime or you are going to loose your bread and butter tourism.

    • You could not have said it better. We are spending millions to promote the Tourism product, but the safety of the Visitors when they are on the Island is of utmost importance if we need them to promote our Island by word of mouth. It is disheartening to hear it is a beautiful Island but…..

  6. Take everyone on the P Patrol in Castries who are writing those Urine Tickets and have them take care of the safety of the tourists who’s dollars are so important to the economy. Maybe if the economy gets better they can install some much needed public toilets or make it mandatory for banks and businesses to make their washrooms available to their customers. What an insult to a customer to have to stand in line forever at the bank, need to use the washroom, and be told they must go elsewhere as the bank does not allow customers to use their facilities.

  7. Let me say I agree with the comments….these thugs are biting the hand of the very industry of which a great percentage sustains the economy.

    If the police 👮‍♀️ have knowledge of gang activity in a particular area. It would make sense to put a heavy police presence in the vicinity.

    Now the tourist returns to the ship and tells their encounter. Very soon the cruise ships will find a safer port….very sad scenario.

  8. We all know that some of those visitors are curious and therefore, only last week I saw a couple climbing up the Pave’ hill and another couple climbing the Morne du done hill. So I stopped and informed them that they were in “dangerous territory”, and then they immediately made a U_turn…Lol. Anything could have happened to them.
    But one thing that I really need to say is that, quite a few of the visitors leave the Boat and head to Vigie beach but there are no directions on how to get there, so when they get to the John Compton highway junction, they take a left instead of traveling down the highway-right. There need to be signs posted to direct the people island-wide. We really need to take the tourism product seriously. I have met guys driving on the right side of the road and had to stop them and informed that we drive on the left here. I am doing my part, just waiting for my 40 acres and 1 mule….LoL. Not asking for much!

  9. Marcella Celebration was Berth at port Castries .The Captain announces to the Visitors that Vigie Beachs is 20Minites Walking from the Cruise ship That’s Why so.many Visitors Head Towards. that Direction.When theres nothing in place for the Cruise. Season for visitors protection .

  10. They should put undercover police officers in those areas and when they tried or robbed anyone including visitors they should be shot and killed then take their bodies to the moutruary

  11. This situation needs to be addressed. It will have an effect on tourism that many small businesses cannot afford. We need to see more police officers in the vicinity of tourist areas and make it clear these criminals will be caught if they show-up again.

  12. We have to plan better fix a perimeter for the tourists to circulate place police to make them go back to the safe heaven make sure you are patroling that area.If you dont have enough police for all the area,you should be bringing the problem forward.Castries is small and easy to protect but you have to have all the guys necesary on the street and the vehicles making the rounds all the time.These stupid crimes are going to crippel our country if we cant handle them.

  13. These little fools, that have been breed or trained to what they have become; only, if only; Kenny did not pleased his allies, when he stop ORC. so, some one has to pay! My opinion that is!

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