Woman Alleges Law Enforcement Officers Brutalised Father Of Her Children

A Castries woman has filed a formal complaint alleging that law enforcement officers brutalised the father of her children.

Police say they are aware of the complaint and are investigating.

Nasha Louis  relates that the father of her children, Augustin Pelage, went out with some friends on Friday.

“Early in the morning on their way home they were  approached by a police vehicle escorted by one driver who was a police officer,” Louis told St Lucia Times.

“The other one was identified as a police officer and the third one was a security guard,” she said.

According to the account she related, the men were drinking and were not in uniform.

She said the men summoned Pelage.

Nasha Louis

“They said ‘Ras come!’ He came to hear what they had to say,” Louis related.

She said the men pushed the father of her children into the vehicle and started punching him near the Teachers Credit Union.

“I think the security guard took a bottle and lash him twice in his scalp. He had a shades on his eyes – I think he got a punch in his eye and it damaged his eye, so he had to undergo a surgery in his eye and he had some stitches by his head,” Louis said.

She told St Lucia Times that Pelage lost a lot of blood, some of which stained his clothing which she had to wash.

Bloody clothing

“I made it my duty to go to( the Police) Complaints  (Commission)and follow protocol and I am really happy that the media is coming forth and persons are coming to the table and coming to find out, because they cannot believe that police officers actually did that, so they are coming out and assisting me and ensuring that justice is served,” Louis stated.

She said Pelage was still hospitalised Wednesday and she was unsure when he would be released.

Louis said she is only able to identify the security guard.

“But from what I heard from my kids’ father yesterday afternoon after going to see him is that two officers who saw Choice News – they came in to see him; they took their own complaint, exchanged numbers and they said that the two officers came in and identified themselves,” she explained.

Louis said she is ensuring that she does her part in following protocol.

He said Pelage is recovering.

“From the pictuires – those people; they look like animals. There’s no reason to do that. There was no questioning; there was no ‘Okay, come to the station’ if you felt that he did something wrong. It was  just a brutal situation and I am getting tired of hearing that on TV from the Vieux Fort drivers – from different persons, ” Louis lamented.

She expressed the view that officers who brutalise citizens do not belong in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

“We need to be able to trust those officers if we have a problem. That’s why we have so many unreported cases,” Louis lamented.

“I believe if we are able to trust those officers, those that are the rotten eggs in the basket need to be removed ,” the Marchand resident declared.

As far as Louis is concerned, the penalty for a police officer who abuses a citizen should be more severe.


    • Are we beginning to experience the wrath of the police ??? Long time just that the police are now feeling the wrath of the video camera these days when caught case and point in VF the other day too bad the same was not done here in this situation . If he said the police was drinking come on as St Lucians we know how that go already it’s the norm to see officers in bars so lets not kid ourselves.

  1. Lady u sure the ppl u claim to be officiers are real officiers cause there are alot of security vehicles that looks like the unmark police vehicles anybody can come to u and say they are police in plain clothes what u said there makes no sence the way u talk like u were there when it happen your man did something to one of them so they came looking for him and why would the police bring a secuirty with them officier do not bring ppl on any sence and look for no one before that use to happen not again so i dont believe what u sayin there thats what happen plus u said they were drinking

  2. They vex the police beat the ras. But i dont hear them complaining or coming forward when the residents rob and or harm the innocent, as per the usual.
    Who knows what crimes they might have even committed that same night

  3. That Lady Stab her Boyfriend From Boguis .He was at the ICU a few weeks ago .His Lungs got Punctured and almost Die due to his Injury .He’s now Discharged From Ward 9 and in the care of His Relatives .She will never Give the Media that Information .Quick to Accuse the police

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  5. Shane on these racist white police beating up innocent black people. These white people need to stop treating us like animals. This man did not deserve what happened to him, he didn’t do anything. When will the racism stop.

  6. I need to know where and why this happened to my cousin. If anyone has information or witnessed this brutality that almost claimed the life of my cousin,please live a number so I can get in touch with who has descriptive details. Thank you.

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