Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Woman arrested at BCF with drugs in crotch

A woman was arrested Saturday at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) after she was found to have concealed drugs in her crotch.

The incident occurred at around 11.35 am.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the woman was visiting an inmate at the time.

It is reported that the female, who had a baby with her, was subjected to a pat-down and allowed into the room where visitors meet inmates in the presence of a Correctional Officer.

The officer noticed that the visitor surreptitiously passed something to the inmate.

Both were searched and each was found in possession of a packet of marijuana weighing about eight ounces.

The drug was found concealed in the woman’s crotch.

Both individuals were taken to the Dennery police station where they were expected to be charged.



  1. Keep searching them hoes they always got …think those niggas love them…hold him down in jail to cheat on u when he free

  2. Free up d herb its time d system free up d herb alcohol killing so many ppl free up d herb nonsence wasting time over little bit of herb free up the woman

  3. We need to understand that no matter how much they attempt to stop drugs from getting onto the premises…it will always find its way on the inside..this is actually no one,s fault it’s all about super drugs he will make his way across any border any territory…if you think im kidding do a better indept research..this guy is unstoppable.the only thing stoppable is the ppl,one day drugs will say eff dat and start finding his own way in.just imagine how many officers themselve couldnt disobey drugs and was caught as a vessel for drugs..mind dat drug is actually the fuel of babylon…if not drugs today or tommorow babylon would just stand still……beware of FLAKKA.

  4. The woman must have had 2 packs of marijuana on her but only had time to give the inmate 1 pack because the officer noticed she had passed something to the inmate and when they were searched each one had a pack. Did they search the baby?

  5. release her in the jail with the general prison population. Pretty sure drugs won’t be the only thing found in her crotch after that.

  6. O please for 8 oz ! All little boy’s on the blocks smoking more than that, and dont they want to legalise it soon so ehsts the big deal the entire police force is more corupt

  7. The Drugs wss found on her person at the Prison but you Jump.on police already .The police work at the Prison. Some of you all Foolish persons Anti police .The prison Officers Found the Drugs on the woman its the Duty of the police to Charge her .what’s wrong in that

  8. If she did it so smooth then that’s not the first time. Logically thinking they should keep close eyes on these guys who are suspected on those visits and take away their visitation rights, anyways doesn’t the cameras in that visiting lounge operate to its capacity. Remember they were caught this time buy what about the other times. Great job officer, I truly commend you on a job well done.

  9. The baby might have had the cellphone carrying…. Lol. They should have sent her in the female section for a year to think of how stupid she really is…… Dumb does dumb things cause they are truly dumb

  10. That’s what you call a dumb female who does dumb things for a dumb male who just got her in a dumb situation. Send her jail to to some dumb thinking. Why should u do that stupidity, wish I knew who you were….. That’s not your first time you just got caught this time. Hope it’s your last

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