Woman Dies After Being Hit By Vehicle In Roseau Gap

A woman is dead after being hit by a pickup truck in the Roseau Gap, emergency officials say.

The accident occurred about 9.40 am Saturday, according to reports.

The deceased is said to be a Jacmel resident in her sixties.

She was identified only by her first name – Liza.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. Speed bumps are the best for our country. Government officials please look into this as a matter of urgency.

      • we all use the roads carelessly , pedestrians complain drivers , and drivers complain pedestrians at any given time we are either a passenger , a pedestrian or a driver. so we can be at any end of the stick ..Do we drive or ride the same when cows walking along side the road or trying to cross do we behave like they do exist???? I most driver try their utmost to avoid them . Why cant we treat our own kind the same and even more respect. .

    • Government has placed15 speed bumps all over the island in the last 5 years and the # of accidents have increased and fatalaties have not decreased. So how is that the solution. What about Traffic Police on the road and not seated at a desk. What about Traffic Police with Speed Guns, What about revamping this Driving School ting (most if not all of those instructors need to be instructed themselves), what about cracking down on driving with handheld devices etc. History has shown that placing speed bumps have not helped in this country.

      • How do you measure the amount of lives the bumps may have saved? Fatalities could have been much higher without them. The people want their way and will resist any impediment in the way. Learn to abide by laws.

      • On the Bexon road alone we needs 15 speed bumps , so 15 speed bump around the island in 5years makes no sense . The only time I feel safe on the road as a driver is on or between speed bumps . How many fatal accidents have you ever heard of on and between two speed bumps ???? Please tell me !!!

  2. I am a bus driver and amongst us are some of most careless drivers but government need to do more to strengthen the road laws .
    In as much as I hate speed bumps with a passion , I think it high time that government should make decision litter the roads of st. Lucia with speed bumps .starting from Bexon to Laborie . Then from Roseau high road the end of tunnel by the hospital . If these strong decisions are not made we will continue to loose our people to reckless driving . I would be happy to be punished if it could save one life . Note just on the Bexon road alone there is enough money to be made by government to pay the entire traffic department .

  3. What one needs is speed camera that will slow them down . Only way to stop accidents happening is fine them, no one want to pay for a speed ticket.

  4. Amen. Traffic Police should be in the road at all times. That would be an increase in revenue for the island. Have traffic court in the evenings

  5. This is country side,this is a mile long strait piece of highway ,and people drive fast.Elderly people have a hard time walking and to cross this road can be a challenge.I dont believe in speed bumps.

  6. Please who ever started this article,investigate the facts properly then get back to us,the ones that read your news.Because what the people that live there say ,is another story.Do I believe the people or St Lucia Times

  7. Was the driver of this vehicle a policeman from Millet?
    Was he taking to the station for questioning?
    Why his name have not been in the media as yet?
    Is he a body guard of Hermangild?
    I am just asking questions, somebody clear the air.

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